Monday, November 15, 2010

Messes and Blocks

My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance.
 ~Author Unknown

That's definitely been my thought the last couple of days.  With the help of my wonderful DD, we were able to box up most of three rooms on Friday and move it all into the living room and entry.  There were a few more things we had to move on Saturday but I think we are pretty well set for the carpet installers this morning.  They will be moving the big furniture and I think they will just have to shift it from room to another as there is no more room in the living room.  Then comes the chore of putting everything back - arghhhhh!  But, woohoo, new carpet!!!!



Welcome to my mess!

This is only side of my living room, well, maybe I should now call it my storage room.  There is another wall that looks just as bad and you can no longer sit on the couch.  And this is just the 'stuff' and only one piece of furniture, my sewing cabinet collapsed into a movable size.  We are already thinking of ways to make the office/sewing room more organized - combining the computer desk/unit and my DH's desk into one unit even if means buying something new.  I think we have too much junk yet I really can't think of anything that we can/should get rid of.  And to think I get to start moving it all back this evening.


My new friend, Leena, has finally received the block I sent her.  She and I are members of the Quilting Block Swaps Australia, a really fun and talented group of people.

She requested a Card Trick block made with bright colors and a black background.  This was the first time I had made this block - it was fun!  I just wish it didn't take so long for mail to get from the USA to Australia (about two weeks).


Friday I received a fantastic email telling me I was a winner of a copy of the Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks! I can't wait to receive it and begin looking at all of the fantastic blocks in it!!


I can finally show you one of the block swap items that I shipped off almost two weeks ago.  Brigitte from the Inchy Flower Swap received this flower from me.....................

She requested pink petals with a dark green center.  By the way, the dots you can see are just the holes in the paper templates in each petal, not marks on the fabric.  Brigitte said the flower will work well in her 'garden'.  This swap group is now up to 16 members and growing thanks to our coordinator, Jane over at Want It, Need It, Quilt.



First and foremost, you have today and tomorrow to enter my "80th Post Celebration Giveaway".  Wouldn't you like to win 2 1/3 yards of coordinated fabric?  This closes Tuesday, November 16th at 6:00 pm.

Hooray! Another chance to win a GO!  Simply Solids is giving us another chance at an Acuquilt GO!.  You must enter by Saturday, November 20th!

Retro Mummy is have a great giveaway of 14 fat quarters of  Sweet Broderie fabrics.  This is open until November 21st.


I am so blessed to have two wonderful daughters.  Both live out of town - one lives 2 hours away, the other 12 hours away.  I don't get to see either of them nearly enough.  When they were young at times I thought that they would never be old enough to live on their own, lead their own lives, manage in the world without me.  Now I wish that they could have stayed little for a much longer time - well, not so much the teenage years, however.  I probably treasure the time I do have with my girls all the more since it isn't an every day  occurance but I sure do wish they were just around the corner instead of down the state or over two states.  So, today I'm giving thanks for my very precious daughters!!
A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend.
~Author Unknown

Happy Monday to you all - my family, my friends, and especially all of my blogland friends!!


Susan Tidwell said...

love all your quotes! I have always wanted to make a card tricks block or quilt, love the bright colors in yours, so it was easy? Have a great day!

Vesuviusmama said...

Sounds a bit like my own housecleaning strategy!

Maria said...

Hope it does not take too long to get the room organised again.
Love the block.

Needled Mom said... really did do a good job on getting all of that stuff moved out.

Love your pretty blocks. I was thinking that you had done an awesome job of cutting those hexagons to get the dot in the exact middle!!! lol

Megan Harmeyer said...

THANKS, MOM!! I can't wait til we're all there for Christmas - you're going to have a full house with 6 adults, 2 kids and 3 dogs (and 1 bathroom)!!! LOL It'll probably be just as much a mess. I really like the card trick square - the colors pop.

Nancy said...

I did that kind of housework today!

Good luck with all the moving things. It will be worth it when you have your new carpet!

Cynthia L. said...

I would love to be entered in your giveaway! I love your mug rug. I have made a couple and have had fun making them!

Charity said...

It should feel as if you have reached the holiday early when you get to the unpacking.
Please share all of the organizing goodness.

Brigitte said...

I know the pain you are going through with shifting everything around. Went through it myself. Love the colours in Leona's block.

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