Monday, January 30, 2012


Life is not about how fast your run or high you climb but how well you bounce.
Vivian Komori

It's a new week and I'm ready to catch up on some obligations that I'm a little behind on.  I also hope to try something new this week.  The weekend was pretty typical but with some fun thrown in on Saturday (see below).  The fog decided to settle in over the last couple of days but the sun did manage to peek out on Saturday to create a little warmth and lots of glare.  Do you have your week planned out or are you just going to do whatever strikes you at the moment?




Don't ask me why but I'd thought I'd do a little research on volcanoes today.  Here is what I found:
The word volcano originally comes from the name of the Roman god of fire, Vulcan
Volcanoes are usually located where tectonic plates meet. This is especially true for the Pacific Ring of Fire, an area around the Pacific Ocean where over 75% of the volcanoes on Earth are found.
Hot liquid rock under the Earth’s surface is known as magma, it is called lava after it comes out of a volcano
While we certainly have some big volcanoes here on Earth, the biggest known volcano in our solar system is actually on Mars. Its name is Olympus Mons and it measures a whooping 600km (373 miles) wide and 21km (13 miles) high
* Volcanoes can be found on the ocean floor and even under icecaps, such as those found in Iceland
Volcanic eruptions can send ash high into the air, over 30km (17 miles) above the Earth’s surface.
Pumice is a unique volcanic rock that can float in water. It can also be used as an abrasive and is sometimes used in beauty salons for removing dry skin.
The biggest volcano in the world is Mauna Loa in Hawaii.
The rock debris carried by the blast of Mount St. Helen’s eruption traveled as fast as 250 miles per hour



Thank you to everyone who participated in this giveaway!  You are all winners in my book but unfortunately there could be only two winners of the Good Fortune charm packs.  So without further ramblings, the winners are:

Vesuviusmama said...
Sunny Lush - love it! And I'm not at all surprised that you are at 700 followers - your blog is so inspiring and informative and fun!


ShirleyC said...
It's so hard to choose. I think my favorite is the Fly a Kite bundle.
Each of you will receive 2 charm packs of Good Fortune.  I will or have sent you an email to get your snail mail information.



Cotton Patch Quilters of Kern County held their bi-annual quilt show over the weekend.  There were 205 entries.  I worked at the admissions table in the morning and then DH and I spent over two hours admiring all of the beautiful creations.  And, yes, for those of you wondering, my sweet DH really does enjoy looking at all the quilts and sharing his thoughts on them with me.  I also bought a couple of new patterns with dreams of the future.  Here are just a few of the ones we really liked.....

We really liked use of scraps on this quilt.  DH couldn't get back far enough to photograph the entire quilt but I think you get the idea.  This quilt received a first place in the Pieced-Large, Professionally Quilted category  and was titled Eye Foolery.  It was machine pieced by Fran David and professionally quilted by Sandi Collins.

This was a beautiful little quilt received second place in the Pieced-Wall category and is called Space Saver Star.  It is pieced and quilted by Cece Westerfield.  Cece does some amazing long arm quilting and quilted many of our members quilts throughout the show.  If I remember correctly, this little quilt measured around 18" square. (Sorry it's a little blurry).

We both really liked the use of so many bright colors in this quilt.  It received a first in the Art Abstract division.  The quilt titled The Sunny Wide was made and quilted by Patti Young.  It is a paper pieced project she started in our of our guild's workshops with Deb Karasik.  Unfortunately, I missed this workshop because it was full before I even knew about it.

This was a 'Display Only' quilt.  There are so many things I really liked about this quilt called Circles Squared by Cindy Seitz-Krug.  Cindy does amazing work and has won lots of shows including the  2011 AQS Quilt Show & Contest at Paducah with her quilt titled Simply Sante Fe. She said this quilt was made entirely from templates (no paper-piecing).

Isn't this quilt adorable?  Vintage Christmas won a second place Applique-Wall, Professionally Quilted category.  It was appliqued, pieced and stitched by Pamela Gavin with Lynn Douglas doing the machine quilting.

Isn't this stained glass quilt gorgeous?!?  This quilt titled The Window That Colors My World placed first in the Applique-Large category.  Everything is done by Celia Ho and it was her first attempt at reverse applique.  Just beautiful.

Oh no!!! Blurry!!!  Just squint your eyes and it doesn't look quite as bad.  But I just had to show you my quilt, A Gardener's Journal won a ribbon!  I received Honorable Mention in the category for Mixed-Wall quilt!  Woohoo!  I'm so pleased :D  (you can see a better picture of it here)

And this third place quilt - it's mine too!  It placed third in the Pieced-Wall category.  It is titled African Triad Variation.  I created this from the block I made from the workshop by Sylvia Davis in November.  I just did straight line quilting and stitch-in-the-ditch quilting on this quilt.  The finished quilt measures 28.5" square.  You couldn't erase my smile Saturday.  Two quilts entered and two ribbons earned :D  I'm already thinking ahead to t
he next show in two years - lol!



Today I have a swap block to make.



McCall's Quilting is having a giveaway.  You could win Heritage Stars Blocks & Fabric.  This giveaway ends Thursday, March 1.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

A Little This and That

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can.
~Danny Kaye

I turned in my two entries for the quilt show on Wednesday afternoon.  We will be attending the show tomorrow and I hope to take lots of photos (I will share on Monday).  I will be working the admissions desk in the morning and then we will view the show in the afternoon.  There are 205 entries and over 20 vendors for the show. Luckily we don't have a lot of running to do over the weekend.  As far as I know, we will only have our weekly visit to the farmer's market as our only errand.  The weather has turned boring once again with nothing but sunshine and highs around 60.  I know I shouldn't complain but I like variety when it comes to weather.  Guess I live in the wrong place for that.  Do you  have big plans for the weekend?




I was a total blank when it came to the 'fact' for today so I decided to share a little trivia and obscure facts about my state, California. 
* In 1925 a giant sequoia located in California's Kings Canyon National Park was named the nation's national Christmas tree. The tree is over 300 feet in height.
* Alpine County is the eighth smallest of California's 58 counties. It has no high school, ATMs, dentists, banks, or traffic lights.
* In Pacific Grove there is a law on the books establishing a $500 fine for molesting butterflies.
* Demonstrations on making toothpaste from orange by-products were popular attractions at the Los Angeles County fair in 1922. The fair is held in Pomona
* Totaling nearly three million acres, San Bernardino County is the largest county in the country.
* The Country Store in Baker has sold more winning California State Lottery tickets than any outlet in the state.
* Death Valley is recognized as the hottest, driest place in the United States. It isn't uncommon for the summer temperatures to reach more than 115 degrees.
* Inyo National Forest is home to the bristle cone pine, the oldest living species. Some of the gnarled trees are thought to be over 4,600 years old.
* San Francisco Bay is considered the world's largest landlocked harbor.
* One out of every eight United States residents lives in California.
* It is estimated there are approximately 500,000 detectable seismic tremors in California annually.
* The highest and lowest points in the continental United States are within 100 miles of one another. Mount Whitney measures 14,495 feet and Bad Water in Death Valley is 282 feet below sea level.



I was able to get a bit more stitching done on my Cirque des Carreaux.....

You can see where I was last week Here.  I've started a new section and hope to have the entire piece completed by this time next week.



This week the mailman delivered two wonderful blocks.....

This beautiful wonky star block was made for me by Karen P.  I just love the colors in this block!  Karen was my January swap partner in Block Swap Adventure.  Thank you so very much, Karen!

This darling block was made for me Lynette.  I just love the colors and the adorable little birds!  Lynette was my January swap partner in Quilting Block Swaps Australia.  Thank you, Lynette!



Today I will make 2 Bee blocks.



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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fun and Flowers

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet. 
~Roger Miller

RAIN!  We actually had rain Monday!  What a welcome sight it was to see wet sidewalks and moisture falling from the sky.  We didn't get a lot but we'll take any we can get.  They were starting to talk about the "D" word (drought) around here.  We need a whole lot more to bring us up to normal but at least this was a start.  It was a good day to sit snuggled under my heated lap throw and do some stitching. 




Let's face it rain is something that not a lot of us desire. However Rain plays a key role in the cycle of returning water back to our earth. So it is obvious that we need rain in order for the world to continue functioning.  Here are some fun facts about that wet stuff:
* The umbrella was originally invented to protect people from the hot sun.
* Rain drops can fall at speeds of about 22 miles an hour.
* Rain starts off as ice or snow crystals at cloud level.
* Light rain is classified as being no more then 0.10 inches of rain an hour.
Heavy rain is classified as being more then 0.30 inches of rain an hour.
* Louisiana is the wettest state in the U.S, which recorded an annual rainfall of 56 inches.
* Rain drops do not fall in a tear drop shape, they originally fall in the shave of a flat oval.
* Rain drops range in size from 0.02 inches to about .031 inches.



As you well know, it is Wednesday.  And what does Wednesday mean?  Well, One Flower Wednesday, of course.

I'm not a big fan of bugs, but these saxophone playing bugs are an exception.  This flower was made with my trumpet playing daughter in mind.  Oh, and she has always liked bugs too - lol!

This is a flower for the theater.  Or it could be for an early Mardi Gras.  Funny how the camera made this a much lighter picture than for the flower above.
Karen (Journey of a Quilter) has provided a linky so that you can go to one spot to see more hexie flowers out there in blog land.  Thank you, Karen, for providing this service.  Go HERE to see more flowers.



Recently, Barbara (Cat Patches) tempted me with something fun to try......

This was created using Tagxedo.  You can create all sorts of shapes with words used in your blog.  You can also select a color scheme and the font used.  Believe me when I say you can spend quite awhile here experimenting with different shapes and colors.  It was a lot of fun.  Thanks, Barbara, for letting me know about Tagxedo.



I still have a block to make for a BEE and two little 6" blocks to make for a swap - that will be my goal today.



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Monday, January 23, 2012

A Day of Little Quilts

Chase down your passion like it's the last bus of the night.
  ~Terri Guillemets

I'm ready to start a new week.  We had a very relaxing weekend - something I definitely needed.  We were going to head down south to attend the Road To California quilt show but I didn't even have the energy to do that.  And after reading the paper and seeing the route we would have traveled was closed for several hours because of a multi-car accident, I'm even more glad we didn't go.  I missed seeing all of the amazing quilts and visiting all the vendor booths but I will save that for another time.  I've already located two quilt shows this spring (not counting my guild's) within a two hour drive heading north (a much easier drive) and am looking forward to those.  And there's always the big show in Long Beach, International Quilt Show, in July.  Next year we will plan to attend Road To California.  How was your weekend?




Saturday, January 21, was Squirrel Appreciation Day.  Sure when you head to the park you'll feed the ducks, but why don't you save a few scraps for the squirrels? Is it because they look like rats with fluffy tails? Or because they get that crazy look in their eye when they notice you unwrapping your sandwich? Give the squirrels of the world a break. They eat all the crumbs you carelessly leave behind on a picnic, they keep your dog entertained, and they've never asked for anything in return.  Here are a few facts about those cute, little furry creatures:
* Squirrels can jump a distance of up to 20 feet. They have long, muscular hind legs and short front legs that work together to aid in leaping
* The word "squirrel" means "shadow tail" in Greek
* The hind legs of squirrels are double-jointed. This helps them run up and down trees quickly.
* The hibernating artic ground squirrel is the only warm-blooded mammal able to withstand body temperatures below freezing.
* A male squirrel can smell a female in heat up to a mile away. Mating season is February through May with a 44-day gestation period. Typically 2-4 young are born per liter.
* Squirrels eyes are positioned in such a way that they can see some things behind them
* Squirrels in general are found on every continent except Antarctica and Australia
* Squirrels can eat their own body weight (approximately 1.5 pounds) every week.
* Squirrels can fall up to 100 feet without hurting themselves. They'll use their tail both for balance and as a parachute



Last week I turned in two more Loving Hands Quilts at my guild meeting.....
This is the second quilt I've made from the blocks made for me by last year's Bee In Oz group.  So bright and happy and definitely boy.

While I was doing some FMQ meandering I made my first BIG mistake.  I thought I was done until I turned the little quilt over and saw that I had caught the excess backing material while I was quilting.  After an hour of picking out all those stitches, I was able to finish it up fairly quickly.  I'm sure that this won't the last time I do something like this.

I was able to make one more little quilt from the left over fabric of Hoo's In The Forest.  So girly and pink!  I didn't have enough of the matching fabric for the binding so I grabbed an apple green fat quarter I had. 

Along with the regular meandering I threw in some hearts, or leaves, depending on how you look at them.  It was fun to add a little something different.
The guild had a great response to their call for Loving Hands quilts this month.  Apparently in December there were 12 preemies born at one hospital and 14 at another here in town and that pretty much depleted our previous stock of little quilts.  I'll keep making my two a month and hopefully others will too.



Today I plan to make a Bee block and two 6" blocks for another swap



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Friday, January 20, 2012

Won't You Help Me Celebrate?

Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing. 
 ~William James

This week has seemed very long for some reason and here it is only Friday.  It looks like our weekend will be a quiet one.  I'm looking forward to time at home with little to no errand running for a change.  I attended the guild meeting last night and was in awe of some of the quilts shared by our members (forgot the camera, again!).  I can only imagine what will be shown at the quilt show next weekend.  Do you have big plans for the weekend?




You may not give much thought to the noble penguin, but today we give serious consideration to our tuxedo-wearing friends who waddle around in the southern hemisphere for today, January 20, is Penguin Awareness Day.  Here are some fun facts about this tuxedo clad creature:
* They live in large colonies called rookeries.
* Penguins communicate with each other through body language.
* They can walk faster than humans.
* They can hold their breath for about 20 minutes under water.
* They pick up stones and store them in their crop. This helps them to float when they are in water.
* The name is derived from Welsh terms ‘pen’, meaning head and ‘gwyn’, meaning white
* They mate for life
* Most penguins can swim about 15 miles per hour



This week I started stitching a SAL with a yahoo group I joined this month.  Last year they did an adorable SAL with owls.  This year it is cats.......

I'm stitching on light blue Hardanger using 1 strand of DMC floss, 1 over 1.  This design is provided and created by Tonia of  Oak Haven Designs.  

I also did some more work on my current project.......

I'm hoping to get some stitching in over the weekend.

A couple of weeks ago I bought myself a late Christmas gift......

A complete set of all of DMC's solid color floss!  The stores around here are very hit and miss in their floss selection.  This should keep me supplied for at least a little while.  Now to get it all sorted and organized - a job unto itself.



I was totally blown away the other day when I noticed that I had over 700 followers!!!!!  I would never have dreamed that was even a remote possibility when I first started blogging just over 18 months ago.  I would like to thank each and everyone of you for sticking around and putting up with my ramblings.  I have made so many wonderful blogging friends and hope someday to meet at least a few of you in person.  Don't you think we should celebrate?  Fat Quarter Shop is kindly sponsoring my Celebration Giveaway.  They are definitely one of my favorite online stores and have the best customer service there is.  What can you win?  How about 2 charm packs of Good Fortune by Kate Spain for Moda? 

Isn't this a gorgeous line of fabric?  Kate Spain is one of my favorite designers and this line will be added to my wish list. But guess what?  There will be two winners because Fat Quarter Shop has generously agreed to let me give away a total of 4 charm packs.  That's right!  Two winners will win 2 charm packs each!! 

What do you have to do to win?  Easy.....

1.  Visit Fat Quarter Shop's What's New Fat Quarter Bundles and tell me what your new favorite collection is for one comment.

2.  Sign up for Fat Quarter Shop's newsletter and then come back and tell me you did for a second comment and a second chance.  This must be a separate comment - if you combine the two you will only get one entry in the giveaway. 
Fine Print: 
* You must have a way for me to contact you.  If you are a no-reply blogger, then you must leave your email in your comment.  If you are not sure if you are a no-reply blogger, please check out my left sidebar.  If I can not contact you, you can not win!
* This giveaway will end Sunday, January 29, at 3:00 pm PST.  The winner will be announced in my regular Monday post on January 30.
* Only two comments/entries per person!
* You do not have to be a follower to enter but I would like it if you look around and then become a follower if you like what you see.
* This giveaway is open internationally to everyone.  Yes, that means no matter where you live you may enter.

Thank you Fat Quarter Shop for once again sponsoring my giveaway!!!



Today I need to organize my sewing's one big mess.....AGAIN!



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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Flowers and Late Thank Yous

One kind word can warm three winter months. 
~Japanese Proverb

Monday was such a quiet day.  There was no school traffic out front and very little neighborhood activity.  I was able to get a lot accomplished.  Yesterday was back to normal.  Cars coming and going.  Buses bouncing down the street.  Deliveries being made to the school office.  Etc, etc, etc.  However, inside my home, it was quiet.  I was able to sew and listen to an audio book (Ya-Yas In Bloom by Rebecca Wells).  I love days like that when there is nothing more pressing than my iron (tee-hee) and the dogs are snuggled in their bed sleeping the day away.  Speaking of snuggled, the cold finally came with our low yesterday morning reaching down to 29*.  There was definitely frost on the pumpkin, so to speak. 




Turtles have always fascinated me.  They are such graceful creatures in water and can move with such speed.  Here are a few facts I found about these aquatic beings:
* The first known turtles existed 200 million years ago.
* There are approximately 300 species of turtles.
* Turtles live on every continent except Antarctica.
* Turtles are cold-blooded. One way they regulate their temperature is by basking.
* Some female turtles produce eggs four years after mating.
* Incubation temperature determines the sex of the hatchling.
* The smallest turtle, the Speckled Padloper is 4". The largest is the Leatherback sea turtle, that can
reach up to 10' in length.
* Turtles cannot protrude their tongues from their mouths
* Turtles have good eyesight, seeing in full color and a strong sense of smell. They have excellent hearing and sense of touch. Their shells have feeling due to nerve endings



This week I was able to make 2 hexagon flowers. 

This flower reminds me of Spanish tiles.  I didn't even notice the green design around the center until I was taking the picture.

This flower could be used for either Valentine's Day or for summer with the watermelon theme.  Isn't it bright and happy?
Since it is One Flower Wednesday, Karen (Journey of a Quilter) has provided a linky where you see so many of the great hexie flowers being made out there.  Thanks, Karen!



Over the holidays I got behind on posting thank yous to the various giveaways I won.  It's time to remedy that......

1.  Back in October I won this flannel layer cake from Hobbies On  A Budget.  The fabrics are from Connecting Threads and are so soft.  I will probably be making a quilt or two for Loving Hands out of these squares.  Thank you, Sharon!!
2. In December, Gene Black put a call out for Quilt Angels.  I sent Gene a quilt to add to the pile for his donation.  As a result, mine was one of two names drawn in the giveaway.  I won a $100 gift certificate to Connecting Threads!  With the certificate I purchased 44 half yard cuts of their Mirage fabric line - one of each color available.  I had to add a little cash to accomplish this but not much.  Aren't there some gorgeous colors?  Thank you so very much Gene and Cyndi!!
3.  Also in December, I won a giveaway over at Woolie Mammoth.  With my renewed interest in embroidery, I look forward to creating this darling Bareroots pattern called Bless the Birds Pillow.  Thank you, Anna!!
4.  Gosh!  This was a giveaway I won back on December 1 from Quilting Ranny.  This beautiful quilt pattern is called Sparkle from Open Gate.  I may even have everything I need in my stash for this one since it only calls for 3 colors.  Thank you, Jean!!
5.  And my final win in December is the wonderful charm pack, Summer House.  I won this giveaway from NorthernNorthAmerican Bears.  I see a Loving Hands Quilt being created from these pretty squares.  Thank you, Debbie!

Finally I think I'm caught up.  (If I missed someone, please let me know!)  I hope you don't think I'm bragging about the wins I received because I'm not.  I think it's important to thank those publicly that hold such generous giveaways.  Please visit the blogs through the links provided above.  You might find something fun to do and you will definitely meet some very nice people.

And while I'm talking about giveaways, be sure to check back here Friday!



Today I plan to start quilting a project I'm working on.



The Intrepid Thread is having a giveaway.  You could win a bundle of Primitiva.  This giveaway ends Saturday, January 21.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Finished!

Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing,
The days pass quickly when I am sewing.
~Author Unknown

Whew!  I'm so glad that the weekend is over.  It seems like we ran constantly or had something do due each hour of both days.  It actually started Friday night when we did our monthly run to Walmart and Costco.  And what better way to start that excursion than with a dinner at Arby's - lol!  Walmart was understocked and busy.  Costco was quite pleasant in comparison.  Saturday continued with errand running and an ALS support group meeting.  We visited the Farmer's Market (fresh veggies), the library (had to pick up another 4 audio books), Petsmart (couldn't let the pups run out of their favorite food), Beverly's to pick up some backing fabric and some Kona white, and Rite-Aid to pick up some of the items that Walmart didn't have in stock.  Sunday was filled with the weekly washing, a bath for Snickerdoodle, and general pick-up around the house.  Hooray for Monday!  My house will be cleaned today (and, boy, does it ever need it) and hopefully I will get lots of sewing in.




Horses are such majestic creatures.  Most of us wished to own a horse at least once in our childhood and I was no exception.  Here are some interesting facts about these wonderful animals:
* horses do not lie down together, one stands guard for dangers
* one front leg is shorter then the other and the mane falls to that side
* horses lock their legs when they sleep so they don't fall over
* the ears point where they are looking
* a horse sees two different images from each eye
* The oldest recorded horse was 62 years old when he died. He was a barge horse. He lived from 1760 to 1822.
* Horses only sleep 3-4 hrs in a 24 hr period



I am happy to say that I have finally finished my Gardener's Journal quilt!!!!  I started this quilt way back in June of last year.  At first I slowly worked on the embroidery part starting with.....

the Gardening Shed.  Once I figured out that I would like to enter this quilt in the Cotton Patch Quilters of Kern County (the guild I am a member of) quilt show at the end of January (this month!) I decided I better get serious. And so I did.

This is one of my favorite blocks as I could be found quite often in the same position.  It's amazing that no family member took my picture like this.  Of course, if they had, they knew there would be H E double toothpicks to pay!

Another favorite block of mine.  No garden, story, or home is complete without the family dog - at least it is that way in my life.

After cutting, piecing and and putting borders on, sandwiching and quilting, and finally hand sewing the binding, the quilt is done.......
Ta-da!  Here it is in all its all its glory.  With all my wishes for weather change, it finally happened.  It was cloudy all day so I wasn't able to take a picture of the quilt in the sunshine :( 

I changed up the borders from what the pattern showed.  I first added a dark blue narrow border before adding the mauve border.  For some reason I like the way it set the whole quilt off better than without the first narrow dark blue border.

I made the binding out of the backing fabric.  I hardly ever make a lighter binding but I like how it seemed to frame the entire piece.
I did simple stitch-in-the-ditch quilting using a dark cream thread and same in the bobbin (it helps to see it if you squint just little bit - lol).

Finished size:  58.5" X 58.5"
Pattern: A Gardener's Journal by Ami Downs
 The Fabric: is a line from Connecting Threads and is called Victoria Parlor.  The copyright on the fabric is 2007 so that shows you how long I had it in my stash.  I'm so glad that I hadn't split up the line of fat quarters - guess I knew it would be used for something special.
Started: June 2011
Finished: January 2012
My first finish for 2012!  Now lets hope I get at least a few nice remarks from the judge at the end of the month.
Today I will continue with my UFO - this is fun!



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