Friday, January 14, 2011

Lots Of Blocks & a Husky Giveaway

Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try!
~Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!

My mind is blank.  No words of wisdom seem to be sprouting forth this morning.  Not a single thread to hold onto.  Vast emptiness.  Echoes of nothing....nothing.....nothing.  How hard can it be to have a thought to share?  Fingers on keys, waiting to type.......still nothing.  Eyes blinking - yes, I'm awake.  Boring - YES!  I guess I now know what it means to have writers block.  Sorry!!



These beautiful orbs are some of the oranges in my tree (the sour ones I told you about the other day).   So what can you do with these oranges?  Use their peels.  I did some research and here are 10 ideas I found. 
1.  As a bathing powder   2. Mosquito repellent   3. Get rid of ants   4. As a scent   5.  Keeps brown sugar soft   6. As bath oil   7. Household cleaner   8. For kindling in winter   9. Protect leaves of household plants from cats   10. Make delicious oil
 Orange peels can help us lower environmental pollution: Scientists are researching to make plastic from orange peel (orange peels have a carbon compound limonene) which is eco-friendly.



My DH brought a new printout of the templates I needed to make the heart blocks.  This time they were the right size.

I was originally going to make the four blocks out of four different fabrics but I didn't have enough of two of them.  So two pairs for my set of four.  I'm not sure which ones I like best.  This is the first swap I have been involved with Quilted Table.



I have had a lot of fun going out to my mailbox lately.  There have been all sorts of squishy envelopes in it.

Here are four beautiful blocks made for me by my Let's Bee Together members - Shannon, Melissa, Charlene and Marta.  I have received a total of 8 so far.

This block was made for me by Shannon for our January swap in the Block Swap Adventure  I just love the boldness of this block.

And this beautiful star block was made by Sue B of South Australia for the Christmas Quilting Blocks Swap Australia.  I love the Christmas print fabric she used.



Last month I was contacted my Husky Tools to do a review/giveaway of one of their tools.  They sent me a 13-Piece Powertek Precision Screwdriver Set.

As you can see it comes in its own little case.  Included with the drill are the batteries and 12 drill bits.  I'm not sure exactly what the use of every bit is but I'm sure there is a use for each one.  The drill measures approximately 7" long and fits easily into the palm of your hand. 

Here I am holding the drill ready for use. 

To be able to give you an honest review, I had to give it a test drive.  As you can probably guess, it's not made to do BIG jobs but works well for smaller jobs like tightening a loose screw.  We had to put the kiddy locks on the drawers before the grandkids came at Christmas and figured this would be a great test.  The drill worked okay, but doesn't have a whole lot of power behind it.  We even tried replacing the batteries just in case the ones that came with it were getting weak - really didn't make any difference in the power of the screwdriver.  As my DH said, "You can tell it isn't met for anything serious because the bits are so small". 
My recommendation for the little drill?  If you are into crafting (other than quilting, of course) this would probably be a wonderful tool for you.  The container says it is 'Guaranteed FOREVER'. 
* Easy to Grip, Soft Touch, Forward and Reverse Precision Cordless Screwdriver Set
* Ideal for Toys, Electronics, Eyeglasses, Hobbies, Crafts and More
* Contains 12 Multiple Use Mini Bits with a Single Tool Design
* Includes Easy Use Bit Storage Case
* Ready to Use with 2 - AAA Batteries

So, are you interested in trying to win this little Husky 13-Piece Powertek Precision Screwdriver Set?  If so, just leave me a comment telling me what kind of work you would have this tool do for you.  That's it.  This giveaway is open only to people in the USA and Canada (sorry international readers).  With the help of, I will select a winner Monday morning, January 17th at 7:30 AM PST.  Remember, this is a new tool but has been used once by me for the review.  Only one comment per person please.  Oh, and don't forget to leave me a way to contact you if you are the winner.



Today I plan to work on my mug rug for the swap.  And, if I have time, cut out some hexies for some more flowers.



Ariane is celebrating her 2 year blog anniversary over at Ariane's Crafts.  She is giving away a beautiful hanging heart that she made and 60 3.5 inch tumblers she cut using her GO! Cutter mini tumbler die.  She will pick the winner this Sunday.

Hawthorne Threads is having its weekly giveaway.  This weeks giveaway is a 1/2 yard bundle of April Showers by Beth Logan.  Go register today!

Such a Sew and Sew is continuing with her week of giveaways.  Today she added a $35 gift certificate to CSN.  This giveaway closes at 10:00 PM MST on Friday, January 21.

I Just Love That Fabric is having their giveaway of the year.  You could win 1 metre of Amy Butler's Sari Blossom from her Soul Blossoms collection.  This giveaway will run until January 20th.

Tonya's Sewing Room is giving away a $50.00 gift certificate to CSN Stores!  Now who couldn't find a way to use that?!?  Tonya will pick a winner on Thursday, January 20th.



I'm in a rut in the kitchen.  Cooking is not interesting.  I'm at the point where I wouldn't mind if I never had to cook another meal.  My recipes are becoming boring and nothing sounds interesting enough to generate my cooking enthusiasm. Even isn't doing it for me lately.  Maybe it's the time of year.  I refuse to make gourmet.  If it takes over twenty minutes of prep time it doesn't get made by me.  I like easy and tasty, fast and fabulous.  Maybe it's the weight I gained over the holidays making me feel guilty about food.  Who knows?  But I hope I get out of this slump soon.  What do you do for inspiration in the kitchen?

  Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that’s bad for you!
~Tommy Smothers

Friday - may it be freaky, fantastic of fine!!


Cheryll said...

I just LoVe the HeArT blocks. It's very hard to pick a favourite for me too..both are beautiful. I might have to make some for a BLaNkEt of LovE.

Linda said...

Good morning Linda, Thanks for all the updates and sharing your beautiful blocks. Put my name into the hat for the Husky.

Sarah Craig said...

I love your blocks! And when I need inspiration in the kitchen, I tune in Rachael Ray - she always makes something I would actually eat, and it looks so easy - and usually is! Good basic comfort food!!

Natasha said...

I msut say that I love reading your blog. Sorry you have writer's least you have heart blocks.

I always look thru my cookbooks to get inspiration. Love my special company coming ones that have a picture for each recipe. and of course prep time has be to under 20 minutes. LOL.

annmarie said...

Love your hearts. So cheery.

Would love the little Husky. I have painful arthritis in my fingers & would appreciate the extra umph this screwdriver would give. Thanks.

Lee said...

The blocks are lovely! Please enter me in the Husky screwdriver giveaway. It would be great for the doll houses I want to make for my nieces!

Needled Mom said...

Your heart blocks came out so great this time. Your swap blocks are always fun to see. I do like that Christmas fabric.

So glad to read of all the uses for oranges.

Please add my name for the Husky. It is amazing how often I find myself needing just a little tool for projects in my studio. It sounds like the perfect answer.

Tiffany said...

I have a little screwdriver set now, that is not battery powered, that I use all the time - so the husky would save me some arm work! Then I could use the arm work for quilting!! ;)

Thanks, as always, for sharing your blocks and posts. You're a daily dose of happy :D

JayTee said...

I could us it to put together a floor quilt frame I use when I hand quilt. It would also be useful to put together some storage units that are sold unassembled!!

Mimi said...

This would be so cool to win!! I am a 'fix it" girl and dread having to go looking into my DH's workshop for simple tools!! Having my own would be awesome! Thanks for the chance.

Tonya said...

wow, i love those heart blocks, please enter me for the tool giveaway and thanks for listing my giveaway

dooddles said...

I would love to win that little tool! This year my goal is to start learning small woodwork projects. I am starting with doll beds (for mini-quilts, of course!) but my husband isn't too thrilled with idea of me using POWER tools. Ha! I told him I would get my own, then. He doesn't see a difference in poking myself with a pin or cutting a finger off, I guess?

Recipes! I find great inspiration in the Gooseberry cookbooks. They are my go-to books when the routine gets boring. :o)

Lastly... all of your blocks are lovely, especially the hearts.

mitch1066 said...

Hubby managed to melt some of the tips for the manual multi screwdriver we had.(dont ask lol)It was a great tool to keep on hand in the kitchen drawer.I would love to win the Husky:)

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I don't know, let me think about it but I'm pretty sure that screw driver will fit just fine in my hubby's hand!
Great giveaway.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

that little tool looks like the perfect thing to keep in the kitchen drawer, along with a small hammer, to handle jobs like removing switch plate covers, changing batteries in kids' toys, little stuff like that. If I win it, I'll give it to my daughter who is getting married soon.

Here's an easy and yummy chicken meal for you: Put boneless chicken breast in a pan, pour some Italian dressing on it and bake until golden and cooked through. Serve with a salad and perhaps some flavored rice. I get in those cooking ruts too and it's tough to get out of when you have to feed the family.


Anonymous said...

I could use a screwdriver or a handy hubs. Either one will do!

Tracy said...

It's ok to have a day where you have nothing to say...good or bad or in between...just so long as it isn't mean. :P

Those heart blocks are cute!

As for something easy and tasty, I don't know if you eat soup, or even already make taco soup. But I can send you the recipe if you'd like. It's super easy to make, and even easier if you use a crockpot. And it leaves your house smelling so good. :)

We have a son with a LOT of toys that require batteries, plus little wooden projects around the house. We have a bigger drill already that we use for big projects. This would be perfect for fixing things like picture frames and his toys. :)

JANET said...

The drill would be great for all of the little hobbie stuff my DH does. Thanks fo rthe giveaway

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Right before Christmas my DH bought some type of all in one tool, and my Daughter, single mother of one, said she wanted an all in one screw driver. She can never find the right screw driver.

This would be great for her. She does all repairs, me I do nothing.

By the way you ween't having writers block, you were reading my empty mind....LOL

Mr. Random pick me!!!

Kathy H said...

I think your valentines look great. I like the 2 of each grouping. Very pretty.
I would use the tool for hanging pictures, it is hard to put the little hangers on the back of the wood frames but I bet the screwdriver would work on it well. Thanks for the chance to win.

Sandie ~call me crazy said...

Very cute hearts!
I would love to be in the Husky hat. :-) I am always looking for the screw driver to tighten a pot lid, fix a frame, my glasses etc and with this one being red :-) I know no one would swipe it from me. My sewing room has red accents. :-) LOL And my word verification is 'redies'~ could that be a sign? Thanks for the chance! Have a happy weekend!

Kathleen C. said...

I always enjoy your blog posts--thanks for sharing so much with your readers.
The Husky set looks just my size :) and useful around my condo for the kind of jobs that I'm capable of doing. Anything big and I call on a big brother! I could use it for small fix-it jobs and wood crafts, and possibly get the satisfaction of doing it myself!

robin said...

Would love to win your giveaway - for ME! I think I need to start putting little chains on the tools I keep in the kitchen drawer and screw them to the drawer or something - they always disappear. If I won this, I'd probably have to hide it!

Robyn said...

Hope your writer's block and your cooking slump ends soon. Try here for some free healthy (as in diet),tasty recipes.
I've just bought her first 2 books as I had too much Christmas cheer *frown*.
Wondering if your oranges are sour or 'tart' as they may be Seville oranges which make the best English Breakfast marmalade and are highly prized as they are difficult to find. Sevilles are only used for marmalade not eating.

Nancy said...

Me, I hate to cook. Hate it hate it hate it. Luckily my hubby loves to cook. I like to bake.

If I won the drill set, my hubby does a lot of electronic work, so he'd use it the most...

Lana said...

YAY! you have 400 FOLLOWERS!
I love your blog...I say it a lot..but I do!
Have a great weekend my friend!

Deborah in Atlanta said...

How about this for a good use of your oranges? I saw this recipe for Orange Brownies today, and immediately thought of you. Here is the blog:

WoolenSails said...

I would hide the tool and give it to my husband for his birthday, lol. We probably have a million screwdrivers in the house;)

I have food allergies, so I am always in a rut.
Plus I have to cook if I want to eat and tired of cooking.


edmontonjb said...

I hope you accomplich your goal for today! I would use the Husky for little handy jobs such as tightening the hardware on my drawers and building the Ikea furniture I love to buy


quiltma said...

I'm always needing to fix something so I know it would come in handy. BUT I would have to hide it from my dear hubby or I would never see it again.ha ha ha

Thearica said...

I told my hubby that I don't mind cleaning... I just wish he would hire someone to do the cooking for me. haha!

Love your heart blocks! My friend and I are off to JoAnn's today and I am buying some Valentine fabric for the wallhanging I showed on my blog earlier this week. I might just have to purchase an extra half yard or so and try this block. LOVE it!

Please enter my name for the Husky tool! Good luck to all!


Deb K said...

I would love to win this~Thanks for the chance! I would use this tool all the time to do all the handy work that is needed when my honey is not home


MoeWest said...

To get out of your cooking rut, try crockpot recipes. Your take a few minutes to put the ingredients in the pot and it cooks all day while you are quilting. Here is a blog to get you started:

Please enter me in your tool draw. I could use it for all the little Mrs. Fixit jobs around here.

Kimberly R. said...

I'd love a chance to enter your wonderful giveaway!
Thanks :)
kimberlybreid @

Quiltdoodles said...

Hi, Love your heart blocks. I would use the Husky for hanging pictures and quilt hangers. I have one screwdriver in my sewing room and I have about worn it out. I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.

KQ Sue said...

I would probably use it to put together precut unfinished wood items, after I decorated them with decopaged fabric or paint.

allthingsnew said...

I would use it for odds and ends around our house. We recently remodeled our house and there are still a ton of little things to do!

stephanierosenhahn at yahoo dot com

Gene Black said...

I am wondering if these are the sour oranges used in Mexican cuisine.

I would love to win the husky. The drill part would be great to use in the jewelry I make. I can also always use a screwdriver set as I love to "tinker"

Caro said...

Would love a chance to win your great giveaway. I'd use the Husky Powertek for things like putting up curtain rods. It would be perfect as I am just getting ready to make a new valance for my kitchen window.

Nancy Sue said...

A post that includes a quote by Tommy Smothers is a keeper! Your heart blocks are wonderful. Makes me crave a sugar rush from a handful of the conversational candy hearts. Maybe eating a boxful before cooking will help with the slump in the kitchen? Let's just not think of the crash at the end of the sugar rush :)
Thank you for the giveaway of the screwdriver. I love that the bits are all in one place. Living in a townhouse, I'm always on the floor with the bit-less screwdriver, and have to do the stairs to find them on the other floor:)Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
nsue21702 at gmail dot com

krisgray said...

Cute hearts! DH always needs more tools, now he needs them for toys LOL.

Colleen said...

I always enjoy reading your blog. I know what you mean about cooking. I would reccomend The Pioneerwoman either her cookbook, blog, or both. She has inspired me recently. Also I took a tour through my recipe boxes and rediscovered favorite recipes. Thanks for the giveaway.

Megan Harmeyer said...

Please enter me in the giveaway! I'd keep it in the kitchen for easy access and to tighten pot handles and unscrewing the many battery operated toys we have for the boys.

The Quilting Pirate said...

I bet your mail box is soo fun this month to visit!! I have enjoyed seeing all your new blocks coming in!!

Oranges, now you just gave me more ideas!!

Now that is a HANDY TOOL!! Unfortunately, I missed out on the drawing part, but I might have to go out and get me one and keep it away from my husband!! :)

Cooking is like quilting, sometimes you need inspiration!

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