Monday, January 10, 2011

A Mysterious Day

There is little chance that meteorologists can solve the mysteries of weather until they gain an understanding of the mutual attraction of rain and weekends.
 ~Arnot Sheppard

We actually had a weekend without rain.  But I think I would have rather had the rain than the cold we had on Saturday.  It wasn't freezing temperature wise but the cold still felt biting.  We had to run several errands on Saturday and every time you got out of the car the cold almost took your breath away.  And, why is it, every store you go into has to be over heated so that by the time you leave you are in a sweat - then hit the cold and brrrrr.  I almost like going into a cold store this time of year.  You keep your jacket on and it isn't such a shock walking out the door.  By the way - I found my same bras and didn't have to try a single one on - woohoo!!

By the way, if you are looking for the winner of the 300+ Follower Thank You Giveaway, it was posted HERE.



Orange tree in my front yard
Orange trees are an every day occurrence in California.  You would think that I would be thrilled to have one in my front yard.  Normally I would but these oranges are horrible!! Extremely bitter.  My aunt told me they are the kind of oranges you use to make marmalade - something I don't do.  I think ours must be a Persian Orange.  Oranges arrived in North America from Europe but they originated in China.  If you dream about the color orange it denotes hope, friendliness, courtesy, generosity, liveliness, sociability and and out-going nature.  It also represents a stimulation of the senses. You feel alive! You may want to expand your horizons and look into new interests.
Are you ready for a mystery?  I assembled block #7 in the 2010 Designer Mystery BOM from Fat Quarter Shop on Friday (my goal for the day)

Here is the fabric I started with.

After pressing I cut out these blocks and rectangles according to the instructions.

Here are the first blocks I assembled, not much of a hint here.....

Followed by these.  Still no idea?.....

Six flying geese - no we aren't going to start singing........

All of the geese are flying in a row.  Any guesses yet?

Oh look!  A star!  Will this go on top of a tree?

Two rows of one inch squares.  Give it a try....give me a guess.....

I bet you are getting real 'warm' now......

All finished!  This one is called "Warm Woolen Mitten" and was designed by Pam Buda (  The pattern didn't call for it but I fussy cut the center square for the mitten.  I think it turned out rather cute that way.  Had you figured it out before this last picture?



I think today I will try to get more accomplished on the Butter Churn little quilt I started last month.  Or was it November?  Anyway, I would like to get some work done on it today.

Just a little reminder that the Block Swap Adventure is alway accepting new members.  We  have almost 50 members from all over the world and would love to have your join us!



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I have so many things that I would like to accomplish but am coming to the realization that I just can't do it all - well, at least not all at once.  I have had a quilt all sandwiched and waiting to be quilted since at least October - possibly as long ago as August.  It has layed there, patiently waiting for me to get the time to pick it up and stick it under the sewing machine.  Now I'm contemplating taking it out to a long arm quilter.  This would be the first time I have not made a quilt from start to finish.  I'm not sure that DD#2 (the one who the quilt is for) will understand if I have someone else to do the quilting.  Dilemmas!  Don't like them but hopefully I will have it all figured out some time this week.

One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it.
~Sidney Howard

It's Monday and a brand new week - make it your creation!!


Barb said...

Thanks for the tutorial on the mitten....

What a cute block.

Me? A Mom? said...

Thanks for including my giveaway in your post!!

The Quilting Pirate said...

Morning Ms. Linda!! Your mitten turned out nicely, I like the fussy cut center!!

What a lucky girl to have your own oranges!! How neat is that! Do you have several fruit trees or just the one?

Happy Monday!

Cheryl said...

Pam is one of my favorite designers and that mitten is precious. This will be a darling quilt when finished. And don't fret, I take many quilts to the longarm ladies. Cannot do it all!

Tracy said...

I know that you have a lot of block swaps and whatnot that you're always involved in. For me, I just work on my longest project first. For instance, my niece is getting an afghan for Christmas, it'll take longer for me to get that finished, so it's the first one I'm working on. As far as taking the quilt to a long arm quilter, maybe you can get them to do a special pattern for her. Something you can't really do on your machine? Or can you rent some time on the long arm machine? I know some quilting shops will rent time on their machines.

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

I just want you to know that I enjoy your blog very much. You put thought into each one and I really enjoy them.

You'll figure out what to do for your DD. Have a good day.

Needled Mom said...

A warm woolen mitten!!! Who would have guessed? has been cold. It was 35* when we left for church yesterday morning. I am just ready for a few sunny days to get our temps up to normal.

I need one of those orange trees as I would love to make marmalade. Our oranges are way too sweet for that so I add lemons to mine.

quiltzyx said...

That mitten block is so cute! And no, I didn't figure it out at all before the final picture....

My Dad lives in Sun City, AZ, and his whole neighborhood has that kind of orange tree. He found out the hard way, by trying to eat one when they first moved there! Biggest difference between theirs & yours? Theirs are so manicured as to look like lollypops!

WoolenSails said...

I would love to have fresh oranges, even bitter ones, lol. I could go for a few weeks someone warm.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love oranges - I like to just add some whole cloves - poked into them and then set them out with some pinecones in a little dish for natural airfresheners. Your quilting will resolve - I see no problem with sending it out for quilting myself, but it is your inner voice.

joe tulips said...

Do I even need to say I didn't guess what the mitten was. Really good fussy cutting there too.
I love machine quilting and I love having someone else do it! If the quilt has waited this long, it can wait longer while you decide what is best.

Sarah Craig said...

Thanks for posting about my giveaway! And I'm curious - why don't you want to quilt your DD's quilt yourself? Are you unsure how to quilt it, or is it too big? Or it is just making yourself do it?

Joanna said...

Cute, cute mitten block. Really sweet.

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