Thursday, March 10, 2011

It Was One Of THOSE Days

Certain flaws are necessary for the whole. It would seem strange if old friends lacked certain quirks.

I'm a little depressed.  I know that I'm not supposed to care but I do.  I have been losing a few of my followers lately.  I don't know what I've been doing to cause this exodus.  I reply to almost every comment left to me (if there is a valid email).  I try to stop by several different blogs throughout the day and leave words of encouragement and/or support.  I try to provide something a little different each day with a bit of fun or information.  Where am I going wrong?  I'm not looking for pats on the shoulder or for you to join my pity party.  If there is something you don't like, please let me know.  I can't fix it if you don't tell me where it's broken.



Blueberry Popover

Here is another obscure holiday that you may not know about.  It is National Blueberry Popover Day and it occurs on March 10 every year in the United States of America. On this day, the puffy, air-filled popover bread made with blueberries is celebrated. Popovers are sometimes compared to Yorkshire pudding, and they have an almost custard like base surrounded by air bubbles and a crisp crust. They are made using eggs, milk, butter and flour.
Blueberries are highly nutritious fruits, and they are thought to help fight diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. They contain high levels of antioxidants, which fight free radical damage on a cellular level. Studies have shown that consuming blueberries may help ward off the buildup of belly fat.2 However, this effect may be limited when they are paired with high fat foods such as popovers.



Yesterday, well actually Tuesday evening, I finished stitching Block 3 of the Birdie Stitches BOM

Can you tell I made the border to represent March?  Definitely shamrock green.  I even stitched the birdie in green.  I tried something different with my stitching this time.  I decided to try stitching without a hoop.  I'm not pleased with how it came out.  My stitches are not uniform and the tension is not great.  Next month I'm definitely going back to the hoop.  If you would like to make a comparison, you can look at last month's block HERE.  That one just looks worlds better to me.  My thought on this?  "You don't know if you don't try it".  So it's been tried and I learned - Use A Hoop.



Have you ever wondered what it was like "Down Under"?  I have but will probably never go :(  For me, the next best thing to going there is having made friends through blogland that live in Australia!  Monthly I send a block or two to that great land and receive a block back in exchange.  It is loads of fun and they even have that 'funny' way of talking.  Australia has some amazing quilters and they all have hearts of gold.  So won't you help me celebrate the one year anniversary of QUILTING BLOCK SWAPS AUSTRALIA!

Wouldn't you love to join this wonderful and fun group?  Sue B is our fantastic hostess who keeps us all organized and is the originator of the group.  There are more groups you can join that are relatives of this group, just jump on over to the website (link above or button on the sidebar).  All are welcome - even us regular talking Americans - they are not picky - lol!
Happy Anniversary Quilting Block Swaps Australia!!



Yesterday I finished the 10th block of the Layer Cake QAL- but not without lots and lots of ripping and resewing!!

First I made this mistake.  You see the orange square?  It is supposed to be the bud part of the flower.  Then why is it floating in the air?  Because I sewed it together wrong and didn't even notice it until I had both of sides of the petals attached.

Here is what I thought was the finished block.  Mind you, I also had to rip out two more seams to get to this point!  I have to admit that I looked at this 'completed' block most of the day thinking "It just doesn't look right".  Well, if I would have looked at the example block I would have discovered what was wrong.  There were supposed to be green leaves - NOT A GREEN POT!  OMG!  This block took probably three times longer for me to make than it should have.  I thought I was paying attention but obviously not.  So, late yesterday evening I made the correction.......

Here is the correct finished block.  Doesn't it look better?  I guess for me the saying should be "Make it simple and Linda will screw it up"!  I really like the look of this block.  Oh, this block was designed by Kari Ramsay of Fresh Cut Quilts.  Don't tell her how messed up I made it look for awhile.



Today I think I will stick to some hand sewing and work on my Baltimore block.  Maybe I need a day away from the sewing machine.



Amy's Creative Side is having a sponsored giveaway.  The Fat Quarter Shop has donated a bundle of Sugar and Spice by The Quilted Fish.  This giveaway ends Monday, March 14.

Happy Quilting is celebrating having 500 followers with a giveaway.  Melissa is giving away some amazing Fat Quarters from Riley Blake's new collection Penny Lane.  The giveaway will end on the evening of March 16th.

Wouldn't you like to win a darling applique pattern?  Then just click HERE to enter my giveaway!



Trial and error.  Mistake, mistake, mistake.  Learn, learn, learn.  Some days I think there is a barrier between my brain and my eyes and even down into my fingers.  There are days when simple becomes hard and hard seems impossible.  Luckily those days are far and few between.  I really do learn from days like yesterday.  If nothing else, it reminds me that I need to pay attention.  Attention to each and every detail.  Today is another day.  A day to start fresh.  A day to pay attention.  A day that everything will work correctly - brain, eyes, hands, and heart.

The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.
~John Powell

A good Thursday to you all :)


Cheryl said...

Second blogger today to talk about losing followers. I don't think it has anything to do with you. Some followers come just for the giveaways and then go away. Others, like myself, overcommit to how many blogs to read each day and decide to trim down their reading list. So many people follow anonymously that I don't think you should worry. You have a unique and interesting blog post format, so stick with it.

Nancy said...


Don't change a thing. I love your blog. So much good stuff there. I'm not going anywhere!

501 Quilt Blocks said...

I always look forward to reading your blog. You teach me things I would never know otherwise. Don't worry about followers. You'll always have some.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I chime in here, too. People join for give aways, or just thinking they need to just to peek in. I love your blog and look forward to your take on the day or event. The trivia is something I enjoy. It's about the quality, not the quantity. I rather have just 10 followers who dropped by every day and left me, even a hello, that large numbers who don't say BOO.

That said - don't lament - I made the same mistake on the flower center and did one leaf wrong and cursed myself. I even laid all my pieces out as order to be done in the pattern look - still did it wrong. Sometimes it's just an upside down day.

Chin up - hugs.

GerryART said...

No suggestion as to why.
For me, your blog has a great lay out I read sections that interest and not the others.
Again, we all know that the numbers of FOLLOWERs are not truly the barometer of how many are following. But when the numbers drop even by a few we begin to wonder.
Now, Commenters are a whole 'nother thing. Comments are the only way we know IF any one is reading.
I am making it my 2011 focus to comment more often. I try. :*/ !

Charity said...

Love the little birdie. And the March border. If only I wasn't so over commited.

Kasey said...

Cheer up- if they left, they must not have appreciated the facts of the day that always amuse me while I drink my coffee. That's right, I start my morning with YOU. I have a whole list of blogs I peruse, but yours is one I look forward to because of the organization and interesting things. Keep it up!

PaTcHwOrK jEnN said...

I am going to agree with the others. We tend to sign up for a gazillion blogs when we can only in reality follow a few. And some chose to unfollow blogs to regain their sanity.

I know I have taken to reading only a few and yep you are on the list. I don't respond much but I love your blog and it is their loss.

You are my one stop to check giveaways, while only reading a few blogs.I also get my fun fact and love how motivated you are to sew daily, something I need to work on. Thank you for all your effort I truly appreciate it even if I don't say it often enough.

Gale, Ky quilter said...

I love your blog. Like someone else commented I, too, over commit to how many I follower and don't get to everyone every day. I love your quilting, your color combinations and the quotes you add are uplifting to me. Quilting is the spice of my life not to mention my friend and confidant and quilting ladies are the best. So, while I may not read each post or leave a comment each time - you still inspire me!
Happy Stitching!!!


Mary Lou Casada said...

I read every post, Linda!! I don't always comment (time, time, time! LOL), but I'm with these gals. There's always something interesting; you have a wonderful sense of humor! I've kinda made it a point of honor not to "join" unless I'm really interested, give-away or no. It's also why on the couple of times I've given something away, I just ask for comments. Also, I have several sites that I've not joined, but they are on my blogroll because that's where I read from. Is that weird!? :-D
I'll bet your stats indicate just how many of us love you! :-)
Mary Lou

Snoodles said...

Thanks for sharing with us all the interesting things you bring - I follow even tho I don't blog! I love your posts...and today's really was familiar. Some days I could swear the nerves between my brain and my fingers have many mistakes! LOL
Jacque in SC

Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

Linda, I love your blog!! I love how your always organize your posts!! It is just so nice. I agree with others, I think people just over-commit and those that use their google readers might get overwhelmed. I do understand, (same thing happened to me :) but try not to let it upset you to much, you do fabulous, and your true followers appreciate each and every one of your posts :)

P.S. Thank you so much for linking my giveaway in your list, you are the greatest!!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I love your blog! I love to start my day with you. And I agree with the others. But I also think there may be problems with the Google reader, as I have noticed that one day my followers may be fewer in number, but on another day the number goes back up. Because I have had trouble with my reader, I do wonder if sometimes the reader is not working.

annmarie said...

I am not a "follower" of your blog because I read your blog every day so no need to repeat the content in Google Reader. I was following 52 blogs in Reader & just last week Unsubscribed them all. It was just too time consuming. But I went thru the list & chose 10 that I now read daily like yours. Cheer up! You have a great blog.

Rochelle said...

I agree,
I too love your blog and look forward to reading it each day (when my computer is working ;-)
I have also be known to over commit and occasionally have to whittle down my blog list to a more manageable size. I will not however be deleting you from my list, as I said, I really enjoy reading your blog, don't change a thing - it's fabulous.
I too have one of those brain barriers, mine seems to be the one that has caused a new muscle to grow one that automatically makes my eyes close every time I sit on my bottom. Just can't keep these eyes open.

PolkaDotClassic said...

Hi Linda,
I'm a pretty new follower but even thought I dont comment often I do start my day with your blog.You give us neat information and I love your sense of humor. I dont think you need to change anything I really like your blog :)
I have been controlling myself in not becoming a follower just because of the prizes since the odd are pretty high sometimes.
Have a happy sewing day
PS because of your blog I had joined some really neat groups (lets bee together, inchy hexagon flower swap)thank you for been a great source of information in blogland

Patty C. said...

Do not fret - Followers come & go over & over - Some that have left will visit again -It's a very inconsistent situation - Your blog is lovely to visit - No worries :)
Don't watch the numbers - just enjoy !!!

Wendy said...

Totally agree with all the other comments so I won't go on with my opinion too. But I will say I love your blog (all of it) and read it while drinking my morning coffee. You always reply to my comments and I appreciate it. Keep up the great work!!

Char said...

I agree with everyone else. I visit regularly even if I don't have time to comment.
I love popovers and make them for my husband sometimes. I've never seen a blueberry turnover.
Love how the block looks. I have that fabric but haven't used it yet.
Thanks for the info on the Australian swap group. Going over right now.

Natasha said...

So sorry that you were not feeling good yesterday. I totally agree that I look to your blog first each day. I try to wait patiently for it to arrive. I love the format of it with the quote at top, fun facts, what you are doing, and giveaways.

Hope today is much better for you!!

Sonia said...

I think your blog is great!

I also think that people change. They find different interests and move on.

Don't lose hope. I think you are doing a great job with your blog.

Joanna said...

It's all been said:) You have a fun blog, and I'm amazed that you have something new to show every single day! How do you do it? You keep it interesting. It stings when a follower deletes; I know that and I don't have any where near the followers you have.
I love you birdy and the green fabric.

Barbara said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto everything above commented by others. Don't change anything, just accept we can't please all of the people all of the time. C'est la vie!

Staci said...

Oh, Linda! I don't think you are doing anything wrong! My blog follower numbers go up and down all the time. I always feel sad when the number goes down, too. But a lot of people only come for giveaways, and as soon as the giveaway is over, they drop away. And you've done some fabulous giveaways this year! I bet that is what has happened!

I'm glad you conquered that flower block! I feel your frustration! I'm planning to make mine today.

Staci said...

And now I want Blueberry Popovers!
Chili Cheese Fries, Chocolate cake, and now popovers!
Your blog makes me hungry first thing in the morning!

Mamacessories said...

Oh it isn't you trust me! I have read a few blogs lately that seem to be losing readers. But as everyone before me has said - your blog is the best! I love the way you organize it and I love the fun facts! I read you every day - yours is one of the first blogs I look for, I feel like I am having my morning coffee with a friend.

Scrappy quilter said...

I love your blog too. I also found there are those who have quit blogging altogether. It's just a part of blogging I think. Keep doing what you are doing. And like others have said, some just sign up for giveaways!!! Hugs

Impera_Magna said...

Yours is one of the blogs I read and thoroughly enjoy each and every day. You put a lot of effort into blogging and it shows! While I've started to pare down my list of blogs to read, yours will not be one of them! Don't worry about what others do... and continue do what you love!

Needled Mom said...

You have a great blog, Linda, so I would not worry about it. Blogging really isn't about the number of followers, is it??? I'd rather have a few good blogging friends rather than a large number of followers who never leave comments.

It sounds like it was a frustrating day of piecing for you yesterday. I hope today is better.

Mommarock said...

Ahh, don't worry about the few flakes that fall.. you know what I mean.. Just worry about the flakes that STAY LOL.. Now have a laugh.. and enjoy your loyal followers :) I love your blog! I love your quilting.. I would love to see more on HOW you make your fantastic blocks if you have time.. I don't know how you could, you are already giving SO much!! But i have alot to learn, and could use a few tips.

Jodi said...

I love your blog - don't always read the entire thing, but it's not because I'm not interested, just too many blogs, too little time! I must say, isn't your last photo of that block with the green pot identical to the previous one? Or am I missing something? (Just had to ask) Thanks for posting the giveaways, and the recipe, etc., etc.!

Mimi said...

Hi Linda,

First I want to tell you that your blog is one of my very favorites... so please do not change anything! You have a pattern for your blog that I expect and really look forward to! Thanks!

Peaceful Piecer said...

Love the greens!I use an oval hoop and don't think I could embroider without it.Keep up the good work!

Donna said...

No changes required to keep me reading your blog! I enjoy doing so.

Jessica said...

I can understand why you would be upset about losing followers, but don't worry about it, every in the above comments, and me included, love your blog, and I always really appreciate when you comment on my blog too (I notice!). Thanks so much for everything you do, and really, your blog is one of the most unique, don't change a thing!

Jessica said...

Also, I forgot to mention that I love that birdie block, and you've really inspired me to try embroidery! I'd like to learn this summer!

Lana said...

Linda, You have the optimal format.
People like reading short tidbits at a time, then they can walk away from it for a moment or day and come back and start back right where they left off from. PERFECT.

Your topics are not of earth shattering importance - but they give everyone that reads them a moment of freedom from the turmoil and craziness out there in the world...LOVE IT

The projects, mistakes, funny stories, truthful, heart-felt posts (like today) make us all know we are human but loved.

Please don't change, be depressed or stop doing what you do.
I have been very outspoken about how much I love coming here everyday.
First stop after my devotions...and I love it. LOVE IT.
and appreciate that you do it everyday.

You are my favorite.

Apple Avenue Quilts said...

I love your blog! Don't change anything. Some followers are a bit fickle and that's OK, others will come along. Thanks for sharing your mistakes as well as triumphs. It helps to know I'm not the only one making mistakes and I make them all the time!

Quiet Quilter said...

I agree with the above..don't change. The blogs I have "cancelled" in the past are those who don't comment for a long, long time....

Comments by followers are like people walking in a depends on what is on their minds as to what store they go into, even tho' they love the look of stores they don't or can't always frequent all the stores...

Am I making sense up there???

Mariliz said...

Linda, you're blog is wonderful. I know you put a lot of time into each post. I read it everyday!

Deb said...

Don't worry about the # of followers, because those that are true to you, will continue to follow. I look at your blog EVERY have great stuff.

quiltzyx said...

No worries Linda! Those followers that dropped off are the ones who should be depressed - they're missing out on one of the best!

I don't always read your blog every day, but that just means that the next day I get to read TWO!!! Woohooo!!!

I think yesterday really MUST have been one of THOSE days too. I was making a pillow cover & kept cutting things the wrong way! I did manage to finish it, after about 3 or 4 hours of work! (I think that'll be my next blog!)

Your birdie IS still cute - I can't see any tension problems from here. AND, you are my IDOL, getting something stitched every day!


Christine M said...

Hi Linda. Don't worry about losing some followers. It's their loss. I love reading your blog. You have so many interesting facts and I've learnt lots of things I didn't know from your postings. Hugs from Down Under, Christine

Cathy said...

ditto, ditto, ditto ;-) you are not doing anything wrong. Some join up just for the giveaways, then go away, some join up for a while to see what your style is like, some people have to make a decision on how much time they have to read blogs, and just have to cull the list, some join up for the long haul ;-) what's that old saying - people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I am sure it is true in blog land too ;-) more hugs from down under, Cathy, xxx

Quilting Mom said...

I love reading your blog posts! Sometimes you may lose followers and sometimes they come back again!!! It has occurred on my blog, but its really nothing to take personal...You have a very wonderful blog that is always filled with insightful thoughts, wonderful recipes and beautiful blocks and quilts!

Sandy said...

I have to say, your blog is a daily stop for me. I love seeing what you're working on. I love that you post a daily giveaway list. I even visit most of the other blogs that you have listed on your blog roll because I enjoy the same ones and it's easy to see who's updated theirs from your list. I think there are tons of people who are reading but not official "followers". Thanks for all the work you put into this blog. I for one am staying put as a follower.=)

Talin's Corner said...

I love your blog format. I am amazed how you find the time to do it all. Wish I could help.

quiltma said...

The problem is not you and your blog. I love your blog and read it everyday. I may not reply but I do read it. And everyday when I pull up your blog I wish that I could keep a blog like yours.
I think I only have 18 followers (which I understand cuz I don't blog very often and I don't keep a very interesting blog) BUT I do what works for me.
Please keep blogging away. I appreciate and enjoy your blog.

Gene Black said...

People follow blogs for different reasons. I decided to never have "following" be a requirement to enter a giveaway. People will follow just for that and then leave - then my feelers are hurt. So I don't set myself up that way.

I have a confession to make. As easy as that block was I did have to rip out a seam cause I sewed the piece on the wrong side. LOL.. We all do it at one time or another.

Colleen said...

Dont worry about lost followers. There are always ways to gain more if that's what you want. I have to confess I am over blogged and am cutting loose those that are not the core group I really want to follow. You of course are one and I love that you always leave comments. Im trying to do better that way...but like I said I am in blog overload.

Sue B said...

Love the ad for my down under quilting group, even if I am a funny talking Aussie. In reality I was born in England but moved to Australia at the tender age of 5 (some 43 years ago) so I guess I am an Auusie now. You are in the running for the giveaway, quilted hugs, Sue xx

Toni said...

Ms. Linda - I LOVE YOU!!! I might not be able to comment daily or weekly, but your blog is one I won't "unfriend"!!

BIG O' HUGS!! I understand that feeling, when I get that way, I just keep in mind why I blog and it's for me always in the end.

It's hard not to take it personally, but rest assure it's not.

LOL, I honestly didn't see the difference in the last 2 blocks, I can see how you opps up so easily.

Thinking of you Linda, have a great Friday!

LynCC said...

You're doing Birdie Stitches! I love that project and can't wait to be able to do it. I have to finish 5 more UFOs first. Thanks for the note about using a hoop. I probably would have started without one (being impatient and not wanting to wait to go buy one), and then been frustrated. I love how you made the border month-themed.

and Wow! Can I relate to your troubles with the blossom block!! lolol Kudos to you for finishing it!

A.J. Dub. said...

I missed reading this yesterday due to a crazy schedule, but I wanted to tell you that I enjoy your blog. It is one of my favorites! You are not afraid to share the good AND the bad, you have fun facts and a lot of the quotes have really given me a needed boost, and your projects are always fun to see.

Sunnybec said...

Hi Linda, I am a bit behind commenting on blogs....but just read yours. Please don't worry its like age it's only a number, I haven't read what others have put but I am sure everyone says the same. Oh and if anyone wants to leave you send them to me I only have 42 followers!!! LOL you have loads of faithful followers, I may not comment all the time but I do read every post on your blog, it's always entertaining and a mixture of topics, I don't know how you do it but you do, so keep up the good work. Big Hugs Linda (ps I won a giveaway again...oops people will be changing their name to Linda soon)

Cyndi said...

Linda, I want you to know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, your blog, or it's content. I think you have one of the most unique and informative blogs out there. I do read every post, I just don't always comment.

As for losing followers.... I have been, too. It bothered me at first, but you know what? Most of the ones that drop off are the ones that just signed up for the give aways anyway. That's what I figured out...the people that read my blog all the time and always comment are still there, and I'm grateful for that! So don't let it worry you...your blog is fantastic and the people that really appreciate it are all still here! I'll definitely make a better effort at commenting more often so you'll know just how appreciated you are!



Melissa said...

Better to have fewer readers who actually read and comment (even if a few days late, like me) than a ton of followers who never stop by! If they don't know a good blog when they see one, then it's their loss!

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