Monday, March 28, 2011

Only One Completion

There aren't enough days in the weekend.
 ~Rod Schmidt

Why does it seem that weekends are made for running.  Well, at least Saturday was.  We ran errands all over town.  Farmer's Market, Pet Smart, Target, Vons, and the list goes on.  I feel so lucky to be home during the week but I can't run these errands since I no longer drive.  So my poor DH has to usually spend one full day of his two days off on the run.  Last weekend was the rare exception with relaxation but then we had to drive 4 hours from home to be able to do that.  Sounds a little ridiculous, doesn't it.  Maybe next weekend will be better.  On average we have a quieter weekend every other week.  How was your weekend?



Did You Eat Your Spinach

Did you know we missed Spinach Festival Day on Saturday?  In 1936 the Winter Garden Chamber of Commerce organized its first Spinach Festival. Bushels of spinach surrounded the platform, and people dressed as Popeye and other Popeye cartoon characters danced with joy as the band played "La Paloma." Texas Governor James V. Allred proudly proclaimed Crystal City as "The Spinach Capital of the World" that same year. The first festival was a great success and the tradition of the annual event held until 1941 when World War II ended all festivals. In 1982, forty-one years later, the Spinach Festival was revived. On March 6, 1987 Crystal City Festival Association President Mike Delgado presented a letter from President Ronald Reagan to the residents of Crystal City recognizing it as the nation's leading producer and shipper of spinach in the world.



Friday I finished the hot pad for the swap I'm involved in.  Cheryll over at Gone Stitchin' is the gracious hostess for the Let's Exchange fun.  The next exchange sign up will be April 1st.

I used the fabric line Daydreams by Deb Strain for moda.  I have had this fabric for a couple of years and I think it worked up nicely.  Looking at it now I would have done the braid a little differently but I still like the effect it created.  And here is what the back looks like.....

I went with a simple stitch in the ditch for the quilting.  I thought too much quilting would lessen the protection qualities.  I did use Insul-Bright for the batting. This will be going out to my secret partner this week.



I have several swap and bee blocks to get made.  My goal for today will be to complete two of the swap blocks.



Cat Patches has started up Fun Fact Friday again!  You could win a book, a pattern, a fat quarter and a nifty tool.  Barbara will announce the winner on April 1st.

Pink Please is having a giveaway.  You could win a jelly roll of Just Wing It by moda.  This giveaway ends March 31st at midnight.

Quilt Times is having a giveaway.  You could win a copy of Schnibbles times two.  This giveaway ends midnight GMT on Thursday 31 March.

The Q and the U is having her third of 3 giveaways to celebrate her year of blogging.  The actual giveaway is a mystery but we do know that it is equal to a yard of fabric.  This giveaway ends Wednesday, March 30, at 7:00 pm AST.

Lucky Duck Dreams is having a stash giveaway.  Colleen is giving away three cuts of pretty green fabrics from her stash.  She will draw the winner on Wednesday, March 30th.

Quilting Ranny is having a charm pack giveaway.  You could win Sandy Gervais 'Oopsie Daisy,' charm pack pattern, all of the fabric to make the pattern and the accent buttons too.  This giveaway ends April 1st at noon PST.

I'm having a celebration giveaway on April 4th.  It will be my 200th post so be prepared for something good!



This week is going to be one of those weeks.  Today my cleaning lady comes.  Good because I will have a dust free, clean house.  Bad because it puts a crimp in my sewing time.  I don't feel I should be in her way if I want the sewing room vacuumed and dusted.  In the evening I get my hair cut making for a late dinner.  Tuesday looks good.  Wednesday starts off with early doctor's appointment for both DH and myself.  Nothing more than routine follow-up appointments but they still take time.  That afternoon I will be having a visit from our case worker for ALS.  She has only been in this position for a few months and feels it is necessary to visit everyone in the support group (and I suppose it is).  I'm sure this will be a good thing for both of us.  After dinner we will be doing our bi-weekly grocery shopping.  Wow!  I'm already tired and it's still early on Monday - lol!  I think the rest of the week will be fairly tame - or at least I hope it is.  What is your week looking like?

I cannot count my day complete

'Til needle, thread and fabric meet.
~Author Unknown

Monday is a great day, I hope yours is fantastic!!


Melissa @ Happy Quilting said...

I love the hot pad!! The blues and greens are beautiful!!

Char said...

I have the same problem. I've been trying to get my Rainbow Challenge project done for the past 2 weekends. All we do on Saturday is run errands by the time we get home and I make dinner, I'm done.
I love spinach.

Wendy said...

Same here...weekends are never long enough but I managed to sneak in a tiny bit of sewing anyway. I love your last's so true. I was tired last night and it was late but I dragged out my flower garden and added some stepping stones. Alas, my day was complete!

Impera_Magna said...

I seriously love that hot pad! Deb Strain has the most delicious colors and prints...

Weekends seem to be more hurry-hurry/rush-rush than weekdays a lot of the time... trying to get all the chores and errands accomplished before the week starts.

Needled Mom said...

Your hot pad is lovely and I am sure your partner will put it to good use.

We watched little ones on Saturday, but I did manage to squeeze some sewing in on Sunday.

I love the complete day quote. I may have to put that one up in my sewing studio.

Staci said...

Busy busy busy! Sure makes you appreciate the quiet times all the more, doesn't it? Happy Stitching today!

Linda said...

I love the hot pad! You did such a great job of it.

Maria said...

You guys sure keep busy.
Nice colours in the hot pad.

Great quote at the end of your post.

Hilachas said...

I just finished my hotpad for the swap as well. Imagine your mentioning Crystal City. It's in south Texas and we used to drive by that little town (it is definitely not a city, haha) on our way to Laredo, Texas. I guess spinach is what put it on the map. I enjoy your informative blog and read it often although I don't always comment.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Well you prodded me well, I got my hot pad done and in the mail Sat. (it had to go overseas so good it is out). Love your fabrics and colors - and the design, just lovely.

My week's plans are very relaxed and simple as all my monthly goals are done - sewing for fun with some clean-up and reorganizing thrown in.

Snoodles said...

I'm with you...quite a week coming up, with trying to finish the taxes! Grrr! I love your hot pad for your secret partner - so pretty!
Jacque in SC

Ann Marie said...

Our weekends are like yours. I always wonder, when you live in a town that only take 15 minutes to go from one side to the other, how do you manage to be gone 8-12 hours running errands, and never leave town??????? I absolutely hate it! But that is our typical weekend too.

Lynda said...

The cool chicks candle mat is so cute. Love the hot pad with the fussy cut butterflys and the braid.

I'm waiting for fabric I ordered from Connecting Threads and a book too. Hope it hurries up and comes soon.

Have a great week.

Joanna said...

Your hot pad can sub as a mug rug,(and vice versa) and it's beautiful. I love both Popeye and spinach. You have the cutest posts.

Sarah Craig said...

Weekends are always busy - but since I get to spend the time with my hubby, it's all good!

Brenda said...

thank you for your posts! I always read them tho not always comment. My sisters love the quotes, please keep postihg them!

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