Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I've Started The Mystery

Dreams are answers to questions we haven't yet figured out how to ask.

Lately I have not been sleeping well.  I have had an over abundance of dreams.  One dream was about my next quilt guild meeting - I didn't have my projects done and I showed up empty handed AND late.  Another dream was about tornadoes - and the tornadoes had multi vortexes.  I have strange dreams.  Last night was full of dreams, many of which I don't remember.  I do remember looking at the clock several times during the night feeling sure that it must be time to get up.  I know that dreams are supposed indicate what's going on in your life.  The guild meeting one I understand - I probably feel under pressure to get things done even though I have over 3 weeks before the next meeting.  The tornado?  I have no idea.  We don't live in a stormy area and I don't think my life is in turmoil.  Do you ever try to figure out what your dreams are trying to tell you?



Paul Bunyan Day

Today we honor America's tallest folk hero, who hung out with a blue ox named Babe and wore size XXXXXXXXXXL plaid shirts. Paul Bunyan started out as an advertising campaign for a logging company in the early twentieth century, and over time his legend caught on and gained popularity.  The story of Paul Bunyan says he was born in Bangor, Maine. It took five giant storks to deliver Paul to his parents.
His first bed was a lumber wagon pulled by a team of horses. As a newborn, Paul Bunyan could holler so loud he scared all the fish out of the rivers and streams.  His parents had to milk two dozen cows morning and night to keep his milk bottle full and his mother had to feed him ten barrels of porridge every two hours to keep his stomach from rumbling and knocking the house down.
One winter, Paul Bunyan came to log along the Little Gimlet in Oregon. Ask any old timer who was logging that winter, and they'll tell you that Paul's kitchen covered about ten miles of territory. That stove, now, she were a grand one. An acre long, taller than a scrub pine, and when she was warm, she melted the snow for about twenty miles around. The men logging in the vicinity never had to put on their jackets 'til about noon on a day when Paul Bunyan wanted flapjacks.
Quite a tall tale for this giant of a man!



22 Free Patterns - Download Now
How would you like to receive 22 FREE patterns?  All you have to do is sign up for AccuQuilt newsletters.  Nothing hard about that.  They are a great company that is always coming up with new ideas. 

Right now they are running a GO! 4 It Die Sale that gives you great prices on their cutting dies.  And if you buy before the end of the day on Wednesday, June 29, you can get double the rewards points on your order. 

Check out AccuQuilt either by clicking on the links above or on the link on my right sidebar.



I have started the Designer Mystery BOM 2011/2012 from Fat Quarter Shop.  The first block arrived around the 13th but I'm just now getting to it.  Shall we get started?

Here I've cut all of the beautiful fabrics.  This years fabrics are all from the Strawberry Fields collection by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda.  They always send an ample supply of the fabric and I've even seen a couple of bloggers that are able to get two blocks out of the fabric sent each month.  The colors are so much prettier in person.  I guess I should have tried an outside shot but it was just too hot and I was just too lazy - lols.

First I had to assemble four of these blocks.  You probably can't guess yet....

And then there were these four simple blocks.  Easy enough so far....

And here it is complete.  This year won't be like last year where you could actually guess what I was making in the Christmas theme.  This year is to be a spectacular flower garden filled with blooms and blossoms.  This cute block is called "Sweet Pea" and was designed by Bonnie Olaveson and Camille Roskelly.  I think this will be a fun quilt and if you think you might be interested, you can still join in the fun at Fat Quarter Shop.  This BOM only cost $10.99 a month so you certainly can't beat that price.  I'm already looking forward to the next block release on July 10th.



Today I will make two swap hexagon flowers and one hexie flower for myself.



Amy's Creative Side is having a giveaway.  You could win a Beam n Read.  This giveaway ends Friday, July 1.

AccuQuilt is giving away 22 free patterns just for signing up for their newsletter.  Now that's a deal you certainly can't beat.

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Bluebird's Wing is having a giveaway.  You could win a FQ bundle of Sew Cherry in yellow by Lori Holt for Riley Blake Designs, or a FQ bundle of Bohemian Soul in the Freedom colorway by Patricia Bravo of Art Gallery Fabrics, or a FQ bundle of Lou Lou Thi in the Eleni colorway by Anna Maria Horner for Westminster/Free Spirit, or one of two Moda Bake Shop boxes to make a mini quilt, or a set of three mini charms of Just Wing It! by MoMo for Moda, or a set of three mini charms of Civil War Reunion by Barbara Brackman for Moda.  This giveaway will remain open Sunday, July 3.

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Would you like to win a table runner kit and a darling pair of embroidery scissors.  Check out MY VACATION GIVEAWAY today!


The end of the month in is fast approaching.  I have every one of my June obligations completed and have even started on some of my July swaps.  I would much rather be ahead of the game than trying to play catch-up.  This month I felt like I was always running two steps behind after taking those 10 days off from blogging and sewing.  But I was never behind or late - I just put myself into that crunch.  All swaps were out in the mail before their deadlines and all of my Let's Bee Together and Swap Block Adventure computer work was done in a timely manner.  I am still way behind in responding to comments left for my giveaway - I may never catch up with them.  I'm will to let that go (maybe) - no matter how much it bothers me not to have answered each and every comment for the giveaway.  I'm trying to limit my computer time so that I have a little more sewing time.  Time to get busy sewing......I hope your week is going along creatively.

The Future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.
~C.S. Lewis


Linda said...

Dreams are funny things. I used to remember my dreams more than I do now. Sometimes I think my brain is trying to work out a worry or problem, and sometimes I think I just ate dinner a little too late. I once dreamed where the location of a lost object was and sure enough it was there the next morning.
The Sweet Pea block turned out really well.
Thank you for mentioning my giveaway. Along with the 2 patterns, I'm giving away a kit for the little bee pincushion I showed in a previous post.

Madame Samm said...

Good Morning Linda...our post office is finally back and your lovely note is on its way in appreciation of my ..well you know...ohhh and my oh my I love this block..sunshine and my fav colors...

Barb said...

Oh...I so love that block!!! the colors too!

Sometimes dreams frighten me, the meaning...if there is one.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I don't dream any more since my head injury - but I don't sleep either! The new mystery block reminds me of the old 'cog wheel' block. Can't wait to see your new hexies. Enjoy your day.

Barbara said...

This block is going to make a lovely quilt. It will be fun to watch it come together, I suspect with some unexpected components!

Lynda said...

Love the Sweat Pea block. Looks like a fun BOM to do.

I dream a lot and often wonder what they have to do with what is happening in my life. Often I think my mind is just so full of things I'm doing that they all just come together in a rush and cause wierd dreams to form. Many years ago I would dream that I was at school in just my slip with curlers in my hair. I would wake up and all the curlers were out and thrown around my room. Disaster for a jr high girl (way before curling irons!)

Victoria Paige @ Boutique Uniquely said...

I'm thinking the tornado dream could be metaphorical for something in your life. It may not actually be about tornadoes. Maybe it's about the quilt guild? I usually think that whatever emotion my dreams invoke, I am usually feeling that way about something going on in my life.

Who knows though, drueams could just be projections of what we saw, read, or thought about before bed. The human brain is an interesting thing, isn't it?

Vesuviusmama said...

Good for you for being all caught up with everything. You are an inspiration. That BOM is lovely!

Monica said...

There must be something in the air because I haven't been sleeping well for the past couple of weeks and I've been dreaming tons too. What I wouldn't give for a good night's sleep.

Needled Mom said...

I have lots of strange dreams too - some way to crazy to analyze!!

You BOM is going to be beautiful when it is finished.

I'm caught up for this month too, but July 1st is right around the corner.

Anonymous said...

Your BOM block is lovely! It will be fun to see each one and imagine the reveal. It's funny, I don't dream much! I love the C.S. Lewis quote - he's one of my favs! Have an awesome day!
Jacque in SC

LynCC said...

LOL :) Your guild dream made me giggle. I don't think you should feel any remorse about not answering giveaway entry comments. Those are not social comments to start with, but little registries of chances. I certainly don't expect people to answer my comments posted as giveaway entries!

Em said...

Your posts are always chuck full of fun and beauty!!!! Happy TOOSDAY Linda. Your block is gorgeous, I love the colors!!!!

Em said...

Your posts are always chuck full of fun and beauty!!!! Happy TOOSDAY Linda. Your block is gorgeous, I love the colors!!!!

Myra said...

Love your BOM block there!! What a great, but simple block to make! 8-)

Lana said...

I loved the Paul Bunyon story!!! So cute! I went back and entered your giveaway today..hope it wasn't too late...and Yes, I know you will read it... :) You are doing such lovely things!

The Vegetarian Hunter said...

I have dreams of Tornados sometimes too, but the one thing I also dream about that makes me toss and turn is fire.
I hope you get some sleep soon.

Anne said...

Love your BOM block! Hope you have sweet dreams tonight. The night before last, my husband dreamed that a dog was viciously attacking his wrist. When my husband awoke, he found a bloody spot on his wrist! He thinks he actually hit his arm on something when he was disengaging our tow vehicle from our motorhome after a recent trip back to my hometown for a reunion. His arthritis was likely flaring up, hence the pain, which his mind translated into the dream about the dog. LOL!

I thought about you the other day after my aunt told me that she has been diagnosed with a rare condition called PSP. It is similar to ALS, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's combined together. She is taking medication, and I hope her condition stabilizes.

Bec said...

Thanks for including me in your Giveaway list!! xx Bec

LynCC said...

Hey, Linda - you're the only one on my blogroll working on the Designer Mystery BOM. Would you care to share this post of it on this week's BOMs AWAY? Here's the URL if so: http://whatahootquilts.blogspot.com/2011/07/boms-away-monday-8.html

I hope you have a very nice 4th!!

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