Friday, June 3, 2011

Quilt Top = Finished

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.
~Abraham Lincoln

They say a picture paints a thousand words.  Well, I wish I had a painting right about now because I'm minus words.  My thought bank is empty.  The last couple of days have been rather humdrum days.  Nothing exciting except for a little package in the mail yesterday which I will share later in this blog.  Didn't listen to the radio so I don't even know if there is anything of interest happening in my area or out in the world.  I've been in the doldrums the last couple of days - experiencing a bit of melancholia.  My 'woohoo' has become 'meh'.....  That's it!  Snap out of it immediately!  Okay!  I'm better now.  I have a smile on my face and my fingers are flying again :)  Watch out world - here I come!



June 3rd is Egg Day

Today is Egg Day.  Did you have an egg for breakfast this morning?  How about some egg facts:
* The average hen will lay about 245 eggs per year.
* The older a hen gets, the larger her eggs become
* Hens with white feathers and earlobes produce white eggs, and hens with red feathers and earlobes produce brown eggs.
* To see if an egg is raw or boiled, spin it. A raw egg will wobble and a cooked egg will spin freely
* Eggs age more in one day at room temperature than they do in a week if refrigerated.
* A hen requires 24-26 hours to produce one egg.
* Double-yolked eggs are produced by younger hens whose egg production cycles are not yet synchronized.
* Egg Yolks are one of the few foods that naturally contain vitamin D
* About 240 million laying hens produce approximately 5.5 billion dozen eggs per year in the United States .
* An egg shell is made of calcium carbonate, which is also the main ingredient in some antacids.
* Eggs are about 105 degrees Fahrenheit when laid



Yesterday I finally sewed the borders on the Designer Mystery BOM 2010 quilt top.....

Unfortunately my quilt holder (aka my DH) wasn't home for picture time.  I had to lay this out on my bed, stand on a chair and try to get the entire quilt top in the picture.  As you can see, I was not successful.  But I think you can get the idea.  The bottom right corner matches the upper left corner with three stars.  Now to piece the backing together and then I'm taking it to a local long arm quilter on Monday!  Pretty soon I will  have another finish to post! 



Today I received blocks from my partner in the 6 Inch Block Swaps Australia......

Sally sent me these two wonderful little blocks in my requested colors of red, white, and blue.  Aren't they great?  Thank you so very much, Sally!

Also in the mail yesterday, I received an order I had placed with Connecting Threads......

Isn't this new line adorable?  It's called Bits & Bobbins by Jennie Calo.  I just couldn't pass up the bright colors and quilting related prints.  This is my first fabric splurge in several months so I figured I earned this little fat quarter bundle - lol!



Today I will piece the backing together for the quilt top and then work on a little quilt for donation to the neonatal unit through my guild.



Craftaholics Anonymous is having a giveaway.  You could win a $75 gift card to Target.  This giveaway ends Wednesday, June 8, at 11:59 pm.

Sew 4 Home is having a giveaway.  You could win a copy of Countryside Softies by Amy Adams.  This giveaway ends ?

Hancocks of Paducah is having a giveaway.  You could win a Tradewinds Quilt Kit.  Sweepstakes ends July 15.

Adventures In Oz has started the June Finish Your Project Challenge.  You could win a $30 shopping spree to Crazy Quilt Girl Fabric Shop.  You have until Thursday, June 30, to send a picture of your finished projects to Annie!

Sew Cal Gal is having a sponsored giveaway.  You could win a New Sewing Class at  This giveaway ends Wednesday, June 8, at midnight PST.

We Love Quilting is having a June giveaway.   They are giving away a surprise box and say "you WILL NOT be disappointed".  I am assuming this giveaway runs for the entire month.



Well!  This was a short week!  Friday is already here and I feel like the week has just begun.  Our weekend will be a busy one.  We will be heading out for my DH's worst nightmare "favorite" shopping adventure - our every four week run to Walmart and Costco.  As we approach the doors to Walmart I tell him to 'breath and think of your happy place'.  I can almost see his nerves knotting as we near the parking lot.  Hopefully it won't be too busy and maybe, just maybe, we can make it to Costco before they put out all of those little snacky stations - those places where entire families eat their noonday meal, blocking the entire aisle, and then throwing their trash on the floor.  Oh what fun we will have :D   What are your plans for the weekend?

A bargain ain't a bargain unless it's something you need.
~Sidney Carroll


Peaceful Piecer said...

Seeing your block of the month top was just what I needed to get busy on mine. I only have 4 blocks finished,but will get back to it today.

krisgray said...

Love your mystery BOM! I also love how quickly you got it together. I have one BOM with a pieced setting kit that I just do not want to do - uggh. The blocks are done and I still have a lot more piecing to do.

I'm going to lift your ending quote and send it to my mom! ;-)

Charity said...

I'm in awe over your mystery BOM quilt.=) So wish I had joined in, but it was allready half way through.
Are you considering doing the flower one this coming year? I've been thinking about it. Probably guilt from not doing the christmas one. The only thing holding me back is my hubby, who askes if every quilt must have pink and flowers? Somedays it's tough being the only girl around here.

Barb said...

I love your designer mistery quilt...and blocks.

Sometimes hum drum days are least you ae alive.!!!

Vesuviusmama said...

Wonderful mail, and your quilt top is fantastic! I like the stars in the corners, and the fact that there is not a uniform number/placement of stars in the corners. Hope your day is filled with "Yahoo!" not "meh".

Peach Rainbow said...

LOVE your quilt top!

Impera_Magna said...

Love, LOVE the borders on that quilt... just PERFECT!!! No wonder it took some time to make... all those stars! But definitely worth it time.... just gorgeous!!!

Needled Mom said...

Your egg notes recalled to me the many chickens we raised growing up in Iowa.

Your BOM quilt is fabulous. I love the pretty pieced borders.

I do not envy your shopping trip tomorrow. I hope DH survives the adventure!!!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend (after shopping).

LynCC said...

One of my favorite quotes, and oh so very true (Lincoln's)

Gorgeous, gorgeous blue snowflake border :)

Sarah Craig said...

Love your Christmas quilt - it's beautiful!! My granddaughter is on a Christmas kick lately - she walks around singing Jingle Bells and Santa Claus is Coming To Town and wants to watch Polar Express and The Santa Clause on video - so I guess it's time to start working on my own Christmas stuff! Hope you get your quilting/crafting mojo/desire back soon - it's a weird feeling, I know!

Sandra :) said...

Gorgeous quilt top - I love those colours, and I love that the corner blocks match kitty-corner style - what a great look!

Barbara said...

Wow, what striking contrasts in your quilt top -- it's fabulous!

Linda said...

Love the your quilt top and the new fabrics you got in the mail! Also the two blocks! Nice!
I've learned so much about eggs today!
My husband also hates - I mean LOVES - going shopping with me! His eyes kind of glaze over and he retreats into his own little world.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I just love the mystery quilt - it is going to be stunning quilted up. I saw your blocks on the swap blog - they are very pretty. I refuse to shop at Walmart - ours is horrible and one that has many participating in the law-suit. They have cut their products drastically, shelves are bare, and aisles full of pallettes and extras, and with open delivery doors, the birds are in the main store (wear a hat), and I don't find their prices lower or matching.

My weekend - I am in a bag making mood.

Erica said...

I eat 2 boiled eggs every morning, except for TODAY! Of course the one day I don't, it's egg day! Haha

rubyslipperz said...

June 3rd...egg day?...ummm...thaz pretty funnnny! It's my hubby's b-day =P

I really like the quote by A. Lincoln..."half full" yep, yep, yep.

I closed my eyes as soon as I saw the new fabric's like taking a diabetic to the ice cream parlor


Maria said...

Actually I did have eggs for brekky today. YUM!!

Your quilt top looks great Linda.

OH!! I do lust over your new fabric. Will check out the link. Thank you.

Hope you get in some stitching AFTER the shopping trip.

Folk don't really throw trash on the floor do they????

Staci said...

Your quilt has turned out so pretty. I love the borders, worth every minute of the time it took. Oh! and you ordered that cute fabric from CT. I keep looking at it, telling myself I don't need it. (and after I finally post the photos of what I bought Memorial Day weekend, you'll agree. It's embarrassing what I bought. . .) Our weekend is going to include Nasty-Mart and Costco, too. That is, if I feel good enough to walk through both places, plus the 3 hours in the car to get to them. Be brave!

Cheryl said...

Your BOM quilt top is gorgeous...can't wait to see it quilted! I dread Wal-Mart also, although the one in Durango isn't half bad. Have a wonderful weekend.

sewmeow said...

Love your quilt..aqua & red...yummy!

Sounds like you've been busy, so a hum drum day is NOT a bad thing.

Nancy said...

Oh my gosh, Linda. That is one of my very favorite quilts at the top of your blog. I just think it is so very true. And I just ordered that darling fabric last night. Waiting very patiently for it to be delivered but in the meantime I can enjoy yours. I don't know what I will do with it but I just had to have it.

I hope you have a lovely day! And that quilt top is gorgeous.

Anne said...

The quilt top is beautiful! Love that it's not just the typical Christmasy red and green. The blue snowflake fabric works so well with the other colors. You did a fantastic job on each of the blocks.

Have fun at Walmart! We don't have Costco here. We have Walmart's big brother, Sam's Club. On Saturdays at Sam's, we also have to dodge the feeding frenzies at the sample stations. You'd think folks were starving! LOL!

Hope you and your hubby enjoy a wonderful weekend!

Raewyn said...

Your Christmas quilt looks great - love the stars in the borders which finish it off beautifully. Your new fabric looks fun. Hope you have an inspiring day with plenty of woohoo!

The Vegetarian Hunter said...

Ohhh a Connecting Threads Order. Don't you just love them! I got in a couple of weeks ago one of their neutral thread and one bright thread packs. Exciting! I have not used them yet, but I will =)
I received just yesterday a catalog from them and my DH thought I was losing it as I was a little over joyed to receive one. hee hee

quiltercaroline said...

Hi Linda
I just love the mystery quilt - I have enjoyed seeing the blocks come together and the whole top looks wonderful - what a fun thing to have for the holidays. C

Shannon said...

FUNNY!! I feel the same way about Costco and Walmart. I go to both eery two weeks. I HATE THEM!! We ok I hate shopping. I did not used to be that way but it is just the people, so rude! I love you Myster BOM quilt. It looks fantastic! I love the way the blue calms down all the colors. Just breathtaking!

Quiltjane said...

Your BOM 2010 looks fantastic. How are you going yo quilt it?

Christine M said...

Your quilt is just lovely Linda. I love your borders!

Joanna said...

I love your Christmas quilt. The border is very unique and fun. Also, I love the Bits & Bobbins fabric. Very nice.

Catskill Quilter said...

Love the big white pieced snowflakes on your completed Christmas top! Thank you again for sharing information about giveaways with us -- very thoughtful and fabulous karma too!

Debbie said...

I actually did have eggs this morning for breakfast :)

Barbara said...

Your quilt is darling. And I love your fabrics. Very cute. We're planting our vegetable garden this weekend. I'd rather do that than Costco and Wal-Mart! I avoid both like the plague.

Vivien Tan said...

Love your quilt top! I'm sure it will be in time for Christmas and a great accent to your Christmas decor.

quiltzyx said...

The BOM top is gorgeous - you do such nice work Linda!

Yes, I did have an egg for breakfast...and one for lunch too. :D

Tomorrow I have a coffee mug to paint, a wrap-up meeting to attend, AND my sister will be here from NoCal...Sunday my new dryer arrives, so I'm seeing some laundry in my future too!

Riel Nason said...

Your quilt top is just sweet. Congrats on getting it all together. And I love those new fabrics! Happy Weekend.

Brita said...

I think we're supposed to have a certain number of "meh" days, to contrast those "woohoo" days! I think I'd be exhausted if they were all "woohoo!!!" Love your holiday quilt, I wasn't too sure about the colorway when they first came out with those combinations, but they sure do sparkle!

Tonya said...

That is a really cute BOM...I love it!

denver co truck accident lawyer said...

Cute photo, the egg is trully adorable and OH MY! I love those patterns.

Madame Samm said...

your designer mystery quilt is beautiful..really beautiful...the color for your border sets it will be ready for christmas?

B said...

Dear Stray Stitches,

Very humbled to see MY "Happy Egg Day" image on your Blogpost, however, the use of images or photos without the owner's prior permission/or at the very least some credit, is not cool. Please remove. Please also keep in mind - some of us make living with these images.

Boo Photo

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