Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blocks and Flowers

Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.
~Mark Twain

I give up.  I admit it.......I am an addict.  I have discovered I am addicted to Diet 7-Up.  How can that clear bubbly, lemon-lime liquid be addicting?  I don't know but it is!  I had decided to give it up and have been drinking water since Sunday.  I have never felt so hungry in all my life!  I think all of those little bubbles take up space in my stomach causing me to feel full.  No matter how much water I drink I still feel hungry and eating more is not an option.  I didn't have that trouble when I was drinking 7-Up.  So I caved.  I sent my DH a text asking him to PLEASE pick up a 12 pack on  his way home from work.  I know all of those fake sweeteners are bad for you - my daughters remind me constantly.  They tell me I'm turning my insides into formaldehyde.  Great - one last thing they will have to take care of when I die!  Give me back my Diet 7-Up.......I'm hooked and I admit it.  There are certainly worse things I could be sending through my veins.



Thrift Shop

Today, August 17, is National Thrift Shop Day.  If you didn't take advantage of Garage Sale Day on the 13th, here's another chance for you to get rid of all your old stuff. Thrift shops are full of old clothes, furniture, toys, and all kinds of odds and ends. And if you've ever visited a thrift shop, you know you can find one of a kind treasures like a leisure suit or a picture of Elvis painted on black velvet. The best part is, the proceeds go to charity, and so you can feel better about coming home with that 80's bridesmaids dress you're sure you'll find a use for some day.



Today being Wednesday means it's One Flower Wednesday.  Once again I managed to make more than one........

I just love blue and yellow together.  Maybe it's because it reminds me of clear blue skies and bright sunny days.  I know this is a bit of the ordinary from my fussy cutting but I still like the crisp feel of this flower.

Here is my fussy cut for this week.  The party snails were almost too big to fit but you can pretty much see their happy little faces.

I was only able to make one of the 3/4" hexie flowers for my Aunt Sarah quilt this week.  I really need to get a move on these.
If you would like to see more beautiful and fun hexies out there in blogland, Karen of Journey of a Quilter has provided a linky hook-up for all of the participants.  Take a just might get hooked, too.  Thank you, Karen, for keeping me inspired!



Yesterday I received a squishy from Janet.  She sent me two 6 inch blocks for our July swap in the 6 Inch Block Swaps Australia......

She certainly met my request of red, white, and blue with these beautiful blocks!  Love the fabrics she used to create these pretties.  Thank you so very much, Janet!!



Two more days of FMQ practice under my belt......

First was this spiral wonder called Stomach Lining.  Yucky name but I like the flower effect.  Don't look too closely because you will see where either my fingers shifted or my mind wondered, or possibly both.

Yesterday was Leaf Veins......

I can definitely see how the name fits this one.  Makes me wish for fall and the change of colors.



I still have two more QOV quilt tops to put borders on.  I better finish those today!!



Chasing Cottons in having a giveaway.  Here is your chance to win a GO! Baby Cutter and your choice of 3 dies.  This giveaway ends Thursday night, August 18, Aussie time.

Hand Quilting is having a giveaway to celebrate her fourth blogiversary.  She is giving away fat quarters of the Canterbury Collection by Connecting Threads and please let Violette know that you heard about her giveaway from me.  This giveaway ends Wednesday, August 31, at 11:59 pm CST.

The Average Quilter is having a giveaway.  You could win a Complete Guide to Quilting and Iron On Transfers for Quilt Labels.  This giveaway ends Monday, August 22.

Craizee Corners is having a giveaway.  You could win Prince Charming Design Roll from Fat Quarter Shop, patterns from Atkinson Designs, patterns from Tula Pink, or Aurifil Thread.  This giveaway ends Tuesday, August 30.

Fairy Face Designs is celebrating her blogiversary with a giveaway.  You could win  6 pieces of fabric from the "Love" line by Amy Butler.  This giveaway ends Friday, August 19, at 1:00 pm Irish time.

Fabric Worm is having their weekly giveaway.  This week you could win a FabricWorm Custom Bundle Autumn Nest in 8 Fat Quarters.  This giveaway ends Monday, August 22, at 8:30 am PST.

Kathy's Stitching and Other Stuff is having a giveaway.  If you like cats then this giveaway is for you -
you could win 11 unopened stitchery kits.  This giveaway ends Wednesday, August 31. 

Primitive Quilts and Projects is having a giveaway.  You could win a pattern for a quilt or wool applique.  This giveaway ends Monday, August 22.



It's grocery shopping this evening.  One of my least favorite chores.  The dollar buys so little these days at the grocery store.  I think the price of breakfast cereal is obscene.  A dozen eggs is not cheap either.  At our store, there is always a long line for their fried chicken meal from the deli.  I think it may be one of the best deals in the store.  Our store is in not the best part of town.  How can you tell?  They lock up the baby formula next to the high end alcohol.  They have one of the largest beer aisles I have ever seen in a grocery store.  Let's guess where their biggest profit margin is.  Can you tell I'm not happy to be going grocery shopping this evening.  At least our store is clean and most of the clerks are pleasant and helpful.  We usually can make it from our front door and back in about 45 minutes.  It's something that has to be done and so I will slap a smile on my face and make the best of it.  Who knows, maybe we'll find some awesome deals.

Life is a shipwreck but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.


Annie said...

It's grocery day for me too and how depressing it is! I spend more and more each week and come home with less, seems I run out of things to prepare a meal with before the week is out. Just frustrating!
I don't think you are addicted to your diet 7-up, but it is habit forming. I don't care for any carbonated drinks and water with lemon is my first choice.
Your free motion is going great. You'll be ready for a large quilt any day, or have you started on one already?

Linda said...

Loved your post about the Diet 7-Up! I completely understand, but my vice is Diet Caffeine Free Coke! I try drinking water, but to be honest, I don't like water!
Your hexies are always so nice. One of these days I'll have time to try some. I keep hoping I'll win one of those Go's and then I'll have a way to cut out the hexagons accurately.
I have never heard of a grocery store locking up baby formula! Wow! That's really sad. I would hate to work in a store that had to deal with people who had to be watched that carefully! Good luck!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Great Hexies - just adore the snails! Your FMQ is coming along - I think you are ready for a quilt.

I no longer shop at our local Wal-mart - dirty, shelves half empty, unfriendly help, and most of the patrons remind me of those 'walmart photos' put out on the web. I have cut my food bill simply by eliminating meat. Fresh fruit, vegies from the farmers market, love a good bread... very simple light meals.

Sarah Craig said...

How about, instead of Stomach Lining, calling it Chrysanthemum? So much prettier - and it matches your pretty stitches! I've never seen that particular FMQ pattern, and I like it!

Marcia Wachuta - Crafty Sewing and Quilting said...

I agree with your daughters -- get away from the diet 7 up --- I would suggest if you can't quit it --- to a least cut way down. If you buy it in a small bottle you can have half and later have the other half. And drink lots of water! I put fruit in my water - a raspberry or a strawberry!
Love your flowers and your FMQ - interesting patterns!
I don't like to grocery shop either - day or night!
Enjoy your day!

Maria said...

I don't like any fizzy drinks but I think I am addicted to coffee. What's worse???? Who cares.You like your 7up and I like my coffee.

Again you have three very different flowers and they are all lovely BUT I do LOVE your colourful fuzzy cut snails.

Pen Pen said...

I can relate to your addiction. It's Diet Pepsi for me!! I love your post; your hexie flowers are gorgeous. Your machine quilting looks great... I want to learn to do that one day soon. And I hate going to the grocery store, too... and yes, your store doesn't sound like it's in a very good neighborhood. But ARE there any good neighborhoods anymore???

Donna said...

The grocery deals I have found recently are awful not awesome. Hope you have better luck.

Needled Mom said...

After reading your post, I have visions that the stomach lining stitching is a reflection of all the bubbles from the 7-Up!!!! I can understand the addiction as I love Coke myself. It could be worse, couldn't it???? Water...yuk!

I love the little hexies. Those snails are darling, but I really like the crisp blue and yellow one.

I hope the shopping went well. It is terrible to dread a chore that is necessary. I have never heard of them locking up baby formula.

Cheryl said...

I always love your fussy cut hexies! and your free motion is getting better each day...the stomach lining looks more like a chrysanthemum though!
Happy Wednesday!

Teresa Felgueiras said...

I don't know how can you do so many different things is such short amount of time. Congratulations.
Beautiful hexies, as always.
I like to do me weekly shopping but I have to agree that the prices are getting higher by the minute, specially when you have an hungry teenager in the house. The food just seems to disappear.The shops are great tough, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, great fish and meat. About that I can't complaint.

Pokey said...

We went shopping at the indian mission thrift store when we were back home in Nebraska, and I walked out with three apothecary style jars with lids, 25 cents apiece. I was happy!
Great hexies, did you notice my scrappy runner is full of cuties like your snails? I can't wait to see yours going together, have you started it?
I'm one of those people who enjoys grocery shopping, but it becomes a chore when my time is pressed. I'm hoping you find great buys there tonight ~

sewmeow said...

Great post. Love your sharing your hexies progress. Finding a thrift store with some goodies like your picture is a challenge.

I hate grocery shopping and prices are getting higher and higher. If and when (very rarely) I go to Walmart for anything, I always report the messy, dirty store & filthy restrooms to a manager. It's terrible. How else are they going to know to clean it up?? The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

Karen said...

Three very different flowers this week and I love them all!

sunny said...

Cute snails! And your stomach lining is fantastic - well you know what I mean. I hate grocery shopping too. I pushed that chore off to DH, but now that I'm home all day, I've taken it back temporarily. I'm off to check out the giveaways now! Thanks for listing them each time.

501 Quilt Blocks said...

I agree that the blue and yellow go well together but as always I'm especially drawn to the fussy cut flower.

Quilting Yai Yai said...

Hi Linda! This is Deborah and it is so nice to meet you. Thanks for your comment over at C!BGPants. I love the two FMQ patterns you've shown today. Are they from Leah? I love her blog. I'll have to go to my local Thrift Store today. Thanks for the info. I love your blog and I've become a follower.
Happy Wednesday!

Hilachas said...

Happy Wednesday! I enjoy Wednesdays the most in our blog world. Maybe because it's One-Flower Wednesday and I like that. Your hexie flowers are beautiful. You're so creative.

I can really relate to you about the diet 7-Up. My downfall is diet Coke. My sister constantly tells me about the harm I'm getting from the aspartame...

Amy said...

Hi Linda! I too am a partner in crime in regards to soda addiction. I am a coca-cola classic girl. It is my personality in a can. I feel like I have the blahs until I get that bubbly little kick. I'm not trying to give it up (call me dramatic, but I feel like life would just not be as good without a coke in hand), but I am trying to lessen my intake.

I really like your FMQ. Despite the name, Stomach Lining is so fun...and may I say a little bubbly. Did you ever take a class? I don't have time to take a class (most of my quilting gets done late fri or sat night), but I really want to try fmq.

Also, I just wanted to say thanks so much for posting the giveaways. I think giveaways are so exciting, even when I don't win. It is also a great way to learn about new blogs.

Barbara said...

LOVE the snails, and the stomach lining FMQ. Interesting, I just returned from my son's house where they have switched everything they drink to a diet version. They say you get used to the flavor, but I guess I don't drink enough to have that happen. I want my sugar. Now, that's another thing you COULD be addicted to that's not good for you, but apparently not. However, I am!

Anne said...

Stomach lining -- LOL! Looks like a zinnia to me. Great stitching, Linda. Just love the happy snail hexie, too.

Chuckled when I read the description of your local grocery store! Baby formula locked down and ample shelf space devoted to hooch! LOL!

Truly hope your shopping experience goes smoothly and efficiently this afternoon! Take care.

Tamara said...

my addiction is coke and yes your right about the hunger... when i quit, i am hungry more often! I hadn't thought of that as the cause though.

LOVE thrift stores... that would be another addiction of mine!!

How sad they lock up the baby formula!! That means there are babies out there whos parents cant afford to feed them or there is a drug culture that has found profit in selling formula! it really is sad either way, no wonder shopping depresses you!

Talin's Corner said...

That's too funny. I am going to the Salvation Army thrift store to donate clothes that my children and I do not want any more. How appropriate!

Linda in Calif. said...

Linda, I love those snails! I really liked the blue flower until I saw what a clever job you did on the snails. I'm with you on the shopping, we go at lunch time - I go back to work and then my husband has to put them away. It's a good arrangment for me.

Staci said...

Love your little snail hexie! It made me giggle today!
I'm with you, I wish the grocery shopping could do itself! Ughh!

Becky said...

Thanks for sharing your daily machine quilting practice pieces! I find them inspirational!

rosie said...

I loved this post Linda... If I lived close to town I might have an addiction to diet coke, so maybe I am lucky to be on the farm!! Still have way too much coffee.. How ironic was it that your quilting was called stomach lining and you were posting about side effects!! I love thrift shops.. couldn't do without them..
Have a great day..

Nancy said...

I feel the same way about ginger ale. I don't drink it all the time but sometimes I do crave it. I try to keep it in the house, just in case.

I love the Machine quilting. I keep being inspired but haven't tried any yet. Someday. Can't believe how many there are to try?

Hope your grocery shopping went well.

Tonya said...

I love your stomach lining!

Somehow I never in my wildest dreams pictured myself saying that.

kristastitched said...

HI! so glad you're following me now too, how nice of you! I have type I diabetes and have gotten crap for years about diet soda. BUT i feel like it's the lesser of two evils for me. sure, water would be the best, but drinking sugar is bad bad bad. I think moderation is key. good luck cutting back! :D

Barbara said...

Grocery shopping...lucky you! I love your little snail hexi. Cute!

Melody said...

Such beautiful hexie flowers again this week.

quilterliz said...

G'day. Those fussy cut snails are so cute. I just love the colours. Your FMQ is inspiring. Take care. Liz...

quilterliz said...

G'day. I have just read your comment. No, I didn't know that I come up as a no reply blogger. I wondered why I wasn't getting any comments. Now I just have to figure out how to change that. Thanks for letting me know. Take care. Liz...

crafty pug said...

LOVE the snail hexy flower!!! so gorgeous! and great work on your FMQ - you are getting to be a pro!

Brenda said...

Idon't know what to comment on first, the amazing FMQ, the thrift shop trivia, the hexies, oh the SNAILS, love the snails. I don't always like grocery shopping, but love seeing if anything different or new is on the shelves, love filling the fridge with something different to go in a salad like chopped mango pico de gallo or something like that. Lately I'm hooked on walnuts and dried cranberries. Will definitely try the diet seven up!

Connie said...

Absolutely love the snail hexies!!!

Hmmm... that freemotion Stomach Lining made me think about your Diet 7up......fizz fizz! Silly me, both of your FMQ squares are great! Off to see if you have any giveaways I may have missed. Take care!

Kris said...

Oh, Linda - great post!! Stomach lining - I love it!! And your hexies are great - especially those darling snails!! I think I am going to join One flower Wednesday!! Your 3/4" hexie for Aunt Sarah is tiny!! Youch!! But I love the colors and fabric you have used!! I hope shopping wasn't too painful!! :-) Kris

Sue said...

Your FMQ practices are really coming along. Very inspirational! And as always, I love looking at your fabulous hexie flowers.

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