Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Flowers Come In Pairs

A peacefulness follows any decision, even the wrong one.
  ~Rita Mae Brown

I am so confused.  I have been working on my Colors Thru the Window quilt - backing pieced, batting cut and it's all sandwiched together.  I've even stitched in the sashings with black thread and a wavy line stitching.  Now I don't know what to do with the squares if anything.  I don't know if I'm brave enough to try any FMQ.  I don't know if I should just stitch in the ditch.  Each colored square is only 2" square which add up to 4" being unquilted.  I know this is okay to leave unquilted because I'm using Warm and Natural batting and it can span a much larger area without shifting.  I've toying with the idea of using a variegated thread in primary colors and doing a mid sized meander with an occasional flower in each block (not crossing the sashing).  I almost wish I hadn't started FMQ lessons - I wouldn't be having this dilemma.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.......




Today is National Watermelon Day.  Would you be surprised to learn I don't like watermelon?  That doesn't mean I can't share some little facts with you......
* Watermelon is actually a vegetable and not a fruit. It is also related to the pumpkin, cucumber and the squash.
* The watermelon (Citrullus Lanatus) are the natives of the Kalahari desert found in Southern Africa.
* Watermelon consists of 92% water and 8% sugar.
* The watermelon was brought into America across the Atlantic oceans by African slaves.
* Every part of the watermelon, including the seeds and the rind is edible.
* Over 1200 varieties of watermelon are grown in approximately 100 countries across the world.
* Watermelons are very fragile and cannot be harvested with the help of machines. Instead they are carefully tossed by workers on a relay that runs between the fields and the truck. 
* The first recorded watermelon harvest was in Egypt and it took place nearly 5000 years ago. This is depicted in the Egyptian hieroglyphics that is found in ancient buildings. As a matter of fact, watermelons were also placed in the tombs of kings to help them nourish in the after life.
* Bill Carson of Arrington, Tennessee grew a 262 pound watermelon in 1990. This feat found a place in the 1998 edition of the Guinness World Book of Records.
* Early explorers used watermelons as canteens.



I forgot to share on Monday, my stack of outgoing mail.  This is all of the swaps and Bee commitment I had this month (minus one).

Five of those envelopes are heading across the ocean to various countries.  The rest are staying her in the lower 48.  I think I'm trying to keep the postal service in business with my stamp purchases.



Friday I spent a little time cutting out hexagons....

I didn't want to get stuck in a traffic jam with nothing to do - lol!  These are for both my GFG and for Aunt Sarah.  Not sure how many there are but thanks to my GO! Baby Cutter I was able to make rapid work of the non-fussy cut hexies.



Over the weekend I made two hexie flowers for my August swap partner in the Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap......

Anette had no preferences so I went a little traditional and a little more modern.  These two hexies will be sailing across the ocean to Denmark in today's mail. 



While traveling down south I was able to assemble several petals for the Aunt Sarah quilt.

Two flowers with cream petals - just the first of many more to come.



Also on Sunday I created two more flowers for my GFG.....

First I made this flower - made me think of cool breezes with the light blue in the petals.

And this one made me remember all of the flowers that were blooming this spring - back when the yard was full of color and happiness.  For more hexies around blogland, check out Karen's linky page at Journey of a Quilter.


FMQ - DAYS 15 and 16

Monday's FMQ practice was almost a repeat of Friday's......

As you can tell, Leah named this one Mud Flats.  I had the same problem with keeping the size the same across the block and also would loose my curves.  Guess this isn't one for me.

Tuesday's practice was much better.  And, yes, I know I spelled "algae" incorrectly - but when I was stitching it I was thinking sea and gea - they sound the same so my fingers spelled them the same way - lol!  I really got a workout tracing over previous stitching and it didn't feel awkward going from the bottom to the top on this practice - woohoo!  The practice is really titled Sea Algae.



Today I hope I decide on the whether "to quilt or not to quilt" - that is the question.  If I decide to quilt - then I will be quilting.



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Today is one of those days with no final thoughts or words or wisdom.  I think my brain has been taxed too much with the quilt or not to quilt dilemma.  It's still hot here but that's nothing unusual.  Our highs have been anywhere from 98* to 103*.  Lows have only been down to around 73*.  I'm tired of listening to the A/C.  I would like to be able to open the windows and air out the house.  It's that time of year when the sun is blinding and the skies are smoggy (YUCK!).  It's the time of year when you burn your legs on the car seats if you are wearing shorts.  The bugs are out in force - the big ones with the sticky feet that chase me around the yard.  Can you tell I'm tired of summer?  I can't wait until fall graces us with cooler temps, beautiful colors, and fewer flying aggravations.

Cockroaches really put my "all creatures great and small" creed to the test.
~Terri Guillemets


Barb said...

I love watermelon but have not found a good one this year? You know, sweet and juicy.

Love all of your flowers...and FMQ

Christine said...

All your flowers are so pretty!

Sarah Craig said...

I think if your pretty quilt were mine to quilt, I'd do a square on point in each of the 4-patch blocks - from seam to seam within the block. That would make it look like a mullioned window, and fit with the name of the quilt! But however you do it, it will be beautiful!!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Gosh - all those pretty hexies! The cute little cartoon flowers is my favorite. I am seeing Sarah's comment above - I like her suggestion for quilting.

Gerda Hartman said...

You have been very busy. I love the flower with the smiling flowers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the shout-out on Lilypadquilting's giveaway! Love your hexie flowers, and I think Sarah's idea on the quilting would be awesome. Have a the quilt for Aunt Sarah, or is it called Aunt Sarah? I'm intrigued by the color placement - looks neat!
Jacque in SC aka Snoodles at Lilypadquilting

Needled Mom said...

My aunt used to make the most delicious watermelon pickles. Yum.

The hexies are just terrific. I love the spring flowers one. You always come up with the best focal fabrics.

Your free motion quilting is getting so good that I think you should try a little in those 4 inch squares.

Smog and sticky bugs sound yucky! It is 52* here this morning. Come on down!!!!

Melody said...

What a fabulous bunch of gorgeous hexie flowers.

Impera_Magna said...

I like the Mud Flats quilting... I can see that on a quilt where a lot of different fabrics and prints would make any uneven-ness of stitching moot...


A.J. Dub. said...

I don't like watermelon either. I love your quilt, and wish I could offer advice on the quilting, but I am clueless in that area.
You made me chuckle with your reason for the misspelling. I just assumed it was supposed to be that way. Your FMQ is going well. I may have to try those lessons eventually.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I never knew that watermelon seeds were edible. Guess that's why it doesn't hurt to swallow them once in a while ;-) Thanks for the info. It's always fun to learn new things.

Maria said...

Go for it Linda and do some FMQ. It is just so much fun and using a varigated thread is great.
Beautiful hexies and my favorite one is the fussy cut happy flower faces.

Linda said...

Those hexie flowers with the cream petals really appeal to me. They have such a calm, classy look to them!
I had to laugh at the Sea Algea. I know all about how our fingers will type out spellings independent of our brains!
Your FMQ is improving every time you show it! Good job!

Connie said...

I'm with you, I am so tired of hot weather and AC, I want fresh air. Love your little hexie with the flower cute!

Your Sea Algae looks neat and the Mud Flats look pretty darn good to me. I don't know what to suggest on your Colors Thru the Windows quilt as I have a tendency to over-quilt. It sure is pretty.

Thanks for the links to the giveaways!

Quiet Quilter said...

Thank you for the spring flower Flower..I had forgotten what they look like..our lawn is brown and moving...grasshoppers are feasting on our trees..also 100*+ weather...

Think positive, I have to remind myself....I am going to really appreciate winter this year!

Seams to Sew and Quilt said...

Linda, sure whatever you decide to do on the quilt will be beautiful. The little hexi flowers are adorable.
Have a good day and try to stay cool. I am like you about this weather, and ready for fall.

WoolenSails said...

I love seeing all the new things you make, and love to see the new hexagons, you make so many fun ones.


Karen said...

So many petals and flowers!!! A delight for the eyes!

Cyndi said...

I love your "Colors Thru the Window" lively and fun...but I can't be of any help to you on deciding how/if to quilt it. I can't quilt at all! :o( All of your flowers are gorgeous... and like Barb up there, I, too, love watermelon - I could eat a whole one by myself! They bring back loads of childhood memories of sitting in my grandparents' backyard with my siblings and cousin, eating watermelon right off the rind, and seeing who could spit their seeds the farthest! Fun times!

Enjoy your day, whatever you decide to do!



quiltzyx said...

I'm with you on the watermelons. I especially don't care for "watermelon flavored" things. (shudder) I do try it once in a while, when everyone seems to really be enjoying it, but always the same results. Oh well.

As usual, great hexies! Nice to see you're getting use out of your accuquilt cutter. ;^) When I first looked at your Aunt Sarah flowers, I wondered how you got those "polka dots" placed so perfectly...then realized those are your papers! LOL Silly me. You have such great fabrics in the fussy cut ones. Always so happy!

Stay cool!

Birdie said...

Your hexies are so bright and cheerful. The cream ones are going to be lovely together, how are you planning on joining them?

Teresa Felgueiras said...

your flowers are gorgeous. I simply adore the last one, the flower with the flowers!!!

Barbara said...

Everything in your post is lovely, so I'll just refer to your comment that you are not "brave enough" to do FMQ on your 'Colors Through the Window' quilt. First, I've followed every practice piece you've posted, and I now dub thee "Queen of FMQ"! If you aren't brave enough, no one should be doing it, period! That said, and since I stink at FMQ, what I'd do with that quilt is tie it in the center of each square. I'm a bit of a purist, and I tie everything like they did in the earliest days of making quilts.

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Such bright and cheery blooms! it's hard to pick a favorite - like them all. Your posts are always so interesting. I also don't like watermelon flavored foods.

Wendy said...

Love your bright happy flowers! Good luck with your FMQ decisions!

Barbara said...

It's amazing what a difference a few degrees in latitude can make. In Oregon, we are sucking up the summer. It never lasts long enough.

Patty C. said...

I say "To Quilt" !!!

LynCC said...

Hey, Linda - are your Grandmother's Flower Garden hexies also inchies?

Anne said...

Hi, Linda -- By now I hope you've decided how you want to handle your Colors Thru the Window project. I am certain your quilt will be perfect no matter which technique you employ!

Love the facts about watermelon. My late grandfather used to grow watermelons. I think he had about five acres he used for mini-farming. He also grew pumpkins. You sparked wonderful memories for me. I like watermelon, but my husband doesn't.

Hope you have a productive day!

Christina said...

As usual, your flowers are amazing! I always LOVE your fussy cut ones!!

Sue said...

I have SOOO got to get that AccuQuilt so I can make those flowers. They are so adorable!

Tonya said...

I hate watermelon and I am so glad that I shall never have to use one as a canteen. Watermelon flavored water would not be my thing!!

Love your fussy Hexies as usual. You have me re-thinking my entire stash.

Algae, matter, you are doing great on your FMQ!

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