Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flowers and Blocks

Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive.  And then go and do that.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.  
~Attributed to Howard Thurman

Wednesday's just keep rolling around rather consistently, don't they.  Wednesday's keep my weeks balanced.  Two work days before and two after.  Wednesday either finds me tearing my hair out because I have to have something finished by the end of the week or simply enjoying the fact it's the middle of the week.  This week I'm simply enjoying the day.  What's Wednesday usually mean for you?



American Badger

I honestly didn't know much about the badger until doing my research for today's blog.  Here's what I found out:
Badgers are large nocturnal retiring creatures, which are normally shy and live in social or family groups.
* They are closely related to stoats, otters, weasels, polecats and pine martens.
* Badgers have a strong sense of smell and search for food by constantly sniffing the ground ahead of them, with the help of their snouts.
* These animals have typical underground homes called setts, which are complete with a labyrinth of tunnels.
* An adult badger can grow up to a maximum of 36” long and have a weight of around 22 to 27 lbs.
* They are omnivorous animals, depending on a wide variety of foods for their diet. However, their staple food consists of earthworms, with a per day consumption of around 200 worms.
Badgers have powerful non-retractable claws that are very useful in digging and looking for food.
* Although these animals do not hibernate, they are less active in the winter season.
* The cubs are normally born in the month of February and are usually 1 to 3 in number. These cubs emerge around the month of May, after spending the first 8 to 10 weeks of their life underground.
* Badgers have excellent hearing and smelling sense, which proves very useful in searching for their food. However, they have very poor eyesight.
The name badger possibly derives from the French word bêcheur meaning digger or from the word badge in reference to the white mark on its forehead.



Two more flowers were made this week for my GFG/Eye Spy quilt.....

Earth Day (last Sunday) always makes me think of the days of hippies and peace symbols - and, yes, I'm definitely old enough to remember those days - so what better way to wax nostalgia than with this hexie flower.  Don't you just love the peace symbols on the cars' wheels?

These little piggies can't wait to dive into that watermelon in the center of the flower.  When I saw the pig fabric, I knew instantly that it would be made into hexies.
To check out more flowers for One Flower Wednesday, Karen has graciously provided a linky for one stop browsing.  Hop on over and take a look by clicking on the link above.



I recently received two squishies in my mailbox.  I just love receiving swap blocks....

First I received this beautiful block from Rachelle in Michigan.  I just love all the different fabrics she used to create this braid block.  Rachelle was my March swap partner for Block Swap Adventure.  Thank you so very much, Rachelle.

Then I received this adorable block from Ann Mc in Canada.  This block says Christmas and I especially like the little bird in his winter hat!  Ann was my December swap partner for Quilting Block Swaps Australia.  Thank you so very much, Ann!  Better late than never :)



I'm having trouble with the new blogger.  Each time I use the scheduled posting it doesn't work.  Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?



Today I have a Bee block to make.



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sunny said...

I love your Quote of the day. Your GFG quilt is going to be so awesome. I really like the little cars and peace sign. How many hexies do you have?

Fiona said...

Those are such fun hexagon flowers you have made....

Polka Dot Classic said...

Really cute hexie flowers but the buggys win my heart :)
Blogger is a real pain ** now I'm having some trouble on past post that the pictures dont show :(
but have no clue what to do
hopefully someone helps you out
have a nice day

Jodi said...

After you set the date and time, do you click on the "publish" button? I hope that helps...

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the hexies - how clever. And beautiful blocks you have received. I have seen a lot of complaints all over with the new interphase of blogger - I'm not switching . Maybe they will work the bugs out before I am forced into it.

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

the only thing I knew about badgers was that they are pretty scary looking ...when you are 10 years old , anyway!!
I am having the same trouble with blogger when I schedule a post! I hate change!! Hopefully we can figure it out soon!

Barbara said...

Love your hexies. I've been using the new blogger for a while. My scheduled posts worked. Maybe I can help.

Needled Mom said...

I had to switch back to the old interface because I could not access Blogger on my desktop computer.

Your flowers are darling! I loved both of them today and I was chuckling at your Peace Day and hippie connections. I am old with you!!!!

What fun squishies you found in your mail. It is fun to receive them.

The badger is one animal that I haven't found in my yard here. Thank goodness.

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

Wednesday is my day off so what it means to me is I get to do whatever I want! Love the Peace Cars....they almost look like the "Love Bugs" of the 60's.....wonder which piggy will get the first bite of the watermelon?

Raewyn said...

Oh Linda, I love your latest hexies - it is going to be such a fun quilt when they are joined. Wedesday for me is usually my work day, and I do like the way it cuts the week in half...
Sorry I get confused as to which is the new blogger and which is the old one - it does seem to change often!!! I have got used to what is appearing now though!! Like your squishy blocks recieved in the mail...what a great way to get a variety of blocks and fabrics.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I kept a link to the old blogger and it usually post my schedule post fine. However this weekend it didn't work.

Love your cute!

Becky G said...

When I see a badger, I think of Wind in the Willows. I've never seen a real one.
Your hexi's are cute... as always they bring a smile.
Although I struggled with it a bit, I was able to schedule a post last week. I wrote the blog entry, went to the right & clicked on schedule, input day & time, clicked done I think, then publish. Seems to work. (I had wanted to save, but I don't think it works.) Good luck.
Have a great week!

Melissa said...

Your flowers are just so stinking cute!!! Love them! Usually Wednesday's are a good thing - only 2 days left until we have a weekend as a family. This week and next it is just one less day in my count down :(

Sarah Craig said...

First of all, love your quote of the day. The new blogger interface has messed me up on scheduled posts too, twice now - and I'm doing everything folks have suggested above. When will blogger learn that when it ain't broke, don't fix it! I'd love to know the solution if you find one, or how to get back to the old blogger interface if someone knows. I didn't ask for the change - blogger just changed it on me!

And what does Wednesday mean for me? Well, it's church night and I usually spend the day making kits for the quilt ministry, because folks want to pick them up on Wednesday night! And it means really good supper at church- tonight it's filet mignon tips in a wild mushroom sauce!! mmmmmmmm.......

Love those hexies, too!

Belinda said...

Your hexies are adorable!! But in truth, I'm totally enthralled with the Christmas block. I love anything with a Christmas theme.

Lynda said...

Always love your hexie flowers and these 2 might be my favorite! The quilt show you attended was awesome. So many beautiful quilts to see.

krisgray said...

As usual, learned a lot from the badger facts! Your hexies are cute - love those colorful little piggies.

Karen said...

A wonderful quote Linda and your flowers are great! Excellent swap blocks too!

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Such cute hexies! You find such interesting fabrics. Loved your quote for the day.

Anthea said...

I. Love. The. Piggies...! Wednesdays are my days to wash sheets & towels, & I usually block out time to do a few hours sewing... a mid-week re-charge, beautiful.

Connie said...

Great hexies Linda! You have to make sure and push the "publish" button. Saying that, I scheduled a post a couple days ago and wanted it for 12 AM but then I changed it to 12:01 and guess I forgot to type in AM as the post never posted.

Hermie said...

Oooh, what q beautifull hexagons, i like them very much

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