Monday, September 26, 2011

Two Shows In Two Days (Photo HEAVY)

Heat, ma'am! it was so dreadful here, that I found there was nothing left for it but to take off my flesh and sit in my bones. 
~Sydney Smith

We had a wonderful weekend - hot and humid - but still great.  It actually started Friday when DH took some time off of work and we were able to visit the local county fair on Senior Day.  Free admission AND free parking.  Certainly couldn't pass up that bargain.  We were able to enjoy the needlecraft, FFA & 4H, collections, photography, and flora displays.  We avoided the commercial buildings as they are always so overly packed with people and you get stuck in aisles where you don't really want to be.  We both had some great fair food and came home with 5 (yes, FIVE) bags of caramel  corn.  Friday evening Mother Nature blessed me with a small lightening and thunder storm and another small one later in the night.  This time only 20 fires were started throughout the county from dry strikes but they were able to contain them all quickly.  Saturday we took a drive up the valley to the small town of Reedley to check out their quilt show.  The show was at the local high school in the gym where there were evap coolers.  Those don't work too well when the humidity is high.  The second half of the show was in the old gym where there was no cooling except two large fans.  Talk about uncomfortable!  But we persevered and enjoyed looking at all of the quilts.  It wasn't a judged show, just an exhibit.  So after two days of melting, it was nice to be at home on Sunday.  I'm still recuperating!



Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed Day honors one of America's great legends. Johnny Appleseed was a real person. John Chapman was among the American settlers who were captivated by the movement west across the continent. As Johnny Appleseed travelled west, he planted apple trees along the way, and sold trees to settlers. With every apple tree that was planted, the legend grew.
A Little About the Legend:
* John Chapman (aka Johnny Appleseed) was born on September 26, 1774.
* He was a nurseryman who started out planting trees in western New York and Pennsylvania.
* During the life of John Chapman, the "West" was places like Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois. * John Chapman was a deeply religious person He was known to preach during his travels.
* According to legend, Johny Appleseed led a simple life and wanted little. He rarely accepted money and often donated any money he received.
* It is believed that he died on March 11, 1845, from what was referred to as the "winter plague". The actual date of his death has been disputed.
There is a lot of "legend" in stories written about Johny Appleseed. By it's definition, over the years, legends grow bigger than life. It also appears that there is some link between Johny Appleseed and very early Arbor Day celebrations.



As most of you know, I entered two of my quilts and a counted cross stitch picture in the local fair.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that my  Designer Mystery BOM quilt won an Honorable Mention and my counted cross stitch picture won a 3rd place ribbon.  Here are some of the quilts I fancied at the fair this year.......

Here's my quilt.  Yes, I know, I'm shameless.  I was quite surprised how washed out the turquoise was under the fluorescent lighting.

I really liked all of these patriotic quilts.  I would like to know the name of the bottom center quilt block if anyone knows.

This little quilt was made my one of my fellow guild members, James Rupp.  This was his first attempt at this kind of quilting and was based off of a picture of his grandfather.  I would say this was an excellent first attempt since he one a first place ribbon!

This darling quilt was made by another guild member, Janneal.  She had shared it at our previous guild meeting and received lots of ooohs and aaaahs there.  Another blue ribbon winner!

I thought this was a darling little applique quilt.  Just love all the Red Hat birds in their red high heeled shoes.

The red, black, and grey quilt is the Best In Show winner.  I was very, very disappointed at how it was displayed.  I couldn't believe they didn't have it opened up and hanging proudly for everyone to see.
This was just a sampling of all the wonderful quilts at the Kern County Fair this year.


Kings River Quilt Festival

Saturday we drove north (and a little east) for 1 1/2 hours to the town of Reedley, CA.  We were not disappointed when we were able to view so many beautiful quilts.......

The color and organization of this quilt really appealed to me.  It is called Trail Mix and was made by Bonnie Pius of Shaver Lake, CA

Isn't this little quilt just full of fun?  It's called Ants At My Picnic and was created by Barbara Coddington, of Dinuba, CA.

I have seen this quilt before but made with a brighter red.  I really liked the deep, dark red accents in this one.  Dee Patrick of Sanger, CA called this Black, White With A Little Bit of Red.

Moon Glow for Sheryl was made by Sue Nylander of Sanger, CA.  The colors in this quilt were so calming and I loved all the different star blocks that were used.

This was a fun quilt made by several different people with their own color schemes and variations.  It was their guild's theme quilt project for 2010.  This one was our favorite and was created by Juanita Adams of Orosi, CA.

Reedley, CA.  She had several quilts that I would consider as my favorites at this show.

You can never go wrong with a Double Wedding Ring quilt and this one was beautiful.  I usually am not fond of 30's type prints but they worked up perfectly in this quilt, To Have and To Hold by Bonnie Pius.

Stack The Stars Brightly was even more beautiful in person.  One of the things that really appealed to me was the use of the flowers in the border.  Another beauty by Pat Robertson.

Here is a black and white quilt that had just a small burst of color in each block - so effective.  Mod Quads is a pattern from Blue Underground Studios and was made by Helen Astiansuain of Reedley, CA.

I wasn't unable to get the full quilt into the picture.  French Braid was made by Denise Sisco of Visalia, CA.  After viewing this quilt, DH said to me "I really like batiks."  Me - "Really?  You never told me that before".  Who knew?  Learn something new everyday.

Thanks to the Kings River Quilt Guild for putting on such a wonderful show.



 Today I hope to mostly complete my little mini quilt for October.  After all, I need it for the end of the week.


(Sorry if I missed some giveaways but I was away from the computer most of the weekend)

My Patchwork Life is having a giveaway.  You could win two beautiful half yard cuts of each of batiks that Erin  picked up in New Orleans at a store that sells fabric and goods produced by women in Ghana.  This giveaway ends Wednesday, September 28.

Sew BitterSweet Designs is having a giveaway.  You could win a fat quarter bundle of Robert Kaufman’s Pooches and Pickups by Laurie Wisbrun or a charm pack of Retro Thirties Prints..  But hurry because this giveaway ends tonight, Monday, September 25, at midnight.

Happy Cottage Quilter is having a giveaway.  You could win a copy of Sew Sunny Homestyle and some lovely lavender fabric.  This giveaway ends Saturday, October 1.

A Day in the Life of Raising Six Munchkins is having a giveaway.  You could win a $50 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop.  This giveaway ends Tuesday, September 26.

Cat Patches is having her Fun Friday Freebie giveaway.  You could win fat quarter.  The winner will be announced Friday, September 30.

Samelia's Mum is having a giveaway.  You could win a charm pack of Chrysalis by Sanae for Moda Fabrics.  This giveaway ends Tuesday, September 26, at midday AEST.

QuiltMaker blog is having a giveaway.  You could win an art print from Susan Kendrick of Sweetwater.  This giveaway ends Tuesday, October 11.

Lavender Quilts is having a giveaway.  You could win charm pack of moda's Collection for a Cause - Comfort.  This giveaway ends Saturday, October 1.



Here we are at Monday again.  I'm ready to get back to my sewing machine since it has been on a four day vacation.  After seeing all of those amazing quilts, I am ready to do some creating of my own.   Time to hear that humming again.  I hope to get a couple of things completed this week before my DD#1 and GS#2 arrive Thursday evening.  I do have to leave a little time for cleaning, well, at least in my sewing room.  That is where my grandson will be sleeping and I can't leave out little dangerous things like the rotary cutter, scissors, pins, needles, etc.  Luckily, the week doesn't have a bunch of other obligations stuck in there, just the biweekly grocery shopping trip.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are now ready to start your week.  Welcome Monday!!

Give thanks for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow. 
~Fernanda Miramontes-Landeros


Sarah Craig said...

Thanks for sharing all the lovely eye candy, Linda! Looks like you had a spectacular weekend!!

Mommarock said...

I love the Wedding rings quilt!! I have always been in love with that pattern. I think that is one I would certainly do if I could do it English paper piecing so that I was certain my pieces were perfect. I wonder if that is possible??

Cheryll said...

Wow that was a wonderful visit to the quilt show! Just cannot pick my favourite .. just too many fantastic ones to choose between! :)

Fiona said...

Great to see the quilts... I am always amazed of the variety in this wonderful craft we share... and yours is lovely... well done on your placements...

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Thank you for sharing the fair and the quilt show - lots of lovely eye-candy.

Joanne Lendaro said...

Great quilts!! thanks for taking the time to share!! Happy Monday!

sunny said...

What a great weekend! Now get busy - your sewing machine is lonely!!

Barbara said...

Incredible entries, glad I don't have to pick a favorite! They are all beautiful!

Cheryl said...

Looks like the quilt shows were full of talented quilters! Have fun with your family next weekend.

Impera Magna said...

Love all the quilt photos.. thanks for sharing them with us! Congratulations on winning an honorable mention on your Christmas quilt and a 3rd place ribbon on your counted cross stitch picture!!! How exciting!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for posting pictures of the Quilt show:)

Frieda Anderson said...

I really enjoyed the quilt show quilts. Thanks for sharing.

Megan Harmeyer said...

There were some beautiful quilts in the show! I love batiks. :) Can't wait til we're there!!

Melody said...

Fabulous quilts. I love Ants at my Picnic and of course you quilt is adorable. Thanks for sharing.

Linda in Calif. said...

I did see both your quilts at the show. Congrats on the Honorabel Mention - I thought that was very cool! I can't remember if I told you that my husband was commenting on your quilt from across the room, well, about 10 ft away, it really stood out from the others. Both of your quilts are very beautiful. And I couldn't understand why they didn't open up the red and black quilt either.

rosie said...

Thankyou so much for all the beautiful quilt pictures.. I loved your quilts too. Your post was inspiring... really must try and finish something!!

Jessica said...

Congrats on your prizes! That's wonderful, Linda. I LOVED looking at all the quilts - I especially love Moon Glow, the double wedding ring, and that last rainbow batik quilt. It's always good when the men say something like "I really like batiks" right? :) haha. Have a wonderful night!

Nancy said...

Thanks for the reminder about Johnny Appleseed. When I was teaching we always celebrated his birthday with lots of apple activities.

Shannon said...

Congratulations!! Your quilt is just wonderful. I loved all the quilt pictures. They are so cool!!

Lucky Duck Dreams said...

Congrats on your ribbons! I love to enter stuff in the fair and dropped off a quilt today and will take 3 wall hangings and some photos Wednesday. Its fun to participate in such a wholesome communtiy event.

Miss Hillbilly said...

Good for you on your ribbons. And as for your DH liking batiks...mine wouldn't even know what a batik is. He cares not a thing for fabric or my quilting...but then I could care less about football...Anyway, thanks for the eye candy!

quilterliz said...

G'day. What lovely quilts, each and everyone of them. Your one is just gorgeous, congratulations on your placement. I do like the birds in their red hats, that is so cute. I enjoyed the story of Johnny Appleseed, very interesting. I attended a small quilt show a few years back, in the height of summer and the hall had no aircon and it was stifling. I don't think the quilts on display got the attention they deserved, because most people couldn't wait to get outside. Take care. Liz...

Barbara said...

Beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on your wins!

Sue SA said...

Thanks for sharing, enjoy seeing other peoples hard work. My DH wouldnt have a clue what a batik is, nor will he attend quilt shows, although he has been know to drive me places and wait outside, so your husband is definately a "keeper" because he even took a day off work! Happy quilting, Sue SA.
PS my poor mum is also cleaning up her sewing room in anticipation of visit from myself and our boys....all the while trying to finish a quilt top before we arrive!

Eat Sleep Quilt said...

Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos, I like seeing what other quilters are making, it inspires me. And congratulations on your ribbons!

The patriotic quilt in the second photo, I'm not sure the pattern has a name, but it looks like one I made in August using strips made from scrap yardage. You can see it on my blog, it was fun to make! The blocks were made oversize and then squared down.


Snoodles said...

Wow, I'm tired now! Oh, wait, I only sat in front of my PC and watched the quilt show....I didn't do all that walking! LOL Thanks for sharing all the lovely quilts with us!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Looks like you saw some beautiful quilts and the show, too bad the weather was so warm. Enjoy getting back to sewing for a bit and then have fun with your grandson!
Quilting by the River

Karen said...

Lots of wonderful quilts and I LOVE the quote by Sydney Smith!

Lynda said...

Fantastic quilt show! Congrats on your win also.

quiltzyx said...

Congratulations on your ribbons!!! I agree about the way the quilts were displayed. They used to do that at the L.A. County Fair too. I heard that at that time they used interior design students to do the displays. And I guess none of them were quilters!

Thanks for taking us along with you to the quilt shows. It's a great way to get more inspiration without having to get sore feet....! LOL

corina said...

Thanks for sharing all those photos! I'm partial to black and white quilts and you posted 2 lovely examples. My fave is the one called Trail Mix. I've never seen that pattern before.

Maria said...

What a lot of beautiful quilts Linda. thank you for sharing with us.

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