Friday, September 14, 2012

A Little Bit Of This....

If one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces, never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again.  
~Flavia Weedn, Flavia and the Dream Maker

This week just flew by.  I had hoped to get a lot more completed than I did.  Summer has returned and will be visiting over the weekend, too.  The forecast is promising - they say we are to be in the high 80's next weekend.  I sure hope they are right!  This weekend seems to be a fairly normal one with a few errands to run.  Oh, and before I forget, don't forget to come back Tuesday because I'm having a Fat Quarter Shop sponsored giveaway you won't want to miss!  Woohoo!!!  Is your weekend a busy one?




Can you guess what is my favorite breed of dog?  And, no, those are not my pups.  I couldn't get a good photo of the two of them together.  We do have long haired miniatures and have had one that looked exactly like the short hair in the middle.  One day I would like to have a wired haired.  Here are some fun facts on dachshunds:
* The Dachshund belongs to the hound group. They have a very good sense of smell and are excellent at hunting.
The Dachshund came from Germany.
The Dachshund was bred to hunt badgers. The word dachshund means "Badger Dog".
It is pronounced "DACKS-hoont" not "Dash-hound" or, as one friend of mine  says, "Dat-sun." (No, the car was not named after them!)
Dachshunds were first found in Europe in the 15th Century. They have an acute sense of smell, can fit into tunnels, can dig quickly, and have lots of courage. The smaller-sized dogs were used to hunt foxes and rabbits. They have a temperament that closely matches terriers.
They look like hot dogs, and are often called wieners, but in fact, they precede the hot dog!



Recently I received two wonderful squishies in the mail.

Like most of you, I entered several of the giveaways during the blog hop that was hosted by Michele over at the Quilting Gallery.  I was the lucky winner of three of those giveaways!  This fun package of two quilting magazines and  beautiful fabrics is from Carly over at Faith, Family, and Frugality.  Thank you so much, Carly, I'm enjoying looking through the magazines and love the fabric.

And then I received this darling Doll Quilt from Merry.  Merry was my July swap partner for the Doll Quilter's Monthly hosted by Barbara.  Life got a bit in the way for Merry but the wait was well worth it.  Don't you just love all those yoyo's?  And did you notice the little patriotic bee on the right hand side.  I'm not waiting until next July to put this little quilt out on display.  Thank you, Merry!
It was a great mail week :)



I'm still working on the Dancing With The Stars block at a time.

This block is called Cha-Cha.  It reminds me of looking through a kaleidoscope where the pieces don't quit match up.  I don't care for this block by itself but I do like it mixed in with all the rest.




Vroomans' Quilts said...

Congratulations on all your wins. A very different star block, sure it fits with the whole quilt. I love this little doll quilt - those yo-yo's!! Too precious.

Mommarock said...

Love your Doxie write up. I have 3. One is a Chocolate Dapple, he looks like brown camouflage (short hair). The next is a ?? He is a pound puppy. He may be a standard size OR he is a mix with a basset hound we aren't sure as he was rescued from the shelter. He has blue eye swirled with black very cool. The last, is my new puppy that you can see on my blog I just got her from the shelter. Her daddy was a mini doxie and her momma was a terrier. Her name is Lili and I'm in love!!

Anonymous said...

congrats Linda on your win and that is a lovely doll's quilt,boy your block looks fantastic,well done.xx

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the wins. My friend has 3 doxies and loves them. I have a Border Collie Mix who loves to herd the cats. lol

Madame Samm said...

oH MY goodness..something else we have in common, when I was a teen, my bf got me a dog like the one on your far right...her name was queenie...I had her for 13 years...she was the best dog I ever had...I know how darn loveable and loyal they are....
ohhhhh your reply is on my appreciated...your note that is..x

Needled Mom said...

Our family has always been a doxie family. My sister currently has four of them.

Love the Cha Cha block. The fabrics are just wonderful.

Your swap block is lovely. The little bee is so sweet and the yo-yos look terrific.

I hope it cools down a bit for you next week. It is suppose to be warm here this weekend too.

May you enjoy a nice quiet weekend - inside with sewing or something fun.

Barb said...

I think I would have to stick to one block at a time on that one...looks wonderful but complicated.

Fun mail!

Maria said...

Nice to have won some really nice prizes Linda.. Love the Little Dolls Quilt with the tiny YoYo's..
Wow!!! your Star Block looks fantastic but I bet it was hard work...
Have a nice relaxing weekend.

WoolenSails said...

Congratulations on your wins, lots of fun things to create with.


Apple Avenue Quilts said...

Your star block is beautiful!!! I love that mini. I must agree it was well worth the wait.

Terri said...

We have been dogless for 18 years - too long! Thanks for the doggie info. and the quilt views, too. Have a wonderful weekend, Linda!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Weenie dogs are my favorite as well. I've had 4 over the years and still miss each one.

Vesuviusmama said...

Lovely little patriotic quilt! I inherited a bag of yo yos at one point, and have still not figured out what to do with them. This is an idea...

Anonymous said...

I love the colors in that Dancing With the Stars block. This is going to be a fabulous quilt!

Linda in Calif. said...

I'm crazy about those little dogs too. I would love to have a mini long hair one. But I already have three terriers. Congrats on the wins. I know you will put all of it to good use.

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