Friday, September 21, 2012

Summer Is Almost Over

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.  
~Albert Camus

Tomorrow is the first day of autumn.  I sure wish it would show its face around here.  We have cooled off a bit - down to the low to mid 90's.  It will be awhile before the leaves start changing color and dotting our landscape with reds, oranges and yellows.  Autumn is my favorite time of year even though we don't go through the major color changes like you do in the east.  It usually means cooler weather (finally!) and I can start using the oven more and preparing slow cooker meals.  Which season is your favorite?



Autumn Leaves

Autumn!  A bit of coolness in the air.  Colorful leaves.  Thoughts of Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Shorter days.  What comes to mind when you think of autumn?  Here are a few interesting facts:
The first day of fall is also the second equinox of the year, when the Earth's axis is not pointed toward or away from the Sun. There will be approximately equal amounts of day and night today.
Until December 22, days will be getting shorter and nights will get longer. Trees will stop performing photosynthesis, which is what causes the leaves to lose their green color.
Modern Halloween has its origins in the Celtic holiday at the end of the annual harvest, similar to an ancient Thanksgiving. Carving pumpkins didn't become a part of the holiday until the 19th century.
Evergreen trees like pines, cedars, spruces, and firs, stay green all winter because their leaves are covered with a thick wax, and their insides hold materials that help them not to freeze
In order to know which way to go when they fly south, birds use a variety of techniques such as the position of the sun or the stars, and big landmarks like lakes, rivers, or mountains
Squirrels rely on a storage of nuts to eat during winter, so they collect and bury nuts all fall. Plus, the nuts they bury but don’t retrieve sprout into new trees
There are only two days of the year when you can stand an egg on end. One of these days falls on the first day of autumn.
The leave colors red, yellow & brown are in the leaves all year long & only become exposed when the green chlorophyll disappears in the fall.



The Bee block for September ended up being two blocks.

Robyn was the hostess this month for Let's Bee Together.  She sent some beautiful fabrics to work with.  These blocks weren't difficult to make as long as you follow the instructions.  And there were no Y seams!  Robyn asked us not to trim down the blocks so this is what she received from me.  I'm looking forward to seeing what she will be creating.



I received my September swap block from Nancy.

Isn't it adorable?  My request for my Block Swap Adventure swap partner is to 'think kids' and 'think happy'.  Nancy did a wonderful job of meeting both of those goals.  I just love the way Nancy fussy cut the Berenstain Bears and used them in this block.  Thank you, Nancy!!




Bev C said...

Hello Linda,

That really is a cute block, my children loved the Berenstein Bear's Books. I think I could just about still recite them.

Have a lovely weekend.


Kasey said...

You know, I was just thinking about standing an egg on its end tomorrow morning. They keep announcing on the news that fall "officially" arrives at 10:49 here in the Eastern time zone... maybe I should set an alarm! Your blocks are very pretty!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the opening and closing thoughts. Oh, those star sections are going to make a pretty quilt and a fun block with the bears. We are getting cold - love the 70's temps for the day, but we are nights are really cold. The AC units get put away this weekend.

SewCalGal said...

Hi Linda,

I too am hoping Fall will bring us all some cooler weather...and looking forward to some rain too!

Beautiful blocks. Love the Berenstain Bears.


Needled Mom said...

Okay.....I am going to try standing the egg on end tomorrow. Who knew?????

Love the blocks - especially the first one. It doesn't look all that easy.

Are you going to watch for the shuttle flyover this morning? It just left Edwards.

Sheila said...

The fall is my favorite time of year. Wow still 90 that is hot , we don't even get those temperatures much in the summer!Love the blocks ,the Bernstein bear block is just too cute .

Raewyn said...

The blocks are gorgeous - love what you are sending (such a clever block) and love what you received - I've never seen Berenstein Bears fabric before!! We are just rolling into spring and it's a time of year I enjoy - however I do think I like the changes of all the seasons!

Staci said...

I am so READY for Autumn!! And so sick of 90+ degree heat!

Linda said...

Hi, Linda! (I wonder if you REALLY can stand an egg on end during the equinox. I'm going to try it!)
My favorite season is fall because of the cooler and dryer weather. When we lived on the east coast, I loved it because of the colors! I miss that now!

Shannon said...

Fall is my favorite holiday also. I love the smell in the air. But not this year, there are too many fires around were I live. The colors of the trees are great and I love that I can open the windows and let the house breathe a little.

Vesuviusmama said...

I have some of that Berenstain Bear fabric and have been trying to figure out what to do with it. I really like that block to showcase the fabric!

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