Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Celebrate Gumdrops With A Mystery

Once in a young lifetime one should be allowed to have as much sweetness as one can possibly want and hold.
~Judith Olney

Did everybody have enough chocolate, candy hearts, or other sweet temptation yesterday?  Luckily for me, I was limited on how many calorie filled delicacies I was able to consume - only because there were very few of them in the house.  And, of course, if I have something sweet then I need to follow it up with something salty or a cup of coffee (decaf, of course).  Another holiday is over and if you are looking forward to the next one, there is St. Patrick's Day.  We don't celebrate that holiday in our house except for maybe wearing a little green to avoid that little pinch.  Then comes Easter and more sweets - ugh!  I think there is a conspiracy afloat between the candy makers and all of the health gyms out there that seem to be on every corner.  Maybe I can lose a few pounds before the next chocolate holiday rolls around.




Happy National Gumdrop Day!  I bet you didn't know there was a day dedicated to this sweet little morsel. The origins of National Gumdrop Day are uncertain and no known records of any congressional or presidential declarations designating this day as a holiday exist.  However, it is found on many calendars. Similarly to the holiday, the facts surrounding the invention of gumdrops are also uncertain, though some believe they were created by Percy Trusdale in 180.  There are several variations on the classic, sugar coated gumdrop. Licorice flavored gumdrops appeared in the U.S. at the end of the 19th century, brought to the market by inventors Ernest Von Au and Joseph Maison.  Dots gumdrops were invented in the 1940s and can be found in movie theaters around the country.  Celebrate this deliciously sweet day by eating these colorful gelatin-based candies or using them to make wonderful gifts and crafts.


Saturday I received my latest 2010 Designer Mystery BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop.  Are you ready to help me discover what this latest block is?  Just follow along and yell out your answer when you have solved the mystery......

A large assortment of fabric was included with this package ranging in size from 15" X 20" to as small as 5" X 5" - all very pretty and certainly perfect for Christmas.
This is all of the pieces cut out - the smallest being a 1 1/2 inch square to 1 1/2" X 12 1/2" rectangle.  Any ideas yet?

This shows the first two blocks assembled.  Looks sort of like candles doesn't it?

Next came some roof top looking pieces.....love the colors but no guesses yet.

Hmmmmmm.....a pair of slippers maybe?

Now what?  A door and a window?  How about part of........

These!  This block is called "Matching Ornaments" and was designed by Joanna Figueroa (http://www.figtreequilts.com/).  Did you guess what this block was before this final picture?  Another great addition to my future quilt.  Only 3 more blocks and all of the blocks will be made.  Then I will assemble the top with the finishing kit I received for Christmas.  This quilt will be going to the long-arm quilter for quilting or it will end up as another UFO.



Yesterday I made two 7.5" blocks for my March swap partner, Karyli (of Sew and So On), for the Barn Door Swap.

She requested blue and white blocks.  We had the option of making two blocks or just one block now and one block for another month.  We both decided that two for the month would be best.  I hope to get them out into tomorrow's mail.  I hope that Karyli will like these blocks.



Today I plan on cutting out some applique pieces for the Quilted Table swap I signed up for.  This is a "no sew" swap block - I only have to cut the fabric and fuse it to the background fabric. 
Oh, I did get some work done on my wool table runner that was yesterday's goal but not enough to share a photo of (just in case you thought I didn't follow through with yesterday's goal - lol).



Jenny of Elefantz is celebrating having over 1300 followers (can you imagine?).  She is giving away a copy of Lynette Anderson's "It's Quilting Cats and Dogs".  Jenny will draw a winner on her birthday, February 21st.

Plushka's Craft is celebrating 300 'likers' on their FB page.  To celebrate she is giving away 1 yard of linen/cotton/rayon ribbon of your choice, a half yard of Japanese fabric with Russian dolls, and a cute fat quarter with cakes.  This giveaway ends Friday, February 18th.

Rsislandcrafts if having a Monday Giveaway!  Robin has crocheted an adorable eagle that she is giving away.  This giveaway ends Friday, February 18th.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts is celebrating Valentine's Day with a giveaway.  Jane is giving away 2 charm packs of Domestic Diva.  She will pick a winner on Friday, February 18th.

13 Woodhouse Road is having a sponsor giveaway.  You could win either an Oasis Jelly Roll by 3 Sisters for Moda Fabrics or a Max & Whiskers Layer Cake (that's the one I hope to win) by Basic Grey for Moda Fabrics.  I'm not sure when this one ends :(

Pigtails and Quilts is having a Quilters Depot giveaway.  You could win 4th Quarter Bag Kit with everything you need to make the bag from Silk Road Creations! She has also included 3 extra goodies... a seam ripper, an ink pen, and one other goodie

BlueBird Swing is celebrating her birthday with a giveaway.  You could win a fat quarter bundle of Tidbits, or mini fat quarter bundle of Sunkissed, or a basket that she is filling with mystery gifts.  Cyndi will draw the winners on Saturday, January 19th.

Lily's Quilts is having a giveaway.  Lynne is giving away a Sherbet Pips Layer Cake.  This giveaway ends February 27th in the morning UK time (so the 26th for us here in the USA).

Craftaholics Anonymous is having a Ribbon Retreat Giveaway!  You could win 1 yd Kate Spain's Central Park Stone North Meadow, 1 yd Kate Spain's Central Park Plaza Esplanade, 1 yd Sweetwater's Sunkissed Misty Grey Petals, and 1 yd Sweetwater's Pink Sorbet Picnic Plaid.  This giveaway ends Monday, February 21, at 11:59pm.

Lilac Lane is also having a wonderful giveaway.  You could win 6 fat quarters of Dream A Little Dream With Me by Keri Beyer.  This giveaway ends Friday, February 18th at midnight CST and Melissa will announce the winner on Saturday.

Patsy and Ernie are celebrating their 20th anniversary with a giveaway!  They are giving away a $50 gift certificate to their online store.  This giveaway ends Thursday, February 17, at 11:59 pm EST.

And, last but not least, don't forget to enter my THINK SPRING GIVEAWAY!  You could win....
5 yards of this beautiful geranium fabric.



Have you noticed all of the giveaways out there in blogland.  There seems to be a sudden onslaught of them.  You could win fabrics, store gift certificates, pre-made items and so much more.  I love entering the giveaways and occasionally even win one or two.  Do you think they are a waste of time?  I like having a giveaway, I think it's a good way to give others some of my stash that I will not use or no longer remember what I bought it for.  I like the sharing aspect of it all.  Do you enter giveaways?  Are you picky about which ones you enter or do you enter all that you can?  I no longer enter those that require you follow their blog - and, yes, I know, my first couple of giveaways required that (see me hanging my head in shame).  I have discovered many fun and interesting blogs by popping around the web in search of giveaways.  Let me know what you think are the best giveaways - fabric, gift certificates, pre-made items or something else.

There is nothing so well known as that we should not expect something for nothing - but we all do and call it Hope.
~Edgar Howe

Today is Tuesday!  What will you be doing?


Peaceful Piecer said...

I love giveaways and have won several times. I am behind on my mystery BOM. Maybe I will work on that today.

Lynda said...

I love the mystery swap fabrics. And the barn door swap blocks are really nice. I think I really like white with anything right now, it always looks so crisp and clean. I love giveaways but I don't enter if I have to become a follower. I only have 31 followers on my blog but really there are only about 5-10 people that ever make comments. I do love this blogging tho because I have "met" some really fun, generous, warm people.

Megan Harmeyer said...

I like the blue and white blocks (go BHS!). I like giveaways and I like hosting them, too. I'll look at a blog to see if I'm interested and if I like it, I'll join partly for the giveaway and partly because I want to follow the blog. I'm choosy when it comes to which giveaways I enter.

Evelyn said...

I didn't know there was a gumdrop day! The local museum is having a celebration today, and I thought it was just something to do with Valentine's day... Good to know!

I like to host giveaways, just to celebrate and to share. I do enter giveaways, but I'm a little picky (only stuff I'll really use, and only "simple" ones that don't require following/twittering/etc.).

Melissa S. said...

Of course, I love giveaways! Thanks for posting about mine.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Happy National GumDrop Day! Oh I don't do candy, deserts, sweets. I keep a cookie jar, but for company. Love the new block - wow this has gone fast - just 3 more blocks! Don't let this be a stashed UFO - too pretty. And your churndash blocks are great - love the blue/white.

I thank you for posting all the bloggy give aways, but yes there are just too many out there right now. I don't do those that require joining (unless I REALLY like the blog), like, twitter, stand on your head while rubbing your tummy.......... Pre-cuts, bundles or special items catch my eye. I like the traveling box that's going. I could send out a dozen myself. Todays goal is to get at least 2 more blocks handquilted and mail out a special package.

Mariliz said...

There certainly are a lot of giveaways. I like them, and have won a few myself. I only enter those giveaways that I know I will use the item. Thanks for always posting the links.

Scrappy quilter said...

I enjoy giveaways however only enter those of whom I follow. I won't become a follower just to enter a giveaway. You've been busy. I always enjoy the info you have on your blog. Hugs

Donna said...

I enjoy the giveaways. However, I no longer jump through hoops. If the giveaway is something I know I will use and the entry is simple, I enter. I especially enjoy the ones that ask for the answer to a quilting question - I love reading the answers!

Wendy said...

Last year when I became involved in blogland, the first giveaway I entered...I WON! And it was 4 fat quarters of BLISS. So I thought I was in heaven. Since then I've entered many giveaways...yet no wins. :( Anyway, I love it that you post links to so many of them, but I only enter if it's FABRIC that I like and I won't if "following" is required. I prefer to follow blogs that I'm really interested in. Yours is at the top of my list!!

Sallie said...

Thank you for posting about giveaways. I like fabric giveaways the best. I don't enter all of the giveaways, though. I enjoy reading your blog every day.

Kathy H said...

I enjoy the giveaways and have won a few too. I like to think about what I would do with the prize if I won and that is fun too. I have discovered many new blogs that I really like this way.

Jen said...

I enjoy giveaways, although the longer I blog, the more picky I am about which ones to join. I love winning handmade items (those are the best!), also fabric. I like to win new gadgets too, like a ruler or a notion that just came out. I was the lucky winner of a GO!, that was amazing! I don't like to enter people's giveaways when I don't follow thier blogs. I feel like the winner should deserve the prize because they follow and read the blogger. If I like a blog, then I'll follow. If not, I'll pass. I had my first giveaway recently (that you won, Linda!) and it was so much fun that I see more in my future! I also like the share and give aspect of it. Reminds me not to be a hoarder :)

Needled Mom said...

A National Gumdrop Day???? How interesting!

You kept my attention until the end with those matching ornaments. I had no idea.

I have become more selective in giveaways too. I have met some wonderful fellow bloggers by signing up for giveaways and it is always fun to find new blogs.

Jolanda said...

I nominated you for a little award. Check my blog. Hugs. Jolanda

joe tulips said...

I finally guessed correctly on the ornament block!!
I enter giveaways once in awhile. I have decided not to enter those that require you to become a follower anymore...even when I love what they are giving away. I have a very small public list of blogs I follow. I "favorite" or "bookmark" blogs I like, and comment when I have time. I know who to visit daily and who can wait a couple days. I have had one giveaway...and want to do another someday. One of my "rules" was NOT to advertise....why would you want more competition in the drawing??? I will most likely do it that way again. I
I am enjoying the above freezing temperatures this Tuesday afternoon!! Hopefully getting in some sewing and blogging a post.

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

I was recently thinking about how many give aways there have been lately. (Thank you for listing mine). I used to enter all the give aways because I thought if I entered a bunch I would have a better chance of winning one or two. Now I am a bit pickier. I enter only the give aways that really appeal to me. I also do not enter give aways that have multiple steps to them. I don't mind being a follower sometimes. I don't like when I have to sign up for a newsletter though.

I like your blue and white blocks. Nice contrast.

Melinda said...

I enjoy having giveaways and enter the ones that really have something I would like to have. I used to enter more. I really don't like ones that require that you be a follower and all that other stuff. I have won a few wonderful prizes that I really enjoy.

Kim D. said...

Love the fat qtr shop Christmas blocks, that quilt is going to be so pretty. Looks like you've been busy.
There are so many giveaways going I can't keep up.

Sarah Craig said...

I love giveaways - both playing and hosting! I seem to go in waves - I'll win a bunch, then go through a dry spell - but it's always fun. I've had to get more particular about whether I follow a blog for an extra entry, because I'm following so many now that I have a hard time keeping up with them all, but I have found some great blogs that way in the past. I love the fabric giveaways best of all! And FYI, I'll be having a great giveaway on my blog this coming Sunday, and also next Friday - you can read more about them on my blogpost for today (Tuesday)! Thanks for keeping us all informed of great giveaways out there!

Deb said...

I think your blog is so interesting...esp the fun facts like Gumdrop Day. And I love reading about what you're working on. And I appreciate all the work you do to post giveaways. I LOVE giveaways that say to just add a comment. I don't enter giveaways that say I have to blog about it to enter. Sometimes I follow and sometimes I don't. The less hoops the better. Oh, i esp go for fabric giveaways!

The Quilting Pirate said...

I got my Mystery block yesterday and need to find time for taking care of it. I'm SOOo glad it seems a bit easier than the past few! :)

As for blog giveaways, I do enjoy them, but if they have too many requirements - follow me, leave a post in your blog, blah blah blah to even join, I don't bother. It takes up too much time. Probably why I don't win :)

Have a great Wednesday Ms. Linda!

Shannon said...

I got my package yesterday so I knew, but it was fun the way you presented the block. It looks like a nice simple block. After the last one I am so happy. I have added so many blogs to my list because of give aways. I will only add them now if I really like their blog.

Talin's Corner said...

I like giveaways because I find new blogs and ideas. I do not always enter the giveaway, but enjoying looking at the prizes just the same. I do not know how you find them.

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