Monday, February 28, 2011


Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.
 ~Quoted in P.S. I Love You, compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

OK.  So I lied.  On Friday I said I wouldn't have a post today.  I won't be sharing anything I made but will share something I found.  Something I hope you will enjoy.  We had a decent trip south with only a few areas of hairy driving in the downpours, not being able to see, people without lights on, and thinking it's not necessary to slow down.  But that's driving in the big city.  Our trip home today should be nicer.  The sun is shining and the air is clear.



National Sleeping Day
February 28th is Public Sleeping Day.  Public Sleeping Day is an opportunity to sleep in public. I can think of a whole lot of places to sleep in the public eye. And, today is the day to do it. You can sleep on a park bench. You can doze on a blanket on the beach. Some people may opt to sleep on the job. They do so at their own risk. Have you ever caught twenty winks on a bus or subway traveling to or from work? Sure, we all have.
Wherever you choose to sleep today, I hope it is peaceful and restful.



My friend, Gene Black, shared this Bonnie Hunter video on his blog on Friday.  I immediately thought that I have to share it with you too!  I really need to share this with my mother as you will see from my recent phone conversation with her.  Mom - "What are you doing?".  Me - "Sewing".  Mom - "What are you sewing now?".  Me - "A quilt".  Mom - "Don't you have enough quilts?".  Me - "NO! You can never have too many quilts!" 



I plan to The Wool Lady in Temecula and then have an uneventful drive home.



Confessions of a Fabric is having a Whoop-Whoop giveaway! And what a giveaway it is!! You could win two charm packs AND 13 fat quarters AND 4 one-yard cuts of fabric AND brand new, still-in-the-plastic copy of Quiltmaker magazine! Sarah will select a winner on Thursday, March 3rd.

Rsislandcrafts is having a CSN giveaway!  You could win a $40 gift certificate to spend at the online store.  Robin will keep this open until Marc 5th at noon EST.

Leona's Quilting Adventure is having a sponsored giveaway.  You could win eight cuts of beautiful Journeys fabric designed by Kathy Davis and a copy of Kathy's new book Scatter Joy. This giveaway will end on Sunday, March 6, at midnight EST.

Quilty Giveaways is having a Little Louise Quilts giveaway!  You could win one PDF pattern from Jude's etsy shop.  This giveaway will remain open until Friday, March 3, at midnight.

Cut to Pieces is having a Sherbet Pips giveaway.  You could win a jelly roll of Sherbet Pips!  This giveaway ends Wednesday, March 2nd.

It's time for the Hawthorne Threads weekly giveaway.  This week they are giving away a layer cake of Wanna Be A Cowboy 2.  The winner will be announced Wednesday, March 2nd.

Lucky Duck Dreams is having a giveaway.  You could be the luckky winner of the book Quilt Fiesta.  The winner will be announced on Friday, March 4th.

Holly Knot Finger Lakes Art is also giving you the opportunity to win a copy of Quilt Fiesta.  The winner for this giveaway will be announce on Thursday, March 3rd.



Traveling is always fun but it is so nice to return home, especially home to your own bed.  Getting away from the grind of everyday and doing something out of the norm can restore the body and the mind.  Away from the chores and obligations that always seem to fill any spare time you have is a nice change.  Anything you leave behind will still be there when you return but to be able to shut them out for just a couple of days enables you start your week with a new outlook.  Everybody deserves a day of rest and relaxation occasionally.

A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.
 ~Robert Orben

May you Monday be marvelous!


Staci said...

The public place I am most likely to fall asleep in is either a doctors waiting room, or the waiting room at the car dealership when having the car serviced. And I just hate it! I try to always bring things to keep myself busy and awake. I live in horror of talking in my sleep, snoring or drooling in public!

Glad you are home safe and sound. Thought of you and the horrible freeways over the weekend!

Wendy said...

Thank you for sharing the video ... when put like that, now I have a reason when my family asks :) Have a super and safe day!!

Connie said...

National Sleeping Day???? How funny!

Thank you for the links to some great giveaways and don't take too many naps in public today.

pajudie said...

My recliner after lunch today sounds like a good place to celebrate National Sleeping Day!! Thanks for sharing Bonnie's video - she's one awesome lady.

Maria said...

That's funny Public Sleeping Day.

Loved the video. I will remember that.

julieQ said...

Hmmm, I won't be doing any snoozing today at work...but hurrah for those who can!!! I saw Bonnie say those words...she is just wonderful, thank you for sharing this with everyone!!

Hilachas said...

I enjoyed the video. "I quilt, therefore I am!" Enjoy your trip.

dq said...

Thanks for sharing the video. It is now on my blog also because of you. I LOVE IT!

Lynda said...

I knew there was a reason I kept nodding off today. ZZZZzzzzz

Talin's Corner said...

Our guild had Bonnie Hunter as a speaker and we all loved her. Although I was not able to take the class she was teaching the following day, I was told she was such a down to earth and great instructor. I would not hesitate to take a class with her.

Joanna said...

Oh my, I could hardly keep my eyes open today and now I know why. National Sleep Day - no wonder.

BubzRugz said...

Hi Linda, thanks for commenting on my Christmas blocks.... you are no reply so I popped in and had a read of you .... lots going on ...

Micki said...

That is a great video...I saw it on Gene's blog and it is very inspiring.

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