Friday, February 25, 2011

Surprises To Disappointments

You must have long-range goals to keep you from being frustrated by short-range failures.
~Charles C. Noble

Do you ever feel that you haven't accomplished much even though you spent most of the day working on one thing?  That happened to me yesterday.  Granted, I did a little wash and some paperwork but the rest of the day was spent on one project.  I didn't get anywhere near as far as I thought I should.  How frustrating!  I thought I would have finished but I probably have at least another half day worth of work to reach the "done" stage.  I feel disappointed, like I let time slip by.  Does this ever happen to you?



Polar Bears

Sunday is National Polar Bear Day.  It is also my sister's birthday- meh.  How much do you know about our furry white friends?  Did you know.......
* Some female polar bears deviate from the one room den.  They build dens with multiple rooms and even a ventilation system in the roof.
* Polar bear babies weigh a little more than a pound when they are born
* Polar bears tend to overheat more than to be cold.
* Polar Bears do not hibernate.  Female polar bears will den with their young.  All polar bears may den for a short time to avoid bad weather.
* A polar bear's fur is not white!!  It is hollow.  The fur reflects light.  The hollow fur also traps the suns heat to help keep the polar bear warm.
* No other four footed animal can swim as fast as a polar bear.
* A polar bear's feet are webbed.
*They can live from 25-30 years long. The oldest polar bear that ever lived was 41 years old.
* They have a great sense of smell, they can smell food from km/ miles away



Yesterday's mail brought a surprise.  Well, part of it was expected but the extras were a surprise.

At the beginning of the month, Nancy emailed me to let me know that she had won a giveaway of the traveling book, The Aloha Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini.  Nancy does not have a blog to continue the book giveaway.  Much to my surprise, Nancy selected me to receive the book when she had finished reading it.  And it arrived today with several other little goodies.  Nancy generously included a a table runner pattern, a table topper pattern (I'm gonna make that watermelon table topper up for my mom), a pocket guide of Embroidery, two beautiful fat quarters and a panel of quilt labels!  So far there have been five readers of this book and it has already traveled from California, to America Samoa, to Iowa, to Utah, and now back to California.  In a couple of weeks, I will hold a giveaway to send this book back on its way.  As this is one of my very favorite authors, it just might not take me that long.  Keep your eyes open for the giveaway.  Thank you so very much, Nancy!!



A big thank you to KQ Sue and Quitzyx for providing me with USA websites where I could purchase A Gardener's Journal.  My friends in blogland always come through for me!  If you would like to purchase this book you can find it at Pumpkinvine Corner or Treasured Threads.  I have ordered the book and can't wait to get it.  Thank you so much ladies!!



I feel as though I did not get much accomplished yesterday.

I cut out the applique pieces and ironed them onto the backing.  I did get all of the blanket stitching finished.  I wanted to get it sandwiched and quilted too.  No such luck.  Oh, by the way, this is a 12 inch block that will be my larger mini quilt for the month of March and will go on a metal hanger near my front door.  Maybe Tuesday.



About all I will have time for today is to cut out some hexagons for my swap partners hexie flowers.  We are taking off early for destinations south for the weekend.



Only one new one today.......

Toadusew Creative Concepts is having a Why We Love Stripes giveaway.  They are giving away 3 1 yard cuts of some beautiful stripe fabric and a copy of Quilted Decor.  The winner will be randomly picked on Wednesday, March 9th.



We are leaving town.  Not for long but for a few days to visit the BIL and SIL.  We haven't been to their house in over 18 months.  I'm hoping the weather will be kind to us in our travels.  I hate traveling the L.A. freeways as it is but add some rain to the mix and it can be a horrific nightmare (at least for me).  They say we might get snow at home - figures since I won't be there to see it.  We are looking forward to some just plain old relaxation and enjoying time just visiting.  No running to see the sites or shopping marathons.  Just some good ol' family time.  And because of this, you won't see a post from me until Tuesday.  I couldn't even prep a post for Monday for self posting because I just don't have any more to show :(  I'm sort of disappointed in myself.  Guess I just have to face the fact that I'm really not wonder woman after all. 

Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.

Enjoy Friday and your weekend, too!


Lynda said...

Are you kidding??? I think you are Wonder Woman. I look forward to your fun, informative, and interesting blog every day! I love all the little quilts you are making for the seasons and your hexie flowers are amazing. Have a great relaxing visit with your family.

Quilting Mom said...

Hi Linda!
Sometimes life feels like 2 steps forward, one step back...Congratulations on your prize package, its wonderful! I love all of the blocks that you make! They are always sew beautiful! Happy Friday!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I don't think I would like to be Wonder Woman - didn't she wear a brass bra? BRRRRR and ouch! Instead of seeing what didn't get done - see what got done. I think you accomplished a lot. I have only just done some machine applique and it takes a lot of prep and stitch time. Enjoy your visit and RELAX!

Staci said...

I am afraid you are mistaken, I am pretty sure you are Wonder Woman! Look at my mail box this morning, new Block Swap Partner! You had everything all arranged before leaving for the swap and the bee, and you still managed to get work done on that cute robin and prepare for a trip and prepare hexies. Yep, Wonder Woman!

Sonia said...

Glad you found the book!

Have a great weekend. :)

Maria said...

I can relate to your disappointment as I have worked on one quilt for over a month and still have a lot to do by 15th March. It is a present for my Sisters 60th BD. I seem to have lost my mojo.
Pleased you got the "A Gardener's Journal" Great blocks.
Hope the weather is good to you for your trip. Have fun ith the family.

Patty C. said...

I think you do much better than I could - I know what you mean though - Sometimes it feels like you just can't get caught up - Too much to accomplish & not enough time :)

Congrats on the surprise - expected or not - it's wonderful :)

Joanna said...

When you make something as beautiful as your bird block I think you've accomplished a great deal. Have a nice trip.

Cheryl said...

Have a relaxing getaway and I pray the weather does not affect your travel.

Shannon said...

Have a great time. Don't worry about being wonder woman. Just be a good woman. It will all get done someday. After looking at you bird block, you DID get a lot done!!

Talin's Corner said...

Enjoy your trip, hope it is relaxing.

And I never (well, hardly ever) finish what I would like to accomplish. Maybe it's because I overreach. On the bright side (because I would like to have one), I have learned not to get too upset over it.

Momma Made This said...

I am convinced that things always take 2 to 3 times longer to finish than we anticipate, and I'm not sure if it's due to getting side tracked by Real Life, or if we are just overly optimistic in our "planning."

Kathy H said...

I feel like that many days. I seem to work on many things and finish nothing. I like your little bird quilt. Have you ever sandwiched it first and then blanket or applique stitch it down? Then you are almost done with the quilting.

Melissa said...

You do know it is OK not to get a ton done every day, right? We sometimes let ourselves forget that. Love the birdie. Have fun at your in-laws' and enjoy doing very little!

krisgray said...

Ya know, I didn't get much done yesterday either. I did laundry and dishes but did not sew a stitch. Sometimes a slow day is ok - this morning I had energy to tackle getting a backing together and joint batting scraps w some of the batting tape, "heat press binding together".

Enjoy your weekend away!!

quiltzyx said...

The bird block is looking mighty good to me! I think you're too hard on yourself...

You two drive safe - it is raining in SoCal, with the possibility of snow down to the 500 foot level & "escorted" driving thru' the passes.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Stitched With Prayer said...

Linda, You are so very welcome, I know you will love the book. I love the adorable applique block you made, so, sew cute! I agree with the others, you ALWAYS accomplish something wonderful every single day. Just your blog post, which I always enjoy very much is a huge accomplishment, always fun, always interesting with great info. Love it! So, have a wonderful, safe trip. Big Hugs...

Wendy said...

Don't worry, you will have plenty more to show in time. And you always have interesting posts besides the sewing projects. Enjoy your weekend visiting. I think it really does help to get away from things sometimes. You'll be refreshed and ready to go when you get back.

SewCalGal said...

Cute post. I hope you enjoy reading the Aloha Quilter. I did. Fun read.


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