Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's An Animal Day!

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.
~Mark Twain

How old am I?  Let me think.  Today I don't feel as old as I actually am.  If I don't look in the mirror I can actually believe that I am 15 years younger than I really am.  Take away the mirrors and I may never age.  Yesterday I felt every bit of my age.  Parts hurt, the mind was a bit slow and I just felt old.  Why is it our body has to age but our mind doesn't want to?  Why can't we just pick an age and stay there?  I don't want to be in my teens or twenties again - heaven forbid!  But the 40's would be nice.  I liked myself in the 40's.  Life wasn't necessarily easier but I moved with a lot more ease and it didn't take so long to bounce back from lack of sleep.  Youth is wasted on the young!



Dog Biscuits

February 23 is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, one of many odd holidays set aside (ok, often overlooked) for dogs and their owners.  Dog biscuits have possibly been around since at least Roman times, though they were far from the kind of dog treats we pamper our furry friends with today. The earliest dog biscuits were actually very old, hard, stale bread. Back then "bad bread" was considered "dog's bread."  By the 19th century hunters would give sporting dogs hard barley meal biscuits for energy on a hunt. Grain-only biscuits were slowly upgraded to include vegetables, meat and bone meal. These were homemade and, of course, did not come in any fun shapes or flavors.  Dog biscuits were once classified in the same category as soap! Delicious! 
So, how do you celebrate International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day? There are probably as many ways as there are treats. Give your dog an old favorite or try something innovative and new. Teach a new trick. Or just enjoy watching your dog's body going on full alert in anticipation when you open the treat package! Yep, this is about the easiest holiday there is to celebrate!



Today is also One Flower Wednesday.

Today's flower is really much brighter than the picture shows.  Since I have already made a couple of hexie flowers with dogs, I thought it was only fair to make one with a cat.  He does have an awfully cute smile on his face :)



Yesterday I was able to bind both of the little blue bird 6" mini quilts.

For some reason I made this binding wider than I normally do.  I think this happened because I used an old left over binding that was already pre-cut and I didn't think to measure it until it was already sewn on.  Lately I have been cutting my bindings 2" wide, especially for small items like this.  This one measured out at 2 1/4" when I measured one of the scraps.  It's amazing how much that little 1/8" can add to the width on one side of the fold.



Yesterday I was also able to work some on my Garden Fancies wool table runner.

I have the stems stitched on both ends and some of the leaves stitched on this end.  The stems were supposed to be stitched in a pearl cotton - one that could not be found in my town.  I didn't want to wait to order some so I just used 4 strands of DMC floss.  It looks okay but probably would have looked even better with the pearl cotton.  Just a few more leaves on this side and all on the other side.  Slowly but surely.



My new friend, Deborah, is looking for some advice on a quilt she has been working on for a number of years. 

She has added a narrow black border but wants to add another border with color.  If you will go to blog, Deborah's Test Blog, and give her your suggestions, she and I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks!



The next Layer Cake QAL block was released yesterday - I am going to make it today!



Insights From SewCalGal is having a book giveaway.  You could win a personally signed copy of Amy Ellis' new book "Modern Basics".  The winner will be randomly selected on Sunday, February 27th.

Creative Chicks is having a 500th post (can you imagine 500 posts?) giveaway.  They are giving away 8 fat quarters of Vintage Sheets.  The winner will be announced on Friday, February 25th.

Sew Happy.Me is having a fabric giveaway.  They are giving away a bundle of fat quarters from Doll Babies by Henry Glass.  But hurry as this giveaway ends tonight at midnight!

Hilachas is celebrating her birthday with a giveaway.  She is giving away 9 fat quarters from Connecting Threads, an Olfa 45 mm refill blade, and a spool of 100% Egyptian Cotton Thread.  This giveaway ends March 8, at midnight.

Jaybird Quilts is having a sponsored giveaway.  The Fabric Quarter is going to give away a half yard bundle of Magnolia Lane from Michael Miller with a few companion fabrics... totaling 7 half yards of fabric!  This giveaway ends Thursday, February 24, at 10 pm EST.



I'm the first to admit that my dogs are spoiled rotten.  They each have their special food and favorite treats.  They sleep with us at night and have their own beds - one in the kitchen and one in the sewing room - both piled high with blankets and afghans.  After all, I don't want them to get the least bit cold.  They sit in our laps when we watch TV or sleep on the couch while we eat our dinner.  I remember when the only time you took your dog to the vets was if he was sick or needed a shot to be licensed.  Now they go for their yearly check up and if they are over four years old, they get their annual teeth cleaning too.  Our dogs are definitely part of our family - they are our "babies".  I would feel lost without them.  Nothing else gives unconditional love like a dog.  Those big brown eyes and wagging tail; who could resist.  I just know that when I die I want to come back as a dog in the life of luxury.

I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive.
~Gilda Radner

May you spend your Wednesday wisely!!


Renate said...

Your hexagonflower made me smile. What a cool cat!!

LynCC said...

Smiling at the kitty, too. :D

Cheryl said...

Oh, your are so right! Youth is wasted on the young. Hope you are feeling more spring in your step today!

Wendy said...

Your Garden Fancies runner is coming along...very nice. And I just love your hexie flower this week. Adorable!

Sue said...

Your flower is so sweet. What a great blog you have!

elizabeth said...

Oh, I love your hexie!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

That is the cutest Hexie! You clever girl you. Oh gosh - to remember my old dog - 19 years of loving devotion - but he didn't go for biscuits, loved the rawhide chews.
The Layer Cake block goes quickly, so you will have time to play with something else.
I don't think I have reached my 'happy' age yet. But I'll have fun trying to get there.

Needled Mom said...

I cannot see goint back to the 20s either. I would go back to the 50s. They were awesome and so far the 60s are pretty great too.

Your kitty hexie is soooo cute.

I always learn so much when I read your blogs. Who knew about dog biscuits?

Scrappy quilter said...

Love your quilting. I made the same quilt as Darlene did. I used black like she did. When it came to the border, I used a strip of black and then used 2 inch squares to go all around the outside border. It's a wonderful quilt and uses up lots of scraps that way. Can't wait to see what she decides. Hugs

Kathy H said...

Thanks for sharing your spring projects. It makes me feel as though spring might be coming. although we got another 6 inches of snow yesterday. Love the little cat hexie.

Monique said...

What a lovely cat-flower!

Karen said...

Looks like Spring is in the air with your little blue bird quilt and your garden table runner. I'm a cat person, so I just LOVE this weeks flower.

Impera_Magna said...

I too wish I was in my 40s again... I had a LOT more energy then... *LOL*

Love the kitty hexie... too cute!

Joanna said...

Love that little cat! and your birds, too. The only way I'd want to go back to my 20's is to make a better shot at them. I'm usually happy at whatever age I am.

Birdie said...

Another great blog. You use such great fabric for your hexies, love this one. I'll give my dog an extra biscuit today. I had to take another look at your 6" blue bird quilt, very nice, can't believe it is so small.

Alina said...

LOL! Tell me about it. Hope you will feel better. I have the same problem as you do, after all, I think we are about the same age. My husband keeps telling me that is what he called aging. And to me, I don't care what it called, I just want to get rid of my shoulder pain and back pain!

Kunzfrau said...

How sweet is that?? Since I kaomme by secretly and kidnap the little flower ... hihi ...

Greetings Marion

Karyli said...

Love your kitty flower! How fun!
We are getting a new puppy next week. Our first puppy and we're excited and a bit nervous.

quiltzyx said...

If you should decide that your hexie cat flower doesn't fit into the quilt, I will happily give it a home!
You got a lot done yesterday, especially if you weren't feeling tiptop - your table runner is getting cuter & cuter & I think the bluebird is a delight!
Thanks for sharing with us. :^)

Saskia said...

Great blog! didn't know about the dog biscuit day, and I know My furry friend doesn't know that too. So I will keep it that way.. He's getting to much biscuits any way, every day!! LOL
Love the flower.

Deborah said...

Thanks for featuring my quilt in your blog - I hope to get some great suggestions so I can finally get this UFO completed. I'm 57 years old, and find more pain in my shoulders and back than ever before. I move like an 90 year old when I get up each morning. I feel like my hips have frozen in place. Oh, to be 40-something years old again. Those were my best years.

I haven't fallen into the hexie craze, but feel it coming on. I've got plenty of scraps, so it's just a matter of time, huh?

Gene Black said...

I love being the age I am, but if I could adjust my body, it would be like it was in my mid-20s I think. It certainly was in better condition to spring back in those days.

I love your little bluebird quilt.

WoolenSails said...

Love all your pieces, but that hexagon is such fun.
I need to find some good materials to fussy cut. It seems most are too big, or too close together. Need to try the kids section;)


Sonia said...

You are doing a great job on the projects you posted.

I've been working on a little quilt this week... this must be the week for it. :)

Have a great rest of the week.

Kate said...

It is a real pleasure to visit your blog,,Thank you for sharing so much information with us,,Your hexie flower is the fussy cut centre...xx

Sarah Craig said...

You've been so busy, it's a wonder you've had time to find out that it's National Dog Biscuit Day!! Such pretty work you do... whoop whoop!!

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