Tuesday, April 19, 2011

You Know You're A Quilter When....

Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.
~Newt Gingrich

I'm finished quilting!  Done!  Finis!  No, not forever.  But I finally finished quilting the brown and blue quilt yesterday.  I even applied the binding and started hand stitching it last night while "watching" tv.  It took me 5 1/2 hours straight of muscling and wrestling, turning and bunching the quilt to get to that point but I did it.  Now for the easy part.  Binding.  I love to sit and hand stitch binding.  I can do that in the evenings and even take an afternoon if I have to.  I also have a ton of threads to clip but that is something easily managed too.  Whew!  I can almost count this UFO, turned WIP, as a completion.  If you hear a holler some time over the next couple of days - don't be concerned - it's just me letting the world know I finished the quilt.  I will share pictures after it has gone through the washer and dryer but you will definitely see it by Friday.  Who knows, maybe I will have to do something to celebrate :D



Today, April 19, is National Garlic Day. I thought I would take advantage of the holiday and put together a quick little round of fun facts for you all to enjoy.
* Garlic is believed to ward off heart disease, cancer, colds, and flu. The consumption of garlic lowers blood cholesterol levels. and reduces the buildup of plaque in the arteries.
* The smell of garlic can be removed by running your hands under cold water while rubbing a stainless steel object.
* The majority of garlic (90%) grown in the United States comes from California.
* It was even once used to treat acne, warts, and toothaches.
* The psychological term for fear of garlic is alliumphobia.
* Garlic is said to fight off evil spirits and keep vampires away.
* If your rose garden is being attacked by aphids, an excellent home remedy to get rid of them is to spritz the leaves and blooms with a mixture of crushed garlic and water.
* At ancient Greek and Roman marriages the brides carried bouquets of garlic and other herbs instead of flowers.



Another no craft day.  Nothing to show.  I can't believe I've had to postings without pictures to share other than items I have received in the mail.  How about a little fun? 

You Know You're A Quilter When......

1.  You use the word "between" more often as a noun than as a preposition.

2.  You happily spend all day prewashing quilt fabric but when it comes to doing "real" laundry, you procrastinate til everyone is on their last pair of undies and socks.

3. When your 4 yr old knows what an Ohio Star is and looks forward to finding "fabric" in the mail as much as you do

4. You insist that the floor tiles in your new kitchen are 12" square, so you can lay your quilt top or backing down and square it up perfectly

5. You actually enjoy going to the mailbox everyday to see what goody is there waiting for you - another magazine, an exchange block, fabric you ordered.

6.  You walk into the local restaurant and your daughter takes a look at the floor and says "look mommy a quilt pattern!"

7.  You need new clothes and spend two hundred dollars on material instead

8. The 5/8" seam allowances used on patterns for clothing look EXACTLY 2 1/2 times too big.

9. You know all the deadlines and color themes for all the "swaps" you've gotten yourself into, but don't know what you're having for dinner tonight

10. Your Ginghers are kept in their protective sheath, and hidden from the family.



Today I will make a hexagon flower and add a couple to my growing garden.


1 Choice 4 Quilting is starting a new online quilting book club and to celebrate they are having a giveaway.  They are giving away a kit made just for this club.  This giveaway ends Sunday, April 24, at 10:00 pm EST.

The Quilting Book Club is also having a giveaway to celebrate.  They are giving away a cute little quilt kit and two copies of modern basics.  This giveaway also ends Sunday, April 24, at 10:00 pm EST.

Gen X Quilters is having a sponsored giveaway.  Fabricworm is giving a custom bundle of 12 fat quarters of Robot Farm.  This giveaway ends Saturday, April 23, at 11:59 pm EST.

The Confused Quilter is celebrating her one year blogoversary with a giveaway.  You could win one of five darling patterns from B Bumble and Company.  This giveaway ends Friday, April 22.

KoolBeenz is having a Stitchin Stash giveaway.  They are giving away a 5 Fat Quarter bundle set of Michael Miller's Lazy Daisy.  This giveaway ends Friday, April 22, at midnight EST.

Spun Sugar Quilts is having a giveaway. Vickie is giving away a  fat 16th bundle of Denyse Schmidt's 21 new JoAnn fabrics.  She will randomly select two winners on Sunday, April 24.

Jaybird Quilts is having a sponsored giveaway.  You could win 2 bundles of Treasures & Tidbits Piece O Cake Designs and a copy of Julie's Off The Rail quilt pattern.  This giveaway ends Thursday, April 21, at midnight EST.



It's hard writing a post with nothing to show or share.  What do I write about, what can I share?  I think it takes longer to produce a blog that maybe faintly entertaining compared to when you have actually created something.  I don't like having a blog with no crafty pictures - just like this blog and the previous one.  I'm going to make that all change tomorrow.  I promise.  Tomorrow there will be at least one creative item that I have made.  I hope to not have such boring blogs again for quite some time.  I apologize to all my loyal followers for the lack of interesting items to share.  Bear with me, I will be back with pictures tomorrow.

An acre of performance is worth a whole world of promise.
~William Dean Howells

Today is Tuesday and I will create!


Deb said...

Linda, your blog is in no way boring!! I would never have even thought about no craft pictures for today. Everything else is so interesting-- and the 'You Know You're a Quilter when'....was very cute! I've never heard of "betweens!"
You put a lot of effort into EVERY blog post, and I don't think anyone would fault you for not having a craft photo. We love your blog!!!

Linda said...

I agree with Deb. And, I loved the "You know you're a quilter..." It certainly rang true!

Kasey said...

National garlic day? PERFECT! I'm planting my garlic bulbs today! maybe that will help them grow and be delicious next fall.... or maybe I'm starting an accidental tradition.
PS- your blog is Never boring!

Lynda said...

Your blog is anything but boring! Even when you say it is we find out all kinds of information about being a quilter, garlic and giveaways. My son used to live in Gilroy...the garlic capital of the world. I always wanted to go to the garlic festival but he said it was huge with cars backed up for hours just to get there. Who really wants to try garlic ice cream anyway?

Kathryn said...

Your blog is never boring! Your quotes always give me something to think about (as I'm waiting for some fabric goodies in today's mail, I hope). Looking forward to your latest quilt. Kathie L in Allentown

Snoodles said...

I always love clicking to your blog - I'm never bored with it. You do a great job each and every day. Can't wait to see your finish!
The "You know..." was spot on! Giggle! I so identified with all of those!
Jacque in SC

Cindy N. said...

Pictures or not, I always look forward to your Blog! You do an awesome job to inform and entertain :) "You know your a Quilter When" - my daughter is going to Europe in a month and I have asked her to take pics of floors and such (in Cathederals, etc.) that would make a good quilt pattern!! lol

Needled Mom said...

I love the You Know Your A Quilter When...!!!! Soooo true.

I'm glad that you have finished the quilting, but I know that you are even happier than I am. Can you even move your body today?

Alina said...

Yap, Perseverance is definitely the word to describe it. 5 1/2 hours straight?! Oh, my goodness, you are good! I don't think I can do it. I always love the piecing and binding part, but you can spare me the quilting part. Can't wait to see the picture of it.

Talin's Corner said...

I know I am a Quilter...for sure. How true that list rang for me and I am not ashamed of it either.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

You are always entertaining! I received your sweet card and gift Linda....thank you so much. I posted it on my blog.

Off to eat my clove of garlic....grin.


Char said...

You Know You're a Quilter When...
reminds me of a test my daughter took for early admission to kindergarten.
On the test there was a picture of a nail and she identified it as a pin. Looked like a pin to me too!

Donna said...

No apology needed. I enjoyed reading You Know You Are A Quilter When. And, I find your blog always interesting.

soren2go said...

I totally enjoy your blog and your thoughts and insights. Pictures are great but so is the written word. I know I am a quilter.....my original and treasured Gingher scissors always reside in their protective sheath.

Raewyn said...

Linda, your blog is always great to read, so don't feel bad!! With all that quilting and binding, I'm not surprised you haven't had a chance to do something more. Love your 'you know you're a quilter when...'

Nancy said...

I like reading your blog with or without pictures. I know what you mean about showing something crafty. i tend to not write if I don't have "pictures". But just want you to know that I do enjoy your blog, however it looks!

Deborah in Atlanta said...

Linda - it's so evident you put so much effort into your blog, and it is never, ever boring. I don't know how you find the time to do such an in-depth post every day. As always, I'm so impressed!

libbyquilter said...

your blog is always fun and friendly~!

one of my favorite parts of the quiltmaking process is hand stitching that binding . . . there's just something about the soothing rhythym of doing it combined with the happiness of a nearly completed project in your hands~!


Sheila said...

You do not have a boring blog!
Love it.
If I thought I might be a quilter, your blog today left no doubt.
Have a nice Easter weekend :)

quiltzyx said...

I always learn something new & interesting - pictures or not!
You always have fun quotes & facts....be nice to yourself!!!

And congrats on nearing the finish line on the brown & blue quilt too!

Jeanette said...

Really enjoy reading your blog. Always something interesting. Have to agree with so many points in "you know you are a quilter when.... " Happy Stitching,

Gene Black said...

Ha ha....now I am thinking I need to re-tile the kitchen so I can have 12 inch tiles.

Wendy said...

Oh my goodness, your blog is never boring. Honestly, you had me laughing out loud today. I really enjoyed the comic relief! Take it easy on yourself and we'll still be here when you finally post more goodies!!

Melanie said...

I always enjoy stopping by your blog to see what you are up to! It is interesting to hear about someone else's day! Your picture of the day is my favorite! I always learn something! So, don't be discouraged! We all have different seasons of life! So, keep it coming, even if you don't include pictures!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

It just flipped to Weds (computer clock) and I am just realizing your blog post didn't 'pop' on my reader. So I am late, but that has been my day! I'll blame the weather. Loved the "You Know" and started me thinking of so many more I could add to the list. Not a boring blog so no apologizies are necessary. When you have your nose to the grind to get a finish - hey - go for it! We can drool later.

Sarah Craig said...

I KNEW I WAS A QUILTER!!! Thanks for defining it so well!!

Riel Nason said...

Hee, hee. Love the "you know you're a quilter" ones that mention the kids' knowledges of fabric. That is just SO true here. Sometimes when my 3 year old daughter wants fabric to "iron" with her toy iron, she will insist "and NOT scraps."

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