Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's Wednesday!

Oh, wouldn't the world seem dull and flat with nothing whatever to grumble at?
~W.S. Gilbert

Last night I cut my finger.  Not badly but just enough to sting like crazy and to require a bandage.  And this had nothing to do with quilt making or stitching.  I received the cut from one of those infernal, tough plastic wrappings that so many things come in these days.  I think they should be outlawed!!  Or at least they should provide some sort of tear strip to allow the consumer to open the desired plastic to get to the item they purchased.  I know they super glue these packages together to prevent theft, but come on!  It took me ten minutes to get a package of razors open (multi pack from Costco) using a pair of scissors and lots of muscle.  It's just ridiculous that it should be almost impossible to penetrate.  Okay.  I feel better now.  I've had my rant for the day and now I can go sew :)




Hands.  Where would be without them?  We probably wouldn't be doing much sewing or crafting of any sort.  However, I have seen some art work created by those who use their feet and I know of at least one quilter out there who uses her feet to create beautiful quilts.  Here are a few facts I dug up about hands:
* The skin on the palm of the hand has no fingerprints, hair or color pigmentation.
* Fingernails grow an average of 1/10 of an inch each month. Fingernails grow 4 times faster than toenails.
* There are no muscles in your fingers. The muscles that move your fingers are located in the palm and up in the mid forearm. They're connected to the finger bones by tendons which pull and move the fingers like the strings of a marionette.
* The Hand has been used as a symbol of protection since ancient times
* The longest Fingernails ever belonged to Shidhar Chillal. They were 20 feet, 2.25 inches! It took 48 years to grow them (GROSS!)
* 12.6% of all men are left-handed, while only 9.9% of all women are
* About a quarter of the motor cortex in the human brain (the part of the brain which controls all movement in the body) is devoted to the muscles of the hands.
* Structurally, fingernails are modified hairs.
* Each hand contains: 29 major and minor bones, 29 major joints, at least 123 named ligaments, 34 muscles which move the fingers and thumb, 48 nerves and 30 named arteries.



I  had the best intentions of 1) Putting some flowers into my garden, and 2) Making two new flowers for my garden.  Neither happened.  But today I can share two flowers I made for someone else......

Lara G is my swap partner for February in the Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap.  Lara requested purple/red - the more colorful the better.  I think these two flowers fill that request.  These will be making their way across the ocean to Australia in today's mail.
If you would like to check out more hexie flowers, be sure to visit Karen's One Flower Wednesday.  Karen provides with a linky and you can 'one stop browse'.  Thank you, Karen.

A few of you have asked how I am able to create my fussy cut flowers.  Without a see-through template, it would very difficult.  The company I bought my tool from is located in Australia and had to increase their shipping rates so it has become a rather pricey purchase.  However, my friend Mary, found a company in Ohio that has a hexagon template available.....

This allows you to see exactly what will appear on your flower petal.  With the cost of shipping, you can purchase this template for just over $10 (USA) from Schoolhouse Quilt Shoppe.  If you scroll about half way down the page you will find the 1" hexagon template.  There are other templates available too.  I'm not advertising nor endorsing this company, just putting the information out there for those who wanted to know.



I'm a member of the 6" Block Swaps Australia.  I received these beautiful blocks from Ann.....

Ann said "I have just finished by Dear Jane quilt top so I enlarged 2 of the blocks and foundation pieced them for you".  Aren't they beautiful?!?   It  looks like they are different sizes but I think the color causes an optical illusion because they are both 6.5" square.  Aren't they gorgeous?  Thank you so very much, Ann.

Ann requested any star block in blue and white.  This
is the Go-Along #2 block from Quilter's Cache.  They look like they are made from the same fabrics but the only fabric that is the same is the white background.  I hope Ann enjoys these blocks.



Today I plan to start working on 2 Loving Hands quilts.



Smashed Peas and Carrots is having a giveaway.  You could win a $100 Olive Garden gift card.  This giveaway ends Sunday, March 18.

KoolBeenz is having their weekly giveaway.  You could win a $25 shoppe credit to The Quilted Castle.  This giveaway ends Saturday, February 4, at midnight EST.

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Cat Patches is having a giveaway.  Barbara is ready to send the Traveling Stash on its way.  This giveaway ends Friday, February 2, at 5:00 pm PST.

Quilt Inspirations is having a giveaway.  You could win a copy of Passionate Patchwork autographed by KaffeFasset, or a $10 gift card from Joann's, or a Modern Robe pattern, or a 1/2 yard each of "Aurora" and "Splash" batik fabric from Hoffman California International, or a copy of  Red and Green : An Applique Tradition by Jeana Kimball, plus red fabrics.  This giveaway ends Monday, February 6.

Leona's Quilting Adventure is having a giveaway.  You could win 2 pouch patterns from Flutter From Kat.  This giveaway ends Friday, February 3, at midnight EST.

Linda's Quiltmania is having a giveaway.  You could win a Bali Pop.  This giveaway ends Friday, February 3. 


This could be my house - lol!!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Needled Mom said...

Ha. Ha!!! Good one.

I am so with you on that clam wrap. If there was a company who would advertize that they will not use the stuff I would gladly support their business. I cannot open one of those things without cutting myself.

Your purple and red flowers are pretty. I would like to see her whole quilt with those bright colors.

I know that people do function, but I do not know how they do it without hands. They are an inspiration to all of us.

Is your groundhog going to see it's shadow tomorrow????

Debbie DeBaeremaeker said...

I really love when they do that to scissors (not often but it has happened).
If you are buying a pair of scissors- you might not have a pair at home to open the packaging!!! (happened to me once)

Maria said...

Love the opening saying.....
and you had your grumble and for a god reason. Hope the finger does not interfer with sewing.
Great bright flowers and lovley blocks too.

OH!!! I do love your cartoon picture. My Grandies would love it too.LOL

Quiet Quilter said...

From ranting to encompassed the entire range of emotions! Cool cats!

Char said...

I've opened lots of those packages containing Barbie dolls and other things. It's really frustrating.
Love the blue and white star blocks, it's always a favorite color combination for me.

Sara Lyn said...

I always enjoy your facts, but today's on hands was particularly interesting to me. I've been thinking lately about what in the world would I do without my hands? Right now, my entire livelihood relies on their good health. So I am grateful for my hands!!

I love that quote by Gilbert. A very talented man!

Anonymous said...

I don't comment on blogs often (enough) but I had to write now. I bought a new can opener yesterday. And (stupid me) first put the can with cat food on the counter, then remembered I had to unpack the opener. I don't have to tell you how hard that was and my cat ladies, all 3 of them, know very well what that can contains, so saying they were impatient is putting it very mildly LOL. But I was lucky and didnt cut myself this time.

I love your blocks, esp. the hexies, great colors!
Dutch hugs

Joanna said...

Sorry about your finget, but I agree with your rant. And those packages don't deteriorate in landfills, so someday an archiologist will discover them intact and wonder what we were doing to ourselves. Love your blocks and your cartoon:)

Megan Harmeyer said...

Sorry you cut your finger. I agree - they should outlaw those packages..or create some sort of tool that will cut them without trouble. I like the contrasting blocks. And your last picture is LOL!

Kris said...

Oh, my gosh, Linda - It took me a whole minute to stop laughing at the joke at the end of your wonderful post!! Just hilarious!! I love the hexie flowers for Lara - they are gorgeous. The info on the hands is so interesting and as a southpaw, I always wondered what percentage of folks are left-handed!! And I hope your finger boo-boo is getting better!! oxoxoKris

Karen said...

Lara will surely love the flowers and the swap blocks are wonderful too. Cute final thought, that would be our Stanley.

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

Love reading your blog! Gorgeous blue and white stars, great fabric! The pretty purple and red hexies remind me of the color scheme of a mall I worked at in High School many years ago.

Connie said...

Sorry about your cut Linda, those packages drive me crazy! Your blue blocks are so neat, that is one of my favorite star patterns.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Rant away! We all hate those packages too. Our hands have to be saved for much more delicate work, you know?

Susan said...

All this time, I thought I was just missing how to get them open, as I cut, chopped, hacked and pried my way into them! Thank you for saying that, but I'm sorry you cut your finger on one. Your hexagons are so bright and cheerful! I haven't gotten any done the last couple of weeks. =P Thanks for the giveaway heads ups - or however that should be. =)

Staci said...

Totally agree with you about the packaging! Can't count how many times I have cut myself with that stinky stuff! Opening a package should not be so dangerous!

Interesting, and a little bit creepy, some of those hand facts. . . . So thankful for my hand though!

My Sister Made Me Do It said...

Linda, the hexies are just beautiful! I am really a sucker for that red/violet combination.....I will soon be that "little old lady who wears purple and runs her umbrella down the fence" And I have to tell you that your little facts of the day are always interesting! So looking at your list of things to do I hope your finger injury will hold up! (grin)

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