Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday = Flowers

The finest clothing made is a person's skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this.
~Mark Twain

I read on Monday that the Wall Street Journal predicts our cotton fabric prices will be rising once again.  Why?  Because of the drought in Texas.  I don't know if I can keep quilting with the prices continuing to rise on fabric.  The price of cotton has risen dramatically over the past year.  I won't be able to afford $15 a yard.  This may cause the popularity of quilting to decline once again.  This increase will also cause raised prices for clothing.  Pretty soon I'm going to have to run around naked just so I can continue quilting and that's something nobody wants to happen.  What's the highest price you are willing to pay for a yard of fabric?




As you slip your favorite pair of comfortable jeans on, you probably, like most of us, take them for granted. Have you ever thought about the cotton that it takes to make those favorite jeans?  Here are a few facts about cotton:
*   The word "cotton" is an English version of the Arabic "qutun" or "kutun," a generic term meaning fancy fabric. But one of cotton's original popular names was "vegetable wool."  
* Cotton was originally grown in several different colors, including brown, rust, and even light purple. However, most of the cotton grown today is white. When mechanical processing methods were introduced it was easier to maintain a consistent color by using only white-fibered plants. Colored cotton is still grown, but on a very small scale. 
* It is know that man has made cotton into fabric since at least 3000 BC
The cotton fiber is slightly over one inch long.  It is a single cell, and is the largest cell in the plant kingdom.  No other plant anywhere in the world has a cell even close to an inch long.
Cotton seeds are tough enough to survive travel across oceans on the wind. This could explain how botanists are not sure where the first plants came from, and probably why similar varieties grow sometimes thousands of miles apart.



I was able to produce two more flowers this week.......


Both of these flowers came from the same fabric.  I found this fun fabric at Joann's with the original intent to use some hearts on it, but as you can tell, I went in a totally different direction.  I love finding fabric that has lots of possibilities for flowers.  And there are even a few more flowers that I can create from this same piece.  If you would like to see more hexie flowers, Karen has graciously provided a linky to make your viewing a one stop location.  You can check that out HERE.  



Today I will make two 6" blocks for a swap



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krisgray said...

Love Mark Twin's quote - LOL!

How much am I willing to pay for fabric? Not much! I simply do not buy the newest lines when they come out. I wait for clearance sales, even at Connecting Threads. Just got a lovely McKenna Ryan Hoffman batik from about 3 years ago at an online shop for $3.94/yd and an 1895 yellow for $3.68/yd (+shipping)!

Hhmm..didn't think the US produced very much of the world's cotton supply. Seems odd that the TX drought would have as significant consequences as the Asian drought a couple years ago. If prices get too high we'll have to start swapping fabric amongst ourselves.

Have a great day!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I'm with Kris - shop those clearance and sales - I only get large yardage when my LQS has an end of bolt clearance sale ($2.50 yrd.) And I keep putting in for all those give aways!

Sara Lyn said...

So many interesting facts about cotton! I had no clue it was a single cell.

Your flowers are super cute.

I am not willing to spend very much on a yard of cotton. I generally shop sales and only when I'm desperate am I willing to spend seven whole dollars on a yard! Any higher and it's back to crocheting for me. (Non-cotton yarn of course!) :)

Cheryl said...

Yikes, it is a good thing I have such a large stash then. I just wish I liked all the fabrics I bought 10 years ago!

rubyslipperz said...

That's what I've been telling myself all these years (since the late 1970s)...that fabric purchases are an investment. But, now, I'm trying very hard not to buy any fabric unless it is at least 25% off.

I've tried to spin cotton into yarn...and it is very difficult because the fiber is so short. It has some wonderful properties as a fiber tho. =)

luv your hexies...yep, I know, I sound like a broken record...but, it's true.


Maria said...

The sewing flowers are lovley Linda.

Kasey said...

Lovely flowers!
I guess if fabric keeps going up, I'll find it easier to keep studying for my Personal trainer certificate rather than being distracted by my sewing room! But I think you're right- it could cause the industry to decline... which would make demand go down... which usually makes prices go back down a little... so, maybe in 10 years, it will be back down? Ugh.

Teresa said...

It seems everyday the cost of something is going up.
I got the same material at Joann's and sadly I have done nothing with it so far. Love your flowers with yours.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Needled Mom said...

I had to read that first paragraph to my husband. We both got a big chuckle!!!!

I, too, am afraid that will be a good reason for people to give up sewing anything. We will loose even more quilting shops and we can't stand for that to happen.

Those flowers are just darling! I love the pin cushion and the buttons.

Have a fun day with your block sewing.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

The last time I was in JoAnn's the DS fabric was $12.99 a yard!! Nope not going there. I agree with everyone, I try to buy when fabric is on sale. Our local Quilt shops usually have at least 30% off on occasion plus their clearance fabrics. It may make for hard hunting, but at this point, I am glad to have my stash to work with. I think there will be more LQS closing and there will be more internet buying.

Barb said...

More beautiful flowers.

I hate the feel of raw cotton....

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Oh, man...fabric is so high as it is! The drought was really bad I can see that happening.

I have been giving lots of fabric away. Perhaps I should hoard it a bit longer.

Sympathy Flowers said...

It's a quite interesting post.

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Read that fuel prices were about to skyrocket as well so even if I could afford the fabric, I couldn't afford the fuel to get to the fabric! Those weekly trips to town may become monthly. Guess these means sewing from our stash more and more scrap quilts, which are my favorite anyway. Love your flowers - I am smitten with hexies.

Teresa Felgueiras said...

I'm on a fabric diet. My economic situation is rather poor but I've been able to get some sponsoring in order to help me with fabric. I have to buy batting and threads though.

Samantha said...

Right now I am not willing to pay more than about $5 a yard, but I'm trying to only use my stash until I get it wittled down some.

I enter every giveaway I can to see if I can win some of the new cute stuff (so far, no luck) and I watch Craig's list for fabric and I hit the Goodwill, sometimes they have a yard or two of good quilting fabric for $1.99 or so.

I think these high fabric prices are why people are getting into making things with 'vintage' sheets. Plus I've started saving all of our old clothing that isn't good enough to donate so I can recycle it into quilts and other things.

It needs to rain in Texas already! ;)

Megan Harmeyer said...

Your hexies are always so perfect!! I don't think I'd be able to afford $15/yd, either. That's crazy. Did you have a good Valentine's Day? The boys liked the choco boxes...and so will Neil & I. LOL

Gene Black said...

I think I have paid 8 or 9 dollars for a yard,..but usually I am in the 3-5 dollar a yard range..and I love it when I find clearance for 99 cents a yard. LOL.. Of course I have enough fabric to keep quilting for a few years...I would just have to switch to (ugh) poly batting.

Nancy said...

I am guessing that I would be dipping into my stash more if the prices go up too much. I think that maybe my collecting will pay off in the end?

Lana said...

Linda, I love your flowers! Always so surprised at what you come up with! And thank you for the laughs today! Loved them!

Snoodles said...

I'm yet another bargain hunter...and I love cutting up our old clothes and thrift shop finds, to make charm squares for quilting. That is scary...I hope that the WSJ is wrong!

Linda K said...

It's sad, but true, that the quilt shops won't be able to survive if fabric goes any higher. I stopped purchasing any fabric over $10.00 a yard. Since I started quilting 5 years ago, 7 shops have gone out of business in the area and only 2 new shops have opened in that time period.

Wendy said...

Well, that's kind of sad news. I'm on a pretty tight budget these days, but I do have a bit of a stash built up and this will make me focus on using what I have. Thanks for the heads up!

Karen said...

I almost, some how missed your flowers. Very, very sweet!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Most of our family lives in Texas, and, since I visit as often as I can, I've seen the results of the drought on the cotton plants. Plants that should be as high as your waist are barely above the ankle. It is a sad sight to see. Love the cute hexies.

Anonymous said...

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