Friday, February 10, 2012

A New Project

Happiness is never stopping to think if you are. 
~Palmer Sondreal

It's off to Costco and Walmart for our monthly shopping excursion.  It doesn't seem like it was four weeks ago that we were maneuvering the aisles but it has been and it's time to restock our shelves.  The weekend promises to be a busy one with both errands and a support group meeting.  We might have a little rain but I doubt that will happen.  The forecasters have been trying to make it rain here for the last week with no results.  We have trees in full bloom and the leaves are starting to show on the hydrangeas.  I think Spring is here whether I'm ready for it or not.  Is your weekend going to be wet, white or dry?



Since I've been having trouble with allergies, how about some fun facts about sneezing.  Isn't the cartoon above funny?  Anyway, here are some of the facts I've found:
* Experts say that you cannot or one is incapable of sneezing while at sleep. In this stage, certain body neurons and reflexes indicators are not stimulated and therefore cannot send the required signal or signals to the brain
* How fast does a sneeze go? 100 miles per hour
* The person who holds the longest sneezing streak of being able to sneeze almost every minute was England’s Donna Griffiths. Her usual day was spent entirely on sneezing. She actually spent the 978 days of her life sneezing
* You cannot possibly sneeze with your eyes open (and don't you remember trying when you were young?)
* Saying “lamp” or “cucumber” repeatedly after sensing a sneeze to be coming, delays or stops it from happening
* Contrary to the myth that your heart stops beating when you sneeze, a scientific study further shows it actually does not
* “Bless You” is usually said soon after a person sneezes. This is believed to be an ancient practice when people used to believe that the soul escaped from the nose. In order to stop the devils from taking away the souls ‘bless you’ was widely said.
*About one in three people sneeze when exposed to bright lights, an inherited trait called photic sneezing or ACHOO (Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst) Syndrome



Monday I started a new counted cross stitch project......

Design:  Summer Sampler
Designer:  Sandy Orton for Kooler Design Studio
Fabric:  18 count cream Aida cloth
Fiber:  2 strands over 1

The colors are a bit bolder than what was pictured on the pattern cover but hopefully it will all look good at the end.

For those of you who don't stitch, here it is compared to a nickel so you can judge the size of the stitches.  Sorry it's a bit blurry but you get the idea.

You may be wondering why I'm using the same fabric as I did for my last project.  Well, I bought a roll of the Aida cloth when I found it at 1/2 price last year.  Couldn't pass up the deal!  My next project will be on linen.



Today I will be working on my applique project and cut some fussy-cut hexies.



American Quilting is having a giveaway.  You could win a Quilter’s Bunco kit.  This giveaway ends Monday, February 13, at midnight.  (You must live in Utah to enter this giveaway).

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FabricWorm is having a giveaway.  You could win 8 Nature Inspired Fat Quarters.  This giveaway ends Monday, February 13, at 8:30 am PST.

Lavender Ridge is celebrating her 3rd blogiversary with a giveaway.  You could win two patterns (ends Tuesday, February 14), or 1 metre of fabric (ends Tuesday, February 21), or 4 fat quarters (ends Tuesday, February 28).  This giveaway ends on various dates.

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Now doesn't that make you smile?
Have a wonderful weekend :)


Barb said...

Your cartoon was funny!

Your counter cross stitch is wonderful, I used to do that until I became involved with quilting.

Wendy said...

The cartoon is hilarious, thanks for the little laugh. Wow, love the new counted cross stitch! Everything oceany catches my eye!

Terry said...

What a cute cartoon! And I love your new cross stitch project!

Teresa said...

Love your by the sea stitching. Can't wait to see more.
Cute owl face.
Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

Staci said...

I get so tired of sneezing! Sneezing fits! I would love to live without them.

Your cross stitch is so cute, and you are FAST at it!
Good luck on the shopping trips--both places are an exercise in endurance!

rubyslipperz said...

I LUV the cross stitch. It's really summer-eee and the bright colors cheer you up when you see them. =)

shopping...I'm wishing you...a not-so-crazy and successful trip. Me, I can get "lost" in Wal-mart. I can be in there for 3-4 hours and come out with quite a few things I didn't go in to buy =P

It's supposed to be wet here, maybe a bit of snow (I hope). But, I won't be holding my breath for the snow. =(

May your weekend bring you some smiles and may you be safe in all your travels!


Linda in Calif. said...

Yes, I'm smiling now. I don't think we will get rain either. Have fun at Walmart and don't spend too much. (That place seems to suck me dry! :-)

Linda said...

I love all the sneeze facts and that cartoon is wonderful! (I will have to share that one with my sister. We can "almost relate"!)
Your CC is beautiful!
We're having a soft rain that is supposed to last for several days, but we really need a week of HARD rain. We'll take what we get, though. Trees are starting to bloom here but we are still in danger of having a freeze before April. (We've only had one all winter and it didn't really last long enough to kill anything.)

Megan Harmeyer said...

Awww...the owl pic is CUTE!! We got some rain overnight Thursday, but it's all dry now. I don't think we have anything in the forecast for the next week or so. While it's not as warm as you've been, I think we're finished with winter, too. Sometimes I think about starting up cross-stitch but I don't know how I'd fit that in with everything else!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the sneezing hen! I buy my Aida by the bolt in 11, 14, 16, and 18 counts. Then I reroll it onto empty batting tubes so they don't get that 'ridge' in them. I haven't worked linen in a while, so looking forward to seeing your project.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

LOL it looks like the owl is having a good laugh! Loved the egg cartoon. Interesting facts about sneezing, I'm the one in three. ;-) Love your cross stitch! Have a happy weekend!

Kelli said...

That is some tiny stitching! I love the colors. It is the same weather up here in the northern SJ valley. :/ It's nice but not what we need right now. Our allergies have been going crazy, too.. I think all of the plants and trees are confused. Thanks for the sneeze trivia. :o)

Sue said...

Well here in oz or my part of it we are having one of the wettest summers for 3 decades. someone the other day said their trees were turning red, autumn is on its way but we have not had summer.
Love your stitchery, makes me want to go find one to do but I won't cause I'm knitting and stitching already.
BTW thanks for doing email mine were just not happening and have a good weekend

Madame Samm said...

Ohhhhilove x stitching. And yours wow very small scale 18 count is like. Linen... I have been working on one too....needed something that keep me sitting still. Your choice is lovely...

MissMary said...

Looks like you're a little late celebrating Superb Owl Sunday. Oh well. I like you!

Belinda said...

I'm in love with your By the Sea stitching. That would go really well in my bedroom. Ha! I may have to try to find that pattern or one like it. I used to cross stitch a lot, but sort of just "left it" a while back.

Snoodles said...

LOL Love the cartoon at the end! So cute!

Bev C said...

Hello Linda,

Good luck with your cross stitch. Sounds like a great bargain with the Aida.
Happy days.

Jen said...

Great cross-stitch! I can't believe how tiny that is :) Such a great idea to only go shopping once a month. We used to go every week, but decreased it to every other week. Maybe we can decrease that again :) Fun sneezy facts, they made me smile.

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