Tuesday, May 10, 2011

B is for Birdie & Bee

A teacher's purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop students who can create their own image.
~Author Unknown

My Aunt and Uncle are in town for a couple of days.  The snowbirds are heading back to Washington.  We spent the evening with them at my mother's and had a wonderful mini reunion.  My Aunt is the reason I ventured into quilting.  She was instrumental in my love of counted cross stitch starting me off with one simple Christmas ornament over 30 years ago.  My Aunt is a natural teacher and a gifted textile artist.  She is a retired elementary school teacher - that would explain her patience with me :)  I wish I had some pictures of her amazing creations but, sadly, I don't.  She is also the one who introduced me to basket making.  And if it weren't for my health I would still be turning pieces of reed into usable shapes.  In the last couple years she has dallied in the art of silver jewelry making - one of the few crafts I have not given a try.  So, as you can see, my Aunt is my muse and my inspiration when it comes to quilting.  I have her to thank for sending me on this love of creating with fabric.  Thank you, Aunt Arliss!!



Band Aids

I know you have always wondered about the history of the band aid so I'm going to satisfy your curiosity:  Earle Dickson was employed as a cotton buyer for the Johnson & Johnson when he invented the band-aid in 1921. His wife Josephine Dickson was always cutting her fingers in the kitchen while preparing food.
At that time a bandage consisted of separate gauze and adhesive tape that you would cut to size and apply yourself. Mr. Dickson noticed that gauze and adhesive tape she used would soon fall off her active fingers. He decided to invent something that would stay in place and protect small wounds better.
Earle Dickson took a piece of gauze and attached it to the center of a piece of tape, and then covered the product with crinoline to keep it sterile. His boss, James Johnson, saw Dickson's invention and decided to manufacture band-aids to the public and make Earle Dickson vice-president of Johnson & Johnson.
Sales of Band-Aids were slow until Johnson & Johnson decided to give Boy Scout troops free Band-Aids as a publicity stunt. By 1924, Band-Aids were machine made, sold sterilized in 1939, and made with vinyl tape in 1958. The products long running commercial jingle "I'm Stuck on Band-Aid" was written by singer Barry Manilow.  The adhesive used on the underside of the Band-Aid is epoxy made from the same compounds as glue. The actual bandage is made with nylon fibers embedded into medical cloth. Cotton is used as the absorption pad covered with a thin plastic sheet with holes for ventilation.



Yesterday I made a block for Kyishia, the May hostess for Bee In Oz......

This photo doesn't really show off the colors well.  The yellow gingham is much more golden butter colored (at least that's what I call it - real butter, not fake).  And the red is so much bolder.  Too bad the sun hid behind the clouds all day and I couldn't get a natural light shot.  Anyway, Kyishia requested Jewelled Square Quilt blocks.  She gave a couple of flickr pages to view for examples.  It was a fun block to make.  We were to also make a siggy block in the jewelled square fashion but I forgot to take a picture of it.
Who would want a Cal Trans orange afghan?
Project Linus, that's who! Our chapter leader put out a plea for quilts, afghans, and blankets to send to the Alabama Project Linus.  They are looking for 1000 blankets to hand out to victims of the tornadoes.  I am sending 3 afghans that I have completed over the last couple months to help in this endeavor.  This bright orange afghan is one of the three that will be going.


Over the weekend I finished the latest Birdie Stitches BOM....

I love this month's pattern from Little Miss Shabby.  I do wish that I had made the yellow flower just a tad bit darker but I'm certainly not changing it now.  I also used the lazy daisy stitch for the flowers on the birdie.  I hadn't made that stitch in years!  Now I can't wait for June 1 for the next block.

Thank you all for your comments and prayers about my concern of my Mother driving after repeated TIA's.  I talked to her doctor and TIA's are not a reportable illness to the DMV.  Seems wrong to me but then I don't write the rules.  The doctor agreed to make the suggestion of 'no driving' to her but he said that he knows she will argue - and I know she will.  I guess the next step is for me to finally get the guts to confront her - it's not going to be a happy time.  Hopefully she will not injure herself or someone else if she should have a TIA, or worse a full blown stroke, while she is driving. 



Today I will make a hexie flower because tomorrow is Wednesday.  And, I received my layered cake quilt back from the long arm quilter and will start putting on the binding!  Woohoo!!



Little Miss Shabby is having birthday giveaway #2.  You could win a Rainbow Fat Quarter bundle of vintage sheets.  This giveaway ends Sunday, May 15.

KoolBenz is having a giveaway.  They are giving away a 7 fat quarter bundle of Ty Pennington's Impressions.  A winner will be selected on Saturday, May 14.

Marcia's Crafty Sewing & Quilt Shop is having a giveaway.  You can also enter three more times at Dye Candy.  You could win a set of May For Me note cards, or a copy of Easy to Sew Quilt Pattern, or an item valued at $18.00 from from Dye Candy Shop or a $25.00 discount good towards the purchase in Chris' Dye Candy Shop.  Both of these giveaways end Saturday, May 14, at 5:00 pm.

Butternut Street is having a giveaway.  You could win the pattern of your choice from Sweet Jane's Etsy shop.  Niki will draw on winner on Sunday, May 15.

Butternut Street is having second giveaway.  You could win a Hullabaloo bundle.  This giveaway ends on Friday, May 20, at midnight.

Hatched and Patched is having a giveaway.  You could win a copy of Anni Downs' newest book, Some Kind of Wonderful.  This giveaway ends Friday, May 20.



Sometimes I wish I lived on an island.  An island protected from everything bad and no sadness was allowed.  A place where everybody lived forever, never suffered any ailments and never aged.  A place where we all could live a happy, carefree life with no stress.  I don't think that this would be a boring place.  Just think of what you could do if you never had any health problems!  I picture a place of sunshine, mild temperatures, and flowers galore and a sewing room the size of half a football field.  A place where I could lay my head down at night and not worry what the future will hold and just dream happy dreams on a bed of downy softness.  I guess I'm describing utopia.  Until then, I will muddle along, doing the best I can to help those who need it and support the ones I love.  A vision to seek....if only in my dreams.

In dreams, we enter a world that's entirely our own. 
~Steven Kloves, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Today is Tuesday - make yours terrific!!


Donna said...

You're mom may surprise you - one never knows. Offer her alternatives to driving herself so she will feel free to get about.

Jocelyn said...

So sorry about your Mom. It may be hard to get her to give up driving. My hubby's aunt fought it until they finally had to take her keys away. It was not pretty. But it was for her benefit and those on the road. She is now 95 years old but still talks about driving to go somewhere :-)

Barb said...

Love your block and Afghan. That is awesome that you have an aunt that has taught you so much.

krisgray said...

So much in your posts, I don't know where to begin! BM wrote the band aid jingle? LOL!

Linda said...

I love the buttery yellow and red block. I have what appears to be the same buttery yellow and I can just see it all together. Beautiful!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Great block for your swap. Your birdie stitchery is coming along so nicely. This is going to be so cute. I hear your worry - going thru the same.

Miss Hillbilly said...

Your blog is so awesome. Thanks for all of your work...even when you don't feel up to it!

Needled Mom said...

Your aunt sounds like a true mentor for you. I would love to see some of her work.

I'm so glad they created band aids. Where would we be without them?

I love your cheerful birdie block! It looks just fabulous in the colors you used.

Your afghan will certainly be loved at Linus. I had a long jacket onetime in that bright orange and my brother always called it my Cal Trans jacket.

Can you add that there will also never be any cleaning necessary on that island?

Staci said...

Love your swap block! It is wonderful, and good for you finishing the birdie stitches! Each block has been just adorable.
Thanks for the bandaid history. We go through and amazing amount of bandaids here, and we don't even have children at home. Guess we are clumsy in our old-ish age!

I'll be thinking of you with your mom--such a hard situation!

Joanna said...

You're right, I did wonder about the origins of the band-aid:) The Aunt Arliss' of the world are what keeps crafts going, and Thank God for them. I think your birdie block is adorable.

Leslie said...

Maybe you are describing heaven.
I love your orange afghan and I'm sure they will love it in Alabama.
Just yesterday, I traced my birdie pattern from Miss Shabby. I'm getting it ready with supplies to take on our trip to Ireland. Yours is inspirational and cute.
May your mother be able to listen and see the love behind your conversation about driving.

quiltercaroline said...

Can I join you on that island? Keep hanging on in their, I am. Thank you for sharing yourself with us all, you help me alot and I hope you feel supported by us followers. I need to comment more but am often thinking of you and the situations you face. God Bless

Shannon said...

I love your block. I have never thought to make a block with just frames. I am part of a quilt group that is doing a quilt swap were we keep adding borders and this block reminds me of that. Oh your Birdie block is great. I wish I had thought to do lazy daisy stitches for the flowers. Mine look like a little kid stitched them. I just might go back and redo them. I like your utopia. I think I might just be on the next island!!

Christine said...

Your blogs are so enjoyable to read. Thank you.

Sandi P said...

Sweet of you to send the afghans. Seeing as I am an Alabama girl (currently transplanted to GA) I can tell you that some small Auburn fan will fall in love with that bright orange afghan and be convinced that it was made just for him/her. LOL

Raewyn said...

Hope you have a great time with your muse :-) Your birdie block is very sweet,it's going to be a fun quilt. I have fun with today's hexie-flower/s, I've made mine already just waiting for a gap in the weather to try and get a decent photo! Thanks for the interesting reading, as always.

Wendy said...

Love your birdie stitches!! And now I have that bandaid jingle running through my head!

rosie said...

I really love reading all you write, I hope you have a sunny day..xxxx

Lynda said...

Hats off to all teachers!

I was just thinking how great bandaids are...burned my hand while making cookies...now I know who to thank.

Lovely orange afghan and such a good cause to help.

Love the Birdie stitches. The quilt is going to be so cute.

Sign me up for UTOPIA!

Unknown said...

I'm glad you had a great visit with your Aunt and Uncle. :)

Your blocks and afghan are great! Thanks for sharing them. :)

merumo said...

How productive you are! I especially like your bee blocks with modern look. I've been in the mood for modern quilt lately which I haven't made any for awhile. And thanks for sharing the story about Band Aid. Very interesting...

Toni said...

I too want an island of blissfulness. I think I'll call my island Patchwork in the Sand! :)

I'm sorry I didn't respond to your mom's situation - I would view it from the safety stand point then from the emotional situation it is. I hope it will turn out positive, just remember when you talk to her, talk with love and patience. I told me kids I will stop driving at 72 - hubby and I are signing a contract for our kids to enforce at that time. That being said I have also let them know they will be responsible for getting me around too :)

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