Friday, May 13, 2011

Pick A Pin Cushion

It's not a bug - it's an undocumented feature.
~Author Unknown

Hooray!! Bloggers back up and running.  They still haven't reposted Thursday's posts but hopefully they haven't been sent out to cyber space and will return.  What a blank spot having blogger down put in my life yesterday and this morning.  I missed reading all of the blog and seeing what's going all with all of my internet friends.  I almost didn't know what to do.  I couldn't work on my post this morning so I cleaned.  I put away piles that had accumulated once again.  Sorted by color and put into the appropriate bins.  I caught up on some emails.  I even pulled fabric for a new project for a class I am taking through  So, as you can see, my time wasn't wasted.  But I still felt the absence and missed you all terribly.  But we are back!!!! 



Today is National Frog Jumping Day!  Frogs are fun whether you’re jumping over a frog or jumping like one, today is a great day for hippity-hoppers.  Frog Jumping Day can be traced back to Missouri author Mark Twain, and his first short story, “Jim Smiley and His Jumping Frog.” If you’d like to read this story today, it’s also known as “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” as well as “The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.”  Here are a few facts about frogs:
* Frogs are amphibians because they start their frog life cycle as eggs in the water and then turn into tadpoles, which have gills and also live in the water. It isn’t until a tadpole turns into a frog that it can live outside of the water, but it will still need to get in the water to drink and to cool off.
* Frogs don’t actually drink water with their mouths; they drink it through their skin. A frog’s skin absorbs water when it is in the water so its body gets all of the hydration that it needs that way and the frog doesn’t need to drink with its mouth.
* When frogs hibernate their bones sort of grow a layer, like a tree does. When you look inside a frog’s bone you will be able to see rings and tell how old the frog is by counting the rings.
* A group of fish is called a school, but a group of frogs is called an army. Do you think that is why army colors are green? A group of people is called a group



Yesterday I made another pin cushion.....

This time I made a sunflower.  This is from the same pattern as the Pink Posey Pin Cushion and the Pansy Pin Cushion - a pattern from Bird Brain Designs called Posey Pin Cushions.  The pattern called for little black beads to be sewn to the center of the flower but I didn't have any.  So instead I made french knots.  I probably should have made the knots a little bigger and will when I make this pin cushion again.  Which pin cushion do you like the best?  If you would go up to the top of the left side bar I have put up a little poll.  Let me know which one you like best.  I have included links to the other two pin cushions just a few sentences above.  Curious minds want to know - lol!



Yesterday I also finished two more blocks for the Americana WIP.....

This block is called Ombre

This block is called Providence

After working with these two blocks, I think I discovered why I quit working on this quilt several years ago.  The instructions are horrible!!!  It took me probably twenty minutes to figure out how to make just one section of the Providence block.  Thank goodness I had a little extra of the gold fabric because I had to cut a replacement piece for a mistake I made.  And since I wasn't as experienced as I am now when I started these blocks, the instructions probably drove me to distraction. 



Yesterday I came home from going out to lunch to find a box left on my porch.  The box said it was from Godiva Chocolates.  A little while ago I had won a giveaway over at Ruby Slipperz.  I opened the box to discover......

This beautiful box.  I just love the spring colors and the flower removes and can be used as a pin.

And these are the sweet treats inside the beautiful box!  Lots of tempting pieces of chocolates.  It came with a picture card and descriptions so I can figure out which one I want to eat.  Too bad I can't share it with you.....guess I will just have to eat them all by myself :D  Thank you so very much, Annie, for the wonderful box of Godiva Chocolates!!!



Today I am going to make Block #12 in the Designer Mystery BOM from Fat Quarter Shop.

**Sorry there's not many listed but with Blogger down I haven't had time to catch up on my blog reading yet**

Little Miss Shabby is having birthday giveaway #4.  This time she is giving away  a 1/2 yd. bundle of Sew Cherry and a coordinating crocheted cherries and flower set.  This giveaway ends Tuesday, May 17.

Little Miss Shabby's giveaway #6.  For this giveaway you could win your choice of a Dresses Embroidery pattern set or a Russian Dolls Embroidery Pattern set, a Window Shopping Illustration from Tasha’s Quilt Shop Mini Series, and a coordinating Pin Topper Set.  This giveaway ends Thursday, May 19. 

And, Little Miss Shabby's giveaway #5!  You could win a wonderful 6 Fat Quarter Bundle of  a mix of Anthology & Art Gallery Prints & Solids. 



I had an interesting conversation with my Mom today.  She was thinking about driving at least on Thursday's so she could still attend her weekly bridge club.  Mom  - "You know, I've never had a TIA during the day.  They always happen in the evening or at night.  So I don't think there would be any trouble with me driving during the day."  Me - stunned silence.  Me - "I really don't think that would be wise."   Mom - "I really don't see why it would be a bad thing."   Me - "How do you know that you haven't had a TIA during the day?  You wouldn't remember it".  Mom - "Because I haven't found myself in some place I don't remember going to".   Me - "But you wouldn't be confused if you were still in the house".  Mom - "Never mind.  I don't want to talk about it!"        Can I start pulling out my hair yet?!?  It's not as if we wouldn't get her to her bridge game.  I wonder what excuse she will come up with next.

  Chaos is a name for any order that produces confusion in our minds.
~George Santayana
Finally it's Friday - enjoy!!


Lynette said...

I know! It was a real drag without Blogger for so long, wasn't it?

Love that Providence block.

Deborah in Atlanta said...

Yet another reason why I love your blog. I actually laughed out loud (really LOUD) when I read this part of your conversation with your mom: "But you wouldn't be confused if you were still in the house". Mom - "Never mind. I don't want to talk about it!" She knew you had her with that comment, didn't she?

I love the colors in your Ombre block. That fabric used for the outline of the square looks like it has silver highlighgts in it. Lovely!

Interesting frog info too. HA! That was my last sentence and then I went to enter my word verification. The word I had to enter? "Water". Made me think of the frog again.

Anne said...

Love the sunflower. I took another pincushion class Tuesday. I made Anne Sutton's "Bitty Bird." I wrote about my project on my blog and was a bit surprised to find that the post had temporarily vanished! Blogger has certainly had its share of technical difficulties!

I really like the Providence block! Sorry it was such a pain. I am also sorry that the driving issue isn't resolved. I know it's distressing.

Several years ago, a neighbor with epilepsy suffered a seizure and crashed into another neighbor's house. The house's occupants narrowly missed injury or worse. The wayward car tossed the elderly couple out of their bed.

The woman who had the seizure was terribly upset because she was unable to drive for a year. She later had brain surgery that seemed to end her seizures, but I'll admit that I was still concerned about her driving. I warned my kids, youngsters at the time, to watch out for this woman whenever she took the wheel. At the time, I thought she should have been banned from driving.

I had no idea that years later, my son would be diagnosed with a form of epilepsy. He is on medication and is doing very well. I realized what a hardship it would be if he were banned from driving due to his condition.

Unfortunately, no one has the advantage of seeing the future inside a crystal ball. How much easier life would be if we did and could prevent what might happen. There are just no easy answers sometimes.

Perhaps after some thought and reflection, your mom will change her mind and let someone else drive her where she needs to go. She sounds like a take-charge kind of person who just can't allow herself to back down.

Sarah Craig said...

It is a sad day when Blogger forces us to do housework!!!! Great blog post - it made me smile over and over! Love your pincushion.... and I really feel for you and your problems with your mom! Good luck....

Barbara said...

A group of crows is called a "murder." No kidding!

Needled Mom said...

We were gone for a few days and I am not reading about the nightmare everyone has had with blogger. Frustrating to say the least!!!

Ypur pincushion is just adorable. I think the french knots are perfect. Your blocks are lovely too. Sorry they are such a pain to make.

It doesn't quite sound like your mom has the concept yet, but she may still come around to it. Like my mom, that bridge game is all important!!!

Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

Talin's Corner said...

Your pin cushion is beautiful. I love it.

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