Monday, May 2, 2011

Enjoying Quilts

Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons.
 ~Ruth Ann Schabacker

Saturday my DH and I headed to the central coast for the day.  We hadn't been over there in years.  The drive only takes 2 1/2 hours but for much of that time you are on a two lane road - a road that has a deadly reputation.  But since it was Saturday morning, not a holiday, and not yet summer vacation time, the traffic was fairly light.  There were still a few wild flowers to be seen, California Poppies, lupine, and even a couple Indian Paint Brush.  We had an early lunch in Morro Bay at the Hofbrau.  They have one of the best beef dips we have ever had.  The weather was spectacular so we were able to sit outside and watch the sea lions.  After lunch we headed to The Madonna in to the Seven Sisters Quilt Show.  We meandered through the show enjoying the creations of the quilts and visited the vendor booths.  We took a different way home (another two lane road) and enjoyed the views even with all the twists and turns.  Such a relaxing day.  A day to recharge the internal batteries.  A change of pace.  So enjoyable!
Mother Goose

May 1st was Mother Goose Day.  Mother Goose Day was created only recently, as a day to appreciate nursery rhymes and stories. They are a favorite of children and their parents.
The term "Mother Goose" dates back to the 1650's. It refered to stories like Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty. It does not appear to represent a particular person, as many of "Mother Goose" stories were written both before and after this term was first used. And, the stories were written by numerous authors.   According to the Mother Goose Society:  "Mother Goose Day was founded in 1987 by Gloria T. Delamar in tandem with the publication of her book, Mother Goose; From Nursery to Literature.



I spent all Friday morning cutting.  Cutting what?  I started with.....

Hexagons!  I cut out enought colored/printed fabric for 4 flowers.  I cut a bunch of white stepping stones.  On the way to the coast I was able to turn these pieces into.....

Petals!  Now it shouldn't take me long to make the flowers.  Unfortunately I didn't make any stepping stones. 

I also cut and applied fusible web for.....

All of the pieces I need for making my May mini quilt.  Shouldn't take long to assemble this :)  I also cut out wool for another pin cushion but I forgot to take a picture.



As I stated above, we went to the Seven Sisters Quilt Show on Saturday.  I thought I would share a few of the beautiful quilts with you......

This beautiful applique quilt was made by Katrina Ostby.  The name is Bertha's Cottage.

I really like the black background on this quilt, West of Baltimore, by Ruth Bull

And, of course, DH couldn't let this one go by ("Have I told you how much I like this kind of quilt?".  This beauty was created by Marianne Blevins and called Reminiscences.  I like how Ms. Blevins used little nine patch squares to make her sashing.

This was our favorite of the entire show.  Autumn Reign was created by Sandy Pry.  The leaves looked like they were just floating on the surface of the quilt.

Here you can see how the leaf looks like it isn't even attached to the quilt top.

Square in a Square in a Square, etc. was created by Patti Holm.  This red, white and black quilt was quite stunning.

And I am always facinated by the mini quilts.  This little beauty called The 9th Basket was made by Elizabeth Roebber.

This quilt had so much energy it was impossible to ignore.  Radiant Suns was created by Thora Snelson.

And one more mini quilt.  Mini Log Cabin was made by Barbara Veness.  This will never be on my 'to make' list with my dislike for making log cabins.  But I sure do enjoy looking at them.

This was the first quilt show that I have attended that was not judged.  It was strickly a show - a sharing of beautiful creations by very talented people.
I hope you enjoyed my little tour of the Seven Sisters Quilt Show presented by The Associated Quilt Guilds of the Central Coast.



Today I will work on the May mini quilt. 



Creative Chicks is having a giveaway.  Emily is giving away a random rainbow assortment of FQ's from her stash.  This giveaway ends some time next week.

Pink Pincushion is celebrating her 300th post and 2 years of blogging with a giveaway.  You could win a copy of Scandinavian Stitches and a darling little camera bag.  This giveaway will end Sunday, May 8.

Inch Worm Fabrics is having a May giveaway.  Jeanette is giving away a copy of A Fine Line : Techniques and Inspirations for Creating the Quilting Design [Paperback] by Melody Crust, Heather Waldron Tewell.  This giveaway will end at the end of the month?

Cranberry Samplings is having a giveaway.  Deborah is giving away a wonderful box that will be filled with all kinds of things that should be in a sewing box. Things like scissors and needles and so much more.  But the best part is, Deborah has made a fantastic cross stitch insert and will be personalizing with the winners initial.  This giveaway will end on the evening of March 8.

SewCalGal is about to announce a Charity Quilt Block Challenge. For each 12.5" quilt block (12" finished) with a patriotic theme that you enter you'll receive an entry to win sponsored prizes. You can start making blocks now, but stay tuned for more info on this challenge. All of these blocks will go to a QOV program selected for this particularly Challenge. Deadline: July 4th


It's always nice to see something to give you a little inspiration.  Every time I go to a quilt show, I leave with all sorts of ideas.  Sometimes it's a color combinations that I may never have considered or a different way to sash or bind a quilt.  Sometimes it just enought to think "Maybe someday.....".  I also left the show feeling a little better about my own quilting abilities.  I no longer feel like the total novice as I have felt for a number of years.  And then there are all of the patterns, fabrics, and tools.  So much inspiration, so much to learn.  My quilting is improving.....maybe one day I will even enter a quilt in a show.  One can dream!

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.
~Henry David Thoreau

It's another magical Monday - enjoy!


A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

Sounds like such a wonderful day!

Mama Spark said...

Wow, thanks for all the eye candy! Those were some beautiful quilts!! As always thanks for the info too.

Nancy said...

Happy Monday, Linda. I loved the Bertha's Cottage quilt. Thanks for sharing.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I always love seeing the Sister's Show from a visiter's view. Makes it feel like I was standing there with you. Great idea on getting ahead with the hexies. Look forward to your mini. I'm playing scraps today - because it's fun.

Linda said...

What a great, relaxing day! (We were in the air most of the day!)
Thank you for the photos of the quilts at the show.

Sallie said...

Thank you for sharing the quilt show with us!

nono said...

The Autumn Reign quilt is gorgeous! Happy Monday!

Barb said...

Your mini quilt is adorable and thanks so much for sharing photos with us on the quilt show.!

Toni said...

I love seeing quilt shows! They are soo inspirational and beautiful! Thank you for sharing yours! I need to visit another one soon - I'm not feeling "quilty" lately!

Happy Monday Linda!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for sharing the quilt show with us. I am envious of your day in Morro Bay!

em's scrapbag said...

Sounds like a nice trip. Thanks for sharing photos of the quilt show.

NightlySun said...

Absolutely fantastic!
Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit. :)
I love quilts!!

Megan Harmeyer said...

*tantrum* I wanna go to Morro Bay! *end tantrum* LOL I'm glad you had a good trip. My faves of those pics are Radiant Suns and Autumn Reign...they're all so pretty, though. Mmmm...a beef dip is calling my name (too bad there isn't any place good 'round here). Maybe we could head to MB for a day while we're there in June.

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like it was a great trip despite those two lane roads! I loved seeing all of the wonderful quilts.

It looks like you have your work "cut out" for you with those fun projects. Enjoy your sewing!

Lynda said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the day. I especially loved the Autumn leaves quilt that the leaves looked like they were floating. Did they just use a darker fabric leaf underneath to give it that look? Beautiful!

Looks like you are ready for a May Day block. Lots of nice hexies ready for flowers too. Relaxing and productive day.

WoolenSails said...

Lots of nice eye candy. I love seeing quilts, it gives me ideas of things I would like to make and things I might not have seen otherwise.


Catskill Quilter said...

Thanks for the quilt show photos! Such a nice way to start the week...

Shannon said...

We are always our hardest critic. If you love your work then others will too. Thank you for the pictures of the quilt show. They are so neat.

Wendy said...

Thanks for sharing the quilt show entries. They are all beautiful. Especially the Reminiscences...just gorgeous. And the leaves in Autumn!!

crafty pug said...

thanks for sharing some of the quilts - such a variety, and each one beautiful. such amazing skill

Quiltingranny said...

Love your work. Saw your post on ALS and thanks for posting this, my dad has ALS for years. I couldn't find any other place to add a comment.

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